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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Announcing the new J7: 7/7 Inquests Blog

18-10-2010 15:28

As you might expect, J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign is keeping a close
eye on 7/7 Inquests that are taking place at the Royal Courts of Justice
under the auspices of Lady Justice Hallett. The Inquests are expected to
last at least five months and will see the release of evidence that has
previously been kept from public scrutiny.

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Stonewall gay marriage survey "flawed"

18-10-2010 09:35

Stonewall gay marriage survey "flawed"

Marriage equality question buried in long list

Question is headed civil partnerships, not gay marriage

Survey method is "biased and unethical"

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New War Rumors: U.S. Plans To Seize Pakistan’s Nuclear Arsenal

18-10-2010 02:01

“The free-wheeling access to US covert military and intelligence operatives, both officials and private contractors, is another destabilising factor that we seem to be unable or unwilling to check. And now there are the NATO incursions into our territory and targeting of even our military personnel, which shows how servile a state we are living in at present. [10]

As the war in Afghanistan, the largest and longest in the world, proceeds with record casualties among civilians and combatants alike on both sides of the Afghan-Pakistani border, plans are afoot to further expand the war into Pakistan and to threaten Iran as well.

Comparisons to Washington’s war in Indochina have been mentioned. [11] But Pakistan with its 180 million people and nuclear weapons is not Cambodia and Iran with its population of over 70 million is not Laos."

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Prisoner list for October 2010

17-10-2010 23:20

Bristol ABC produces a monthly updated prisoner list that is made available so people are aware of anarchist and radical prisoners in the UK and internationally who welcome support, and can take approrpiate action to support them.

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Crude Awakening Film

17-10-2010 18:45

Here are 2 films just out from the Crude Awakening action that several people from the Oxford area went to...

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English Defence League London demo 24th October 2010

17-10-2010 14:17

The English Defence League are going to be in London on the 24th October. The details of their demo are on their poster.

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Eastenders tell Boris Johnson to stop Coe snub by tickets prices

17-10-2010 10:02

Ticket prices are so high that ordinary East Enders won't be able to enjoy many of the events being staged IN the East End, at Stratford!

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Dissident Island Radio - 15th October 2010

16-10-2010 10:05


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Austerity? Fuck No! Everyone To Downing St, Oct 20th 6pm

15-10-2010 16:46

Everyone to the streets!
There is a general call-out for everyone who can to go to Downing St on Weds Oct 20th at 6pm on the day that the Con-Dem government announces its regime of cuts in public spending. It's vital to take our resistance out onto the streets of London in a fashion that has not been seen since the time of the protests against the Iraq War.

Spreading this date and time and intention as far and as wide as possible through your email lists, facebook, twitter etc is a good idea. Word of mouth is a great way to get people out.

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Say no to voluntary deportations Zimbabwe

15-10-2010 10:50

Around the Campaigns Friday 15th October 2010

Asylum blow for Precious Mhango and her mother Florence
The mother and daughter, who have lived in Britain for seven years, have previously spent several spells in Dungavel detention centre in North Lanarkshire and Yarl's Wood in Bedforshire and were granted a last-minute reprieve last November while sitting on a plane at Heathrow airport about to take them Malawi.

The family's advocate argued their case at a 20-minute hearing in London on Wednesday but Lord Justice Sullivan dismissed their claims, denying them a chance to appeal the Home Office's decision to deport them.
Full story:, 15th October 2010

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Evidence refutes the official 9/11 investigation: The scientific forensic facts

15-10-2010 08:33

residues and unignited fragments of explosives in dust samples
This is the actual 10-minute statement read by Richard Gage, AIA, to the media at the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth press conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC on September 9, 2010.

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Unacceptable death of Jimmy Mubenga a settled refugee

15-10-2010 08:10

Jimmy Mubenga
Deportation death raises questions over 'proportionate force'
In the interest of justice there should be with out a shadow of doubt an immediate 'independent' enquiry into the circumstances surrounding the unacceptable death of Jimmy Mubenga. If left to the powers that be, any investigation will be (if there is one) a long time coming, years not months and not independent.

Further, the government have announced the abolition of the office of the Chief Coroner (before it was even established), which could and would have afforded proper investigations into deaths like these.

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Oppose the English Nationalist Alliance on November 20th 2010

15-10-2010 05:14

The English Nationalist Alliance are going to be marching through central London on November the 20th. The ENA's Bill Baker has stated that he thinks Muslims should be killed. The ENA facebook shows a number of homophobic rants written by ENA admins who described Islam as "gay." At ENA demos racist thugs were photographed Seig Heiling at opposition protesters.

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Southend Coalition Against The Cuts

14-10-2010 23:19

Time to get organised against the government cuts - these will affect each and every one of us..Our jobs, pensions, benefits, education, public services are all to be slashed as the Tories return to finish what Thatcher started.

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Dissident Island Radio - October 1st 2010

14-10-2010 23:09

dissident island radio

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Crude Awakening - Final Checklist for this Saturday

14-10-2010 07:38

This is it. 2 days to go. Oil – time’s up!

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English Defence League V Muslim Defence League London rally October 42th

14-10-2010 04:24

The English Defence League are protesting in support of Israel on October 24th. The anti Semitic Muslim Defence League are also likely to show for this protest as will the Muslim Defence League United We Stand Divided We Fall [SWP].] All anti racists should attend to oppose the fascists outside the Israeli Embassy October 24th

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Police Station Squatted In London

14-10-2010 01:48

A police station has been squatted in London in retaliation against police oppression.

What follows is a communique' from the occupied to the occupiers:

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The Crude Awakening - this Saturday, 10 AM! Final checklist...‏

13-10-2010 23:53

So this one is going to be short and sweet. Here’s your final checklist.

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Coal trucks locked out at Mainshill!

13-10-2010 16:40

This morning people locked the haulage gate of Mainshill Open Cast Site on the B7078 with a d-lock preventing coal trucks entering the site and transporting coal to the Ravenstruther Rail Head.