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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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In defence of anarchy

12-08-2011 08:04

Following is an article from Chumbawumba's Boff Whalley, it's a corporate repost but one of the few that are worth having here...

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Parliament demands violent repression of British youth riots

12-08-2011 07:56

Yesterday’s emergency debate in the British parliament, recalled in emergency session following the eruption of youth riots earlier this week, was a contemptible spectacle.

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Riots: viewed from Oxford

11-08-2011 19:55

At the time of writing, there have been no riots in Oxford*. However, what's been going on over the last few days is clearly not just isolated local events. Here's a round up of what some Oxford-based bloggers have made of things …

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Solidarity from Greece

11-08-2011 17:48

Photos from today's demo in Athens

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Daily Mail: Rich people are selfish and lack empathy!

11-08-2011 17:08

The Daily Mail, which usually slates the poor and worships the rich, publishes a study showing what we have all known anyway: rich people are "less empathetic, less altruistic and generally more selfish"

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BBC Radio transmission mast destroyed by fire in Bristol

11-08-2011 15:42

As social war erupts in the UK, we torched a BBC Radio transmission mast in the early hours of August 11th 2011. The mast was located in the Bedminster Down area of Bristol and is managed by Arquiva.

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Video of PEDAL: London to the West Bank

11-08-2011 15:00

PEDAL finish work in the West Bank with Jordan Valley solidarity campaign and launch short video of their journey

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More tax breaks for the rich

11-08-2011 14:18

Another pleasant reminder today that we're all in this together. Father Christmas has surely come early for the super-rich, as shops hit by rioting, including those owned by the corporations that already 'manage' their tax bill down to virtually nothing and who are more than capable of taking this one on the chin, will receive substantial tax breaks.

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An eyewitness perspective on the riots in Salford and Manchester

10-08-2011 20:26

Hearing so many conflicting accounts and theories about the nature and motives behind the London riots, when things kicked off in Salford and Manchester, we decided we'd better go to go into town and see first hand what was going on. Most importantly, we wanted to get a sense of who was on the streets and what they were about.

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England's 'riots': When governments put shit in one end no one should be surprised when it comes out the other

10-08-2011 19:17

Mexico 1968
With many a young man wearing a new pair of trainers, after England’s latest out burst of popular discontent, I was discussing the cause of these ‘riots’ with a friend who is not known for mincing his words, he said bluntly:

“Look Mick when governments put shit in one end no one should be surprised when it comes out the other end.”

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16,000 police deployed in London to put down youth revolt

10-08-2011 19:12

Prime Minister David Cameron chaired a meeting of the governmental emergency COBRA committee yesterday and called a special sitting in parliament for Thursday, in response to continuing rioting in London that has spread to other towns and cities in England.

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Social Media and the UK Riots: “Twitter Mobs”, “Facebook Mobs”, “Blackberry Mobs” and the Structural Violence of Neoliberalism

10-08-2011 19:00

“One formula [...] can be that of the mob: gullible, fickle, herdlike, low in taste and habit. [...] If [...] our purpsoe is manipulation – the persuasion of a large number of people to act, feel, think, known in certain ways – the convenient formula will be that of the masses”. — Raymond Williams

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Cowley Rd Continental re-opens mysteriously

10-08-2011 13:37

'The Continental' grocery store on Cowley Rd, East Oxford which was evicted by their landlords about 3 weeks ago has re-opened.

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Emergency Demonstration In Deprford Tonight (Wednesday)

10-08-2011 12:48

Meet 6.30pm tonight @ the anchor, Deptford High St to march to Lewisham Town Hall

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Oxford riots 'misinformation' update

09-08-2011 18:08

Myself and various friends have received all sorts of misinformation today regarding the apparent rioting in Oxford, including riots in Cowley, riots on the Cowley Road, riots in Headington. This isn't quite the story so far as I can see.

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Britain’s riots: A society in denial of the burning issues

09-08-2011 13:41

The Times, The Independent, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph, 9 August 2011
Britain saw its third consecutive night of widespread burning of properties and looting as riot police failed to contain gangs of masked youths marauding several parts of the capital, London. There were reports too of violence fanning out to other cities across Britain.

Britain’s social decay has been seething over several decades, overseen by Conservative and Labour governments alike. The burning issues that need to be addressed to explain the outburst of arson, looting and rioting are endemic racism endured by Britain’s black community and, more generally, the deepening poverty that is increasingly racking British society.

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The UK Riots and Capitalism's Decay

09-08-2011 09:17

London's burning...but why?
Parts of London are still burning after an enormous third night of riots, during which the flames have spread to Birmingham, Nottingham, Bristol and Liverpool. There is huge controversy over the conflagration, and the media establishment is doing its best to condemn, rather than try to understand. As a communist, this is not enough for me. These riots are the sudden bursting to the surface of social tensions that have been building up for many years - tensions that are rooted in the crisis of capitalism.

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ATOS Worker - Sick are "Parasitical Wankers" - Update and Dox

08-08-2011 17:03

Verified Copy of Anthony Treasure's Facebook Page Surfaces.