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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Reports from Oaxaca (and what to do)

02-11-2006 16:46

Latest updates via irc - and details for action

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British Police Try to Arrest Plaintiff Against Khatami

02-11-2006 14:46

British police try to arrest one of the two Iranian refugees who applied to have Khatami arrested under Section 134 of the Criminal Justice Act 1998.

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Mexican embassy covered in symbolic blood

02-11-2006 13:54

On Wednesday night, London activists threw red paint to symbolise the blood of the people of Oaxaca on the walls, stairs and doors of the Mexican Embassy

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Colombia: Emergency Protest Today from 12 NOON onwards

02-11-2006 13:39

Francisco Santos Vice-President of Colombia has come to Britain to launch a publicity campaign against the Curse of Cocaine. He is targeting cocaine users in adverts paid for by European governments and has already appeared at events in Birmingham, Basingstoke and a press conference in London yesterday. The Colombia Solidarity Campaign states that Santos is involved in a well funded and carefully prepared attempt to manipulate public opinion, deflecting attention way from his own government’s responsibility in a conflict that has generated the worst human rights violations in the western hemisphere.

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An Army of Yobs!

02-11-2006 11:23

A classic Problem, Reaction, Solution.

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Worldwide solidarity to halt the repression of the APPO

02-11-2006 10:52

On Sunday 29 October, Mexican federal state forces stormed the centre of Oaxaca in a bid to end the occupation of the central plaza (the zócalo) and re-take government and media buildings, occupied by popular forces since June. A number of militants have been killed or injured and dozens arrested. On Monday, 50,000 demonstrated in Mexico City in protest against the repression.

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Continuing conflicts that create refugees, November 2006

02-11-2006 07:32

Thirteen actual or potential conflict situations around the world deteriorated in October 2006, according to the November issue of CrisisWatch.

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London Mexican Embassy protest - bad leg: what is there to learn

02-11-2006 03:14

After finally getting my laptop back from the unfortunate coffee spill episode, I've downloaded the photos of my right leg from Monday evening outside the Mexican Embassy in London.

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Manchester No2ID Day of Resistance, Saturday 4th November 2006

01-11-2006 22:53

Manchester NO2ID Logo
After a few months travelling to nearby (and not so nearby!) towns, Manchester No2ID is returning to its home for a Saturday afternoon Day of Resistance in Manchester city centre.

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demo mexican embassy

01-11-2006 21:58

again, again, again

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Brad Will and Oaxaca discussion and films

01-11-2006 21:13

Bradley, 25 October 2006
At the rampART social centre (15 rampart street, London E1 2LA)
this thursday evening (2nd November), from 8pm...

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NHS'Spine'- threat to privacy of records etc.

01-11-2006 16:44

Guardian Nov 1...
The NHS's centralised and computerised syetem 'Spine' poses a very real threat of breaches of confidentiality of health records and raises the spectre of other agencies getting a view too..

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Shell Offices Raided in Solidarity with Rossport

01-11-2006 15:22

Shell don't have a sign in their building -why?
Shell Gas offices near Chesterfield were occupied today, while a simultaneous noise demo outside woke up Shell staff to our feelings about the multinational’s abuse of the Rossport people and their environment.

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Mixed Bag

01-11-2006 14:37

War is the Answer (Ode to ‘democracy’)

Give me your poor, your tired, your hungry,
I’ll piss on ‘em, rape, and kill ‘em
That’s what your statutes of bigotry mean
Bomb ‘em back to the stone age
and devastate their lands is really what
your democracy means.

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The James Petras Website

01-11-2006 14:29

New website by James Petras

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Update on Mexican Embassy arrests at Oaxaca/Brad solidarity demo, Wednesday 1st

01-11-2006 14:23

The eight people arrested at the demonstration held outside the Mexican Embassy in London on the 30th of October, have just been released today wednesday 1st November.

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Oaxaca Solidarity Action Report, Berlin

01-11-2006 13:07

Around 100 people gathered today (01/11/06) in front of the Mexican embassy in Berlin to demonstrate solidarity with the resistance movement in Oaxaca, Mexico and to demand an end to the police and (para-)military brutality which has left at least seven dead and over a hundred injured.

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OutRage!- Arrest Khatami-Don't honour him...

01-11-2006 12:05

OutRage! challenges Met Police etc to arrest Iran's former President Khatami rather than honour him on his visit to London (and Edinburgh)

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Capitalism ... the end is nigh

01-11-2006 11:11

We were quite rude about this event last year (1), but perhaps we're mellowing with age so we'll give it a plug. This Saturday (4/11) sees a march and rally against climate change beginning at the US embassy at midday (2) and then heading down to Trafalgar Square for a rally with the usual (probably quite dull) speakers and a vague promise of some tunes. (3)

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John Matthews Chair of Crest Nicholson “Please Help Us” – A Family Request

31-10-2006 20:16

New Crest Home Crest House
Stuck in the actuality of the third anniversary of their houseboat and home eviction, the Shalom Family from Wales made a special visit on 30th October, to Crest Nicholson’s brand new ‘Crest House’, in Chertsey, Surrey. The Family delivered a new letter of appeal, in perfect harmony with their cause for Social Justice, to Crest Plc Chairman John Matthews.