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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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“Freedom for ALL Palestinians”, urges OutRage!

23-05-2005 10:30

“Gay Palestinians are being beaten, tortured and murdered by factions of the PLO, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Palestinian Authority,” according to Peter Tatchell of the queer rights group OutRage!

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23-05-2005 06:24

For the release of Anwar Hossain, the President of Migrant Trade Union

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Bristol G8 Dissent events update

22-05-2005 22:16

Here's an update of anti-G8 related events in Bristol for the next few weeks. If you are in bristol (or nearby ie Bath etc) feel free to come along, or organise your own!

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ART NOT OIL 2005: London, June 9-18th, visiting Nat Petroleum Gallery, June 13th

22-05-2005 21:29


* online at
* Institute for Autonomy, 76-78 Gower Street, London WC1, June 9-18th. Send us your work!
* June 9th launch night includes exhibition, films, food, talks & DIY anti-oil art.
* Monday 13th June, 6pm: mobile gallery outside the National Petroleum Gallery on the evening of the BP Portrait Award presentation ceremony.
- For postcards with this info (& a portrait of a BP-branded Saddam Hussein), email

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Paris Demo against EU constitution.

22-05-2005 20:16

Oh la la!
In Britain being anti Europe has always been associated with reactionary Torys or even more rightwing entities like UKIP and Veritas. Even openly nazi scum like the BNP have used it as a platform for their vileness. Meanwhile across the channel tradeunionists, lefties and anarcho-sydicalists have realised that far from being a progressive move the EU constitution is yet another move towards a neoliberal agenda. In fact it's little more than a rubber stamp to stitch up workers on a continental scale. On Saturady the NON! campaign had their main rally.

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Human Dignity is Inviolable

22-05-2005 14:14

The Christian faith is obviously losing ground. Disorienta-tion and superstition spread. The merciless religion of the market has long replaced faith in the humanitarian God.. Act so you always treat people as ends in themselves and never merely as instruments or means to an end (Kant).

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City Workers to get High tech ID cards.

21-05-2005 15:10

So it begins (pt 2)
Workers,including cleaners are to be issued with High tech
ID Cards...

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Clarkson's sad anti green stunt..

21-05-2005 15:05

Car addicted twat Jeremy Clarkson chained himself to a London Bus in attempt to ridicule eco protestors.

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FBI- Eco militants are biggest terror threat

21-05-2005 14:59

So it begins... (FBI reeckon eco warriors are worse than
anyone else)

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G8 Summit 2005 - Major Protest and Mobilisation Events List

21-05-2005 12:05

This page is an evolving list of protests, events and actions against this summer's G8 Summit in Gleneagles (Scotland) that take place from the 6th to 8th of July 2005.

This is a resource that will be kept updated as new information comes in.

Also see PGA Website Timeline of Events

There are also many cultural activities and other events currently not listed. More events are expected to be added - please only post additional public information on events below.

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Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill [NAIL] Protest against expansion

20-05-2005 22:49

On friday afternoon, the residence of Snienton and surrounding areas of Nottingham, came to protest against an Incinerators expansion plans. The company, Waste Recycling Group Ltd [WRG], are preparing a planning application for expansion. We went along to make our feelings known.

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20-05-2005 18:49

free palestine demo and rally in trafalgar sq. 1pm at embankment. speakers and music in the square.

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20-05-2005 18:14

New Film Cheney's Tomorrow Never Comes.Political Action/comedy About a liberal newscaster that makes fake/slanted reports.He himself terorrist working for North Korea.Hunted by the CIA,FBI,Canadian GOV,US Department of State.The trailer

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The G8: A Study in Power (or why people should protest)

20-05-2005 17:29

Good article from John Hilary, Director of Campaigns and Policy at War on Want

War on Want is participating in the "G8 Corporate Dream - Global Nightmare" counter conference being held on July 3rd in Edinburgh along with Friends of the Earth Scotland, World Development Movement and People & Planet. For details see:

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Anarchists demonstate against murder of 15-year old Bolivian

20-05-2005 16:14

"5-30 anarchists demonstrated in London against the police murder of 15-year old anarchist in Bogota, Colombia

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Is the Social State Ending?

20-05-2005 15:58

Socially just means people have comparable chances to develop in their lives, may have work, are protected against the great risks of life and can age with dignity. To that end, social systems and personal effort are necessary.

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slowsmall peasants on Resonance FM

20-05-2005 11:53

2-3pm every Friday
listen via:
or 104.4FM in central London

THIS WEEK: mining

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Two arrests on Dublin demo for Nicolás David Neira Alvares

20-05-2005 11:31

Political police make arrests at solidarity demonstration for murdered Colombian anarchist

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Anti-war campaigners protest against injunctions

19-05-2005 19:17

Campaigners today to the right to protest to the London lawyer responsible for attacks on freedom of speech on behalf of arms company EDO. This is the press release sent out. Below are also two PDFs of flyers about EDO and also the law firm Lawson-Cruttenden & Co - please download and distribute widely. This was an action in solidarity with the campaigns against EDO in Brighton.

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In Depth G8 Audio Interview with Mark Curtis (WDM)

19-05-2005 18:20

Mark Curtis Interview (36 mins - 48kbps mono)

Interview with Mark Curtis from the World Devolopment Movement who also wrote Web of Deceit. The detailed interview explains some of the fundamentals of how the G8 works and their aims, and talks about corporate agendas, the truth behind development and debt, protests and campaigns, Bono Geldolf and the Government, the media, as well as Britain's role within the G8.