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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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The antiKKKrime war against the excluded continues unabated

27-10-2004 14:59

Britain’s totalitarian terror against the socially excluded and the different is escalating and reaching new heights. As the sheep call for more “protection” from one another, the statist tyrants grab more and more power, and what few freedoms exist are crushed mercilessly under their jackboots. Another animal rights activist has been served with an ASBO and also jailed, for absolutely nothing – his alleged “crime” was simply to shout at a vivisector. Other victims of ASBO’s include a homeless man jailed for visiting his girlfriend in a town where he was banned for begging, someone banned from owning a TV, someone banned from listening to gangsta rap, and even a barrister given an ASBO for banging a mop on the floor! But resistance is possible and growing.

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Gene Wars due soon

27-10-2004 14:50

In an article in The Times Oct 26th doctors warn that Gene wars are only a few years away.

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"Burn all white people" says reggae star.

27-10-2004 12:18

Latest OutRage! press release against reggaestar Sizzla concerts 3-8 Nov.


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Cuba bans the US dollar

27-10-2004 11:46

Fidel Castro has placed a ban on US dollars being used in all transcations on the island, instead introducing the 'convertible peso' - offering a one-to-one exchange rate with the US dollar.

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Where is Bush's FBI dossier?

27-10-2004 07:20

The FBI must release Bush's file before the November 2 US election

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1984/5 Miners' Strike Programme at The Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge

26-10-2004 19:02

Key speakers, involved in various aspects of the dispute, will be discussing media, gender and human rights issues surrounding the 1984/5 Miners' Strike, accompanied by documentary footage and films.

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Waverley housing privatisation propaganda

26-10-2004 14:28

Waverley council is pushing a pro-privatisation agenda for its council housing stock under the guise of advising the tenants of the options. Waverley chief executive claims their pro-privatisation propaganda is 'fair and balanced' because it 'has been scrutinised by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minster'!

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Dissenting Voices: from the Edinburgh Dissent! Gathering in September

26-10-2004 12:16

New audio documentary from IMC Éire. 47 minutes, 128Kbps high quality MP3 audio. 44 Mb download.

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Iraq's Child Prisoners

26-10-2004 10:28

A Sunday Herald investigation has discovered that coalition forces are holding more than 100 children in jails such as Abu Ghraib. Witnesses claim that the detainees – some as young as 10 – are also being subjected to rape and torture
By Neil Mackay

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eviction alert borehamwood

26-10-2004 09:51

received this email this morning

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The CIA know what islamic terrorism "really is"

25-10-2004 21:10

"They [roots of terrorism] include the closed economic and political systems in much of the Muslim world that deny many young adults the opportunity to build better lives for themselves and, often, the political representation to voice their grievances peacefully over the lack of such opportunity."

Rare bit of intel, says it all, doesn't it? The CIA/American-government know what they're doing - decieving you idots into thinking its about wacko religious freakazoids

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25-10-2004 15:55

Commanders of five separate guerrilla groups in Fallujah said they were not holding Mrs Hassan and had seen no evidence that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's organisation had kidnapped her.

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MEP's stand firm on Buttliglione+OutRage! Dossier.

25-10-2004 12:23

Euro MEP's stand firm against the appointment of Rocco Buttligione as EU justice commisssioner as gay rights groups OutRage! releases 'dossier' on his record.

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ESF Arrest Pictures from Backstage at Rally (17th oct)

25-10-2004 11:23

Pictures of the arrest of one of the people from the esf organising committee backstage at the rally in Traf Sq at the end of the ESF demonstration.

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Diego Garciams at High Court tomorrow, Mon-40 odd homeless at Gatwick airport, N

24-10-2004 23:17

40 odd British 'nationals' from our colony of Diego Garcia - Chagos archipelago/British Indian Ocean Territories - have been camping out at Gatwick airport for several weeks since some were kicked out of Sussex council BandB. On Monday they are in the high court in London, something to do with demanding the right to be sent home I think!
What can you do to help them???

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International Day of Action Against Depleted Uranium

24-10-2004 13:47

As part of the International Campaign to get Uranium based weapons banned..........

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Letter to RMT ESF Rep regarding the IFTU and Occupation from Sami Ramadani

23-10-2004 14:33

This is an analysis detailing why it was wrong to invite Subhei Marshadani, the General Secretary of the Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions to the ESF and some of the reasoning behind opposition to him at the ESF by an experienced and astute anti-Baathist and anti-occupation academic based in the UK.

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Bristol G8 Dissent! update

22-10-2004 20:32

From 1 January 2005 for one year, Britain will be the 'host' nation of the G8 (group of eight major industrial democracies - not necessarily the 8 richest, nor most democratic). 'Dissent! a network of resistance against the G8' held a stall at last weekends ESF conference, as well as a day long series of packed out workshops on Friday 15 October at the Beyond ESF event. At the Bristol Dissent meeting on 26 October, Bristolians who attended the workshops will report back on the discussions and progress of the campaign.