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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Anglo American: Profiting from Conflict

16-08-2007 13:19

British mining company Anglo American is profiting from a pattern of global abuse and brutality against poor people, including the murder of opponents who say the firm’s mining operations threaten their livelihoods.

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El Salvador Permaculture Institute benefit night

16-08-2007 09:48

Benefit disco for the Permaculture Institute of El Salvador

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Business flights blockaded by climate activists

16-08-2007 08:04

Two independent groups of campaigners from the Camp for Climate Action
have this morning stopped carbon-intensive private jets fom operating at
two airports in the south east.

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Climate Camp workshop: Wales LNG Pipeline

15-08-2007 12:31

After two days of setting up the site and running around dealing with the police and mainstream media, the workshops at the Climate Camp began yesterday.

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Common Ground - Squated Community Garden Still Growing, Still Resisting!

15-08-2007 11:06

2nd Eviction Attempt Resisted, Injunction Broken Again, New Gardens on the Horizon!

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EXECUTION ALERT: Kenneth Foster scheduled to die 30th August 07

15-08-2007 10:25


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After 'Garry Newlove'- Schools, local councils and Ministers too are to blame

15-08-2007 10:20

The Daily Mirror web site is publishing an item saying this:
“Peter Fahy said adults who turn a blind eye as youngsters roam streets tanked up on drink are as much at fault for the lawlessness blighting towns as the yobs themselves.”

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Reviving the Anti-War Movement: Support the Iraqi Resistance

15-08-2007 10:04

Has the Left been neutered? It struck me that the greatest taboo of the antiwar movement is to show the slightest empathy for the resistance fighters in Iraq
They are never mentioned as people for whom we should show concern, much less admiration.

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100+ march against deportations

15-08-2007 09:11

On 11th August more than 100 people marched in Manchester against deportations.

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Oaxaca Street Art

15-08-2007 00:11

Some photos taken from the street art, graffiti and stencil work around the centre of Oaxaca city.

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Zapatista Communities Attacked

14-08-2007 19:41

Following the recent Encuentro at Caracol de Oventic Zapatista communities have faced further violence against them.

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Oaxaca: Catalan Four Released Without Charge, No Reason For Incarceration

14-08-2007 17:39

The Catalan Four arrested, beaten, sexually assaulted and threatened were released last night, Monday 13 August 2007.

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Food Not Bombs Manchester - get involved!

14-08-2007 17:26

The war machine rumbles on as poverty and destitution get worse....

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Liverpool NHS Meeting

14-08-2007 15:33

Merseyside Keep Our NHS Public Campaign meets this Wednesday (15 August)
at 7pm at The Peoples Centre, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool.

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Post Office strikes continue

14-08-2007 13:43

Workers at Crown Post Offices struck yesterday and on Friday, and are due to strike again tomorrow to stop plans to outsource services to WH Smiths.

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UK National Day of Action for Starbucks Employees- Aug. 18

14-08-2007 11:06


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A Letter From The Catalan Four: Still Detained In Oaxaca, threatened & beaten!

13-08-2007 20:58

This letter was received from the four Catalan detainees still incarcerated in Mexico DF.
First is the rough English translation, then the original Spanish. At the bottom is a list of authorities you can write to in order to assist in their release.
A previous article asked for no one to demonstrate, but to write to demand release:

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Evidence showing the robbed have been doubly robbed by 'leaders' and media

13-08-2007 14:56

The UK Bangladeshis, some f the most hard up people living in the western hemisphere as migrants doing some of the least dignified or rewarding of jobs and tasks - whose money has been stolen via 'First Solution' [that had the promotional front of 'community link’ and even ‘mosque-proximate-site credibility' because the perpetrating operation was headquartered at the 'London Muslim Centre' next to the 'East London Mosque' on Whitechapel Road London E1 - are NOT anywhere near getting their money back. It is over 6 weeks since they lost money that the vast majority had handed to ‘First Solution’ in trust for transfer to the needy family and realties in Bangladesh.

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A revolt to live: post-structuralist anarchist resistance against the G8

13-08-2007 14:27

Article republished from Anarchist Studies about the politics and cultures of protest at Gleneagles G8 summit.