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We Want Our Buses Back takes to the streets again

12-01-2010 00:05

Bus campaign group We Want Our Buses Back will be busy this year fighting fare rises and service cuts, and pressurising the Council to implement its policy of regulation whilst campaigning for a return to public ownership.

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Unemployed Workers and Claimants Union

11-01-2010 23:08

This is a callout for people to take part in setting up an Unemployed Workers and Claimants Union in Oxford.

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Camden Fascist Pub Gloucester Arms plays "Skrewdriver" nazi music all night

11-01-2010 20:07

The Gloucester Arms Pub on Leighton Road Camden has been the subject of protests following the decision by landlord John Coyne to let neo nazi group the Jobbik party hold meetings there. The Jobbik Party are closely linked to the BNP and have armed members and ties to Serbian paramilitaries and UDA. Locals have complained of hardcore porn and skinhead music played until 6 - 7am.

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Horros in Oslo, Norway to all comrades

11-01-2010 12:53

This story is about my return to Norway after 7 years of living in South korea. I returned in September 2009 to find part time work and study possibilities, however it took a very wrong turn in October. What I have experienced in Oslo since I returned is the same I experienced in Tromsoe in 2000 to 2002

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Pink Tide

10-01-2010 15:02

The Pink Tide team invite you to a workshop at Sumac at 6-8pm to be facilitated by Leroy Moore and Lisa 'tiny' Gray-Garcia of The PeopleSkool at Poor Magazine, US. The workshop
will be entitled: The Revolution Begins With "I" a revolutionary media production seminar.

They are over in Nottingham as part of a three day conference, >'The Pink Tide: reconfiguring politics, power and political economy in the Americas?' organised by the Centre for the Study of Global and Social Justice, University of Nottingham.

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Edinburgh Anti-fascists call on bars to ban bigots

10-01-2010 12:22

Pubs and bars in the centre of Edinburgh are being called upon by anti-fascist campaigners to ban the bigoted "Scottish" Defence League, before their racist demonstration on the 20th of February.

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Photos: We Want Our Buses Back Protest in Sheffield

09-01-2010 19:19

On 9th January 2010 protesters took to the streets of Sheffield to oppose bus fare rises and service cuts and to demand the re-nationalisation of public transport.

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The Skill Shares are Back!

09-01-2010 19:12

The Sumac Skill Share is back, and this time it’s three times a week.

In collaboration with the Nottingham Free School and the Sumac Skill Share collective is taking Skill Shares to the Square Centre, and adding a weekly idea share into the mix.

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“Australians no longer need to hide their racism”

08-01-2010 23:32

Michael Anderson farms ancestral lands
Goodooga, northwest NSW, 8 January 2010 -- An Aboriginal activist, who was once engaged by the Australian government as a consultant on special race relations matters, says Australians are so racist that they cannot recognise it anymore because racism is so pronounced and active here. “Australians no longer have to be covert about racism, they show it publicly,” Michael Anderson, leader of the 3,000 Euahlayi of northwest NSW, writes in response to the recent murder of an Indian student in Melbourne.

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Leeds Market selling nazi Icons

08-01-2010 20:18

the celtic cross flag in question
A stall on Leeds Market is selling flags with the neo-nazi celtic cross symbol on. The celtic cross is a banned symbol in Germany, Italy (and some other countries) due to the wide spread use by neo nazis, not only is this gentleman selling the black on white celtic cross, he is also selling the Red celtic cross flag.

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Cambridge Anti-Militarist Film Night

08-01-2010 16:15

Cambridge Anarchists will be showing the film "On the Verge" about Smash EDO on Sunday 10th Jan. at the Cafe Project, Jesus Lane.

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Help to mother earth: sabotage system

08-01-2010 15:09

Mother earth sabotage capitalism. Time for us to help to our mother earth. Climate summit is over, it is time to act.

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U.S. - Venezuelan Relations: Imperialism and Revolution

08-01-2010 12:45

"The relation between past imperial successes in securing harmonious hegemonic collaborating rulers in the 1990’s and the profound political changes resulting from the crises of and breakdown of neo-liberalism, led Washington to totally misread the new realities. The resulting policy failures (for example Latin America’s rejection of the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas) and isolation and defeat of US policy toward Venezuela, Cuba and Honduras reflects what we conceptualize as “romantic reaction”, a failure of political realism: nostalgia for the imperial “golden age” of hegemony and pillage of the 1990’s. The repeated failure by both the Bush and Obama regime to recognize regime changes, ideological shifts and the new development models and trade patterns has lead to mindless threats and diplomatic incapacity to develop any new bridges to the centrist regimes in the key countries of South America, especially toward Mercosur (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay).
The gap between past (1975 – 2000) dominance and present declining hegemony, in Latin America establishes the parameters for understanding US-Venezuelan relations and in particular the ten years of political confrontation and the incapacity of Washington to restore its client elites to power, despite repeated efforts. Likewise despite Venezuela’s dependence on single product exports (petrol) and bureaucratic inefficiencies and corruption, its external policies have gotten around selected US boycotts and hostile diplomatic moves, while expanding regional ties and forging new trade and investment networks."

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Freedom To Protest Conference 2010 - planning meeting

07-01-2010 16:12

In 2005 the first Freedom To Protest Conference was held. It brought together around 230 people from 80 varied campaign groups, updating them on changes in the law and providing insight and inspiration on how people were successfully defending their interests and resisting repression - whether on the streets, in court, or elsewhere. Most importantly it promoted co-operation and solidarity among all of us at the sharp end! See for more details.

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Are we in the UK all equal or are some more equal than others?

07-01-2010 08:42

Do you think, those seeking/refused asylum, those without papers and those destitute in the UK, have 'Equality & Human Rights' comparable with UK Nationals?

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University of Gloucestershire website launches new Student Information page.

06-01-2010 23:29

As the protest against job cuts grows at the University of Gloucestershire a new Student Information page is launched.

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Can You Hear Us? Women’s uncensored experiences of detention and deportation

05-01-2010 18:45

Come hear how despite being: isolated, denied access to dependable lawyers, subjected to slave labour and negligent healthcare, abused and assaulted during deportations, and terrorised by the threat of being sent back . . . women continue to organise creatively in defence of themselves and their children.

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Continuing Conflicts that Create Refugees, December 2009

05-01-2010 07:16

Six actual or potential conflict situations around the world deteriorated and none improved in December 2009, according to CrisisWatch

Deteriorated Situations: Guinea, Iran, Madagascar, Nepal, Nigeria, Yemen

Download the full report:

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ESRC Seminar Series: Fat Studies and Health At Every Size - Bigness Beyond Obesi

04-01-2010 13:33

The first of a series of gatherings on Fat Studies and Health At Every Size is about to take place in Durham. This radical meeting of critical scholars is free to attend, and bursaries are available for people on low incomes.

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NCADC ~ 2009 in retrospect

04-01-2010 09:53

It's not the 'size of the community in the fight' but the 'size of the fight in the community' that stops deportations