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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Another G8 meeting!

08-05-2007 22:48

Come to the next G8 2007 UK-Mobilisation meeting!

THURSDAY 17th MAY 7pm-9pm (ish)


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Sheffield Food Not Bombs @ Starbucks, Broomhill

08-05-2007 22:20

Sheffield Food Not Bombs in solidarity with the IWW

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Are Gangsters Forcing Child Slaves to Work Illegally in London?

08-05-2007 16:44

Abolish Child Slavery - Free the Child Slaves
Extraordinary allegations that child slaves are being smuggled into Britain by gangs of armed robbers who steal Big Issue magazines from the street vendors at knife point, and then force terrified children to sell them on the streets of London are being investigated by the BBC.
The accusations that international criminals involved with people smuggling and child slavery may have been behind the attacks, were made on the Indymedia UK website by readers commenting on a story about the arrest of a young lady on 27 April 2007.

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Reflections by Fidel Castro Ruz...

08-05-2007 15:27

The tragedy threatening our species...

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Lincoln bin revolt

08-05-2007 15:27

Lincoln was a rock solid Labour stronghold. The Tories captured Lincoln when they promised a return to weekly refuse collection.

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Nobody at the Welsh Assembly

08-05-2007 14:02

After the whopping 56.3% victory for South Wales Anarchists' Vote Nobody campagin, the victors went down to the Senedd to celebrate.

More photo's and film to follow.

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2nd night of riots in FRANCE

08-05-2007 12:34

France after right-wing candidate Sarkozy won the presidential elections. Yesterday night barricades were built in Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Tolouse, about 800 cars burned in the cities (some as barricades), 74 police men were severly hurt, 564 protesters are detained.

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Stop deporting gays: Dover Det' Cente- May 19

08-05-2007 11:26

A demo called linked to IDAHO- International Day Against Homophobia- May 17
to highlight the plight of gay people within UK detention centres facing with deportation.

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Video G8-bike-caravan Utrecht

08-05-2007 10:29

Peoples Action Net made a nice video about the anti-G8 Bicicle demonstration, of which more than 100 people got arrested saturday May 5th in Utrecht, Netherlands.

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Kirklees BNP Humiliated-Again!!

08-05-2007 07:58

David Exley BNP councillor for Heckmondwike and North Kirklees organiser recently predicted in the media that the BNP would win 7 seats in this years council elections.

This came as no real surprise as Dippy Dave always predicts a 7 seat haul and as in previous times Dippy Dave was very wide of the mark.

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Strangers into Citizens, Refugee Rights March, London

07-05-2007 22:16

Video Rush of the Refugee Rights March from Westminster Cathedral to Trafalgar Square, 07 May 2007.

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EDO MBM court case 8/5/7 call for support of protester

07-05-2007 22:09


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Compact G8 Info for the UK

07-05-2007 21:59

As I felt there is a lack of (practical) information on how to participate in this years G8 protests, I have designed this little info thingy, originally for the Essex Uni area but usefull for everybody.

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Amnesty for migratnts without papers - 1

07-05-2007 19:58

Thousands joined the Strangers into Citizens March Monday May 7th 2007

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G8 Bike Caravan Action Nijmegen

07-05-2007 17:19

Today a bicycle demo against the G8 was held in Nijmegen, Holland..

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Ignored by the left…

07-05-2007 15:03

Why are extremely vulnerable sick and disabled people being ignored by progressive forces of all kinds?

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Anti-Sarko Riots Break Out in Paris, elsewhere

07-05-2007 11:55

Riot police in Paris fired tear gas into crowds which gathered after Nicolas Sarkozy's presidential election victory. The disturbances happened at the Place de la Bastille, a popular hub for demonstrations and strikes.

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support anti arms protester in court charged with DISTRESSING POLICE STALKER!

07-05-2007 10:07


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Switch off Capitalism...[temporarily as a test run] mp3s out

07-05-2007 01:56

Switch off Capitalism...
Mardi Grass Hemp Hours, Playspace and Scan Dot Org out now.

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Camberwell Squatted Centre: G8 2007 and German (Anti-)Fascism Talk

06-05-2007 15:41

A talk by a German comrade about so-called anti-capitalist fascist mobilisation for and within the June 2007 German G8 movements. Useful for anyone going to the demos in germany this summer.