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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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London 2012 Olympics Parents Blockade

26-06-2012 22:50

We as parents who has lost our kids to child stealing by the state

uk social services hundreds of legally kidapped children will bring the uk road system to a complete standstill we want david cameron to speak to us

we will stop the country moving with help of caravan owners vans lorrys and buses.

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Brum FnB at the Birmingham Social Centre

26-06-2012 11:06

Birmingham Food not Bombs is now operating out of the Birmingham Social Centre. We start cooking food at 10:00am Sunday at the Social Centre then hand out the food at 13:00 at Holloway Circus roundabout outside the Radison hotel.

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UG#592 - The Technology of Reunion (The Coming War on General Computation)

26-06-2012 05:12

We look at the possible future interactions between society and computing technologies. We start with Gary Webb's story of how he used the WWW to circumvent censorship of his revelations of CIA drug dealing. Then we hear Cory Doctorow on corporations increasing interest in limiting the ways in which users use computing devices. In our second hour, Eben Moglen describes his work on 'freedom boxes', to create securely encrypted connections between individuals.

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Sri Lankan Army attacks uprooted civilians in Vanni - sent back to SLprison camp

26-06-2012 02:11

Sri Lankan military goes amok on uprooted civilians in Vanni, 2 injured, 1 suffers heart attack

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Tamil protest opp Downing St, London against Sri Lankan Govt protest clampdown

26-06-2012 02:05

This afternoon, there will be a demonstration organised by Tamil groups opposite Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA from 4.30pm to 8pm.

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Birmingham Social Centre is back

25-06-2012 10:46

Last year a group of squatters and activists in Birmingham took over an unused building in Stirchley and transformed it into the Birmingham Social Centre. It became a hub for local activists and artists bringing together people from across the city and reinvigorating activism in Birmingham.

Last week an empty social club on what used to be part of the BBC Pebblemill site was taken over and transformed into the new home of the Birmingham Social Centre.

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Directors bankrupt company - again - and exploit staff for the second time

24-06-2012 03:00

Company Directors took advantage of their workers by withholding their wages and exploiting legal loopholes to avoid paying what was owed. The Government and the local MP refused to help. Now the same Directors have used the same scam to exploit yet more workers. When will the Government do something?

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Those who build awareness and autonomy are enemies of the state.

23-06-2012 16:45

This article has been written as part of the worldwide campaign to free 2 political prisoners in Chiapas. Alberto Patishtan is a member of the Other Campaign. Francisco Santiz Lopez is a Zapatista support base.

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Union attacks Progress

23-06-2012 15:56

Why the Unions should oppose both Progress and Hope Not Hate.

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Please sign the letter demanding the release of Chiapas political prisoners

23-06-2012 06:47

These 2 men are innocent, imprisoned for their political beliefs, please sign the letter at

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The Fascist hub of Northern Europe, version I.

22-06-2012 22:57

Euro Helle
Believe it or not, the Scandinavian country Denmark is, more or less, the fascist hub of Northern Europe, down to, among other things, its close connection to the US hegemony world imperialist domination etc.

And especially: the intimate cooperation between the Danish intelligence services, and the US espionage organisation, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Denmark is because of its “anti-terrorist” legislation and the politically almost uncontrolled intelligence services no less than a fascist state, put together with the police that can arrest citizens at there random discretion.

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First eviction protest for B.E.R.N

22-06-2012 13:07

On Wednesday 20th June the Birmingham Eviction Resistance Network held its first protest against evictions in Birmingham

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radio Kebele JUNE show

21-06-2012 22:49

radio kebele- bristol podcasting anarcho style

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The Big Conversation

21-06-2012 19:19

The Big Conversation
The Isle of Wight is privileged to have the company of the internationally renowned speaker Nicole Foss.
Nicole has the outstanding ability to take seemingly complex and fragmented issues, such as energy, finance, and climate change, and their interactive dynamics, she explains how they are affecting each and every one of us.

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10×100: sign the call for Genova 2001

20-06-2012 18:57



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19-06-2012 18:39

13 -22 June 2012

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Stop Home Evictions in Birmingham

19-06-2012 12:37

Evictions often go unnoticed. People are asked to leave quietly and threatened with arrest if they don’t.

We refuse to be intimidated.

B.E.R.N. aims to stand in solidarity with those people being evicted by demonstrating against their eviction and supporting them in standing up for their right to a home.

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Greece Is Still Doomed And So Is The Rest Of Europe

19-06-2012 00:02

Greece Is Still Doomed And So Is The Rest Of Europe

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Take Back the Land – less than a month to go!

18-06-2012 10:11

There’s just less than a month to go before Take Back the Land! – the Douglas Valley’s action camp against opencast coal – and the struggle against corporate greed, fat-cat landlords and corrupt local government is heating up.

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Call for an international mobilization in solidarity with the convicted rioters

14-06-2012 23:09

On 13th July the last grade of judgment against 10 comrades, convicted for having participated in the clashes occurred in Genoa in 2001 on the occasion of the G8 summit, will be held.