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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Government Culture of Evasion

30-04-2008 19:01

Millions of people are still been driven into dept and despair by the shambolic Tax Credit System.
Here John Hemming, MP for Birmingham Yardley speeks out in an article condeming the culture of ivasion within HMRC and Government.

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Mayday Meeting Point - 1708 revisited

30-04-2008 15:05

Mayday flyer
Come and join us for a celebration and re-enactment of the state's oppression of the traditional May Fayre in Mayfair. A collaboration between Space Hijackers and The Metropolitan Police Players....

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Anti-BNP demo @ London Mayoral election result

30-04-2008 14:21

Demonstration against the BNP at the London Mayoral election result
Friday 2nd May
6pm - City Hall

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Lambeth Council bans Trade Union from Staff Conference

30-04-2008 12:23

Lambeth’s Labour-led Council has sunk to new depths by refusing the trade union UNISON, which represents more than 2,000 council staff, a stall at its conference for staff in the Regeneration and Housing Department on 6th and 8th May 2008.

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Revolting London: We're getting closer

30-04-2008 09:48

On Friday May 2nd people will gather at City Hall in London to vent their anger at the "democratic" process of electing representatives. This country is not democratic, representation every four years is rubbing stamping within confined limits the political institutions of capitalism. Lets get down to City Hall on May 2nd - and bring friends!

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UoB Friends of Palestine first Event!

29-04-2008 21:12

Event Poster
The UoB Friends of Palestine Society are having there first event. Joe Lee, a UoB graduate, will share his experiences as a human rights worker in the West Bank, and will introduce the acclaimed documentary OCCUPATION 101. After the documentary there will be a Q&A session with Joe Lee. Before, during and after the documentary students can also become members of the Friends of Palestine Society.

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CUBA: Repugnant lies and manipulation

29-04-2008 14:42

ANSA on April 22.

"La Paz, April 22.— A commission of deputies are to investigate the case of Bolivian scholarship student who died in Cuba, and whose body was repatriated without several vital organs, including the brain."

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The Tumbledown Dick

29-04-2008 12:03

protest rally to save Tumbledown Dick
The Tumbledown Dick, an old pub, an old coaching inn in Farnborough, faces an uncertain future as it has closed down and been boarded up.

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NYC's 'Movement for Justice in El Barrio' - 1st UK Speaking Tour Details!

28-04-2008 23:03

Please FWD and publicise >>>

// 1st UK Speaking Tour of New Yorks 'Movement for Justice in El Barrio' Taking Place in May 2008!

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Lambeth UNISON Public Meeting - Privatisation of council services: the true cost

28-04-2008 16:06

*6.30pm to 8.30pm
*Thursday 8th May
*Lambeth Town Hall, Brixton

Speakers include:

John McDonnell MP – Chair of the Socialist Campaign Group
Ted Knight – ex-Leader of Lambeth Council
Derek Wall – Male Principal Speaker of the Green Party
Sarah Tomlinson – Branch Secretary of Lambeth NUT
Jean Kerrigan – ex-Chair of Tenants’ Council

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Farnborough town centre - unsecured demolition site

28-04-2008 15:25

unsecured demolition site
Sooner or later someone is going to be killed or seriously injured in Farnborough during the town centre redevelopment. Officials at the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor conveniently choose to look the other way and turn a blind eye.

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Mars Attacks!

28-04-2008 15:15

Fairtrade venue boarded up with workers still inside!

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Scottish refinery workers strike

28-04-2008 12:48

Some 1,200 workers at the Grangemouth oil refinery near Edinburgh, Scotland began a two-day strike yesterday against plans by chemical giant Ineos’ to slash payments to the company pension plan, bar new starts from the scheme and to make final pension payments dependent on the stock market.

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Don't bother to vote again, it only encourages them.

28-04-2008 06:23

You can't change a play by shuffling the players. It is in the interests of government to maintain status quo instead of trying to improve our outmoded system. At the last general election the present government only received 22% support from the electorate and more than a third didn't bother to vote at all. How can that be claimed as a democratic mandate to govern?

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Easier access to hostels for London’s homeless

27-04-2008 19:23

Sleeping rough whilst in the waiting list

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Brave MEND Activists Attack Another Shell (Colonial) Pipeline

27-04-2008 10:06

Fri Apr, 25 2008
Nigerian main rebel group, The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), today said it blew up another oil pipeline belonging to Shell in it renewed attack against oil infrastructures in the region.

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South Africa: UnFreedom Day

27-04-2008 09:56

Poverty and Repression do not equal Freedom
On Sunday it will be Freedom Day again. Once again we will be asked to go into stadiums to be told that we are free. Once again we will not be going to the stadiums. We will, for the third time, be mourning UnFreedom Day. Since the last UnFreedom Day we have been beaten, shot at and arrested on false charges by the police; evicted by the land invasions unit; disconnected from electricity by Municipal Security; forcibly removed to rural human dumping grounds by the Municipalities; banned from marching by the eThekwini City Manager; slandered by all those who want followers not comrades; intimidated by all kinds of people who demand the silence of the poor; threatened by new anti-poor laws; burnt in the fires; sick in the dirt and raped in the dark nights looking for a safe place to go the toilet.

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Workers Memorial Day 28th April Gateshead

27-04-2008 08:53

This is a great event concerning the growing social movement against diseases caused by capitalism. Asbestos is going to cause a growing number of deaths for years to come and it is important to be aware that it is in schools, workplaces and hospitals near you.

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London Critical Mass 14th Anniversary ride.

27-04-2008 07:35

Police at start of ride.
Early in the ride police blocked the front at traffic lights and prevented movement, even when the lights were green. This is a familiar tactic which is done to compress the ride into as small a space as possible, with officers and a van at the back hassling stragglers to keep up, which slows things down and holds up traffic as well as making cycling difficult.

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Size of teachers’ strike exceeds predictions

26-04-2008 21:29

Two hundred thousand teachers organised in the National Union of Teachers came out on strike on Thursday in opposition to the Labour government’s wage-cutting pay deal. NUT members had balloted 3-1 to reject the three-year pay award of 2.45 percent this year, followed by 2.3 percent over the next two years.