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Should Cameron be prosecuted for recruiting Brits to fight in Syria?

05-02-2014 10:41

London Evening Standard, 3 February 2014
According to the London Evening Standard, a top British prosecutor has “warned that Britons who travel to join the Syrian conflict will face prosecution and potential life sentences on their return.” What the British prosecutor fails to address is that the British “freedom fighters” are being recruited with the full support of the British government of Prime Minister David Cameron in defiance of UK laws. Does this mean that those who finance and recruit terrorists at the highest levels of the British government also “potentially face life sentences” as suggested by Crown Prosecutor Hemming? Or is Her Majesty’s Government immune from prosecution?

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Call-out for actions and manifestations on the 22 February 2014 !

05-02-2014 04:49


From the ZAD to Val Susa !
From Hambacher Forst to Square Taksim ?
Why not in your place ?

Resistance and Sabotage !

This call-out is motivated by
- the call-out of the NoTAV movement at Val di Susa in Italy
calling for a national day (22 02 2014) of mobilisation and action, each one in their area, city, environment.
- the call-out of the ZAD movement at Notre-dame-des-Landes in France
calling for a national manifestation in Nantes, France

This is a call-out for actions and manifestations on the 22 February 2014 !

A day of action and sabotage to abolish all those megalomaniacs, devastating projects with the illusions of a durable development, green capitalism, geo-engeenering !
A day of action and sabotage to regain our freedom and rights to take decisions about our own lives, our environment, our planet,( in a emancipated manner),
instead of those in position of global decision-making, who are using the flag of democracy to impose their society of totalitarian power.
A day of action and sabotage to bring to a halt the destructions and exploitation of entire species, the waste of tons of raw materials and natural resources
everyday, justified by the term ‘public interest’, while behind it there’s only money, profit and capital.
A day of action and in solidarity with all those who fight, and for all those that lost their freedom and especially all those that are oppressed or imprisoned as “terrorists” or as simple delinquents.
A day of action and convergence with all those struggles heading for a different world, where life and common values are worth more than money, competition and dominance.
No border ! No Nation ! No Pasaran ! No more BULLSHIT !

From the ZAD to Val Susa !
From Hambacher Forst to Square Taksim ?
From Calais to Lampedusa
Hambourg to Exarchia
From Heathrow to Atenco
From Valogne to Wendland
From Niscemi to Mayo
Monte Belo to Khimki
Fukushima to Tshernobyle
From prison to prison

Resistance et Sabotage !

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Brighton fundraiser for squat!net

04-02-2014 22:48

Benefit roast at cowley club in brighton for squat!net....

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UG#676 - What We're Not Being Told 2 (Plutopia,Kett's Rebellion,Bullingdon Club)

01-02-2014 16:43

Did you know that both Russia and USA have ongoing radioactive disaster sites which have each released four times more radiation into the environment than Chernobyl? In our first hour, a history lesson on the sacrifices made by both super powers in the race to create plutonium. In our second hour Tony Gosling draws on several centuries of hidden history to paint an even larger picture of massive abuses of power by those who wield it in secret.

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Defrauded Workers Campaign to Change Law

30-01-2014 01:22

A group of former glass factory workers, angry at the way they were treated by dishonest company Directors, are campaigning to reform the UK's outdated insolvency laws, after having been cheated out of several months worth of wages.

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Exposing John Pilger & U.K. Stop the War Coalition

26-01-2014 07:41

Parliament Square, London, 15 May 2012

We recently exposed how John Pilger had never accurately reported on our campaign, including that he lied about the fact that our campaign continued.

Nevertheless, John Pilger who is unapologetic about his own lies for the British Establishment of media and government, uses his latest article to continue to position himself as one of...the people.

The tactic of controlled opposition like the media, and including John Pilger, is to invent and use the role of "journalist" to put out selective facts, with the purpose of "informing"...the people, that there is nothing...the people can do about those facts.

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UG#675 - What We're Not Being Told (BIS, CFR, TLC, Scientific Truth)

25-01-2014 15:01

We continue our focus on the vast machine, looking this time not at the lies it tells but truths it leaves unspoken. First we hear Ellen Brown suggesting a BIS-Syria connection. Next for the first time on the show we hear professor and historian Anthony Sutton, who has a lot to say about the murky links between US big business and the development both of USSR and of Nazi Germany. We conclude with Chris Busby on scientific dishonesty in the area of radiation risk.

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Who is behind the massacres in Syria? Avaaz spreads media propaganda

22-01-2014 15:16

Avaaz, which presents itself as an alternative media and an independent voice is part of a corporate public relations campaign. Avaaz will report on civilian casualties in Syria without mentioning the influx of US-Saudi sponsored terrorists.

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Mexico 'police' rape kill Anarchist

22-01-2014 14:56

Anarchist raped and murdered by the police in
Mexico. The body of Maria Paulina Inefavel Lorandi has been found dead
with signs of being raped in a forest close to a gas station informes
Bloque Anarko Oriente. According to the anarchist group
Paulina has been abducted by the police in order to force her into
admitting participation in attacks against banks in the capital of the
country. The young anarchist is a mother of a child who is only 7 months

Liveleak (en)

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Who are the Syrian opposition?

21-01-2014 09:06

Ahead of this week's planned Geneva 2 peace talks, Emma Suleiman provides a thought-provoking and very personal account of the situation in Syria.

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11th Hour Appeal against unjust execution

20-01-2014 16:58


this is an urgent appeal for all anti-death penalty activists and those who care about justice, to take action against an atrocious miscarriage of justice in the United Arab Emirates. A Sri Lankan National will be taken before the firing squad tomorrow morning (January 21) over the accidental death of a man who tried to rape him. The deceased's family refuses to renounce retaliation just to cover up the shame of the events which led up to the fatal incident.

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Azerbaijan Remembers Black January Tragedy

20-01-2014 14:22

20th January 2014 marks the 24th anniversary of the Black January tragedy, military invasion and indiscriminate killing of civilians in the city of Baku by the Soviet troops on 19-20 January 1990.

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No NATO Newport planning meeting

20-01-2014 11:34

Monday 3rd February at 6pm

Da Vinci's Coffee Shop, 10 High Street, Newport, NP20 1FQ

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Grampian Police unsure of their work

18-01-2014 16:47

I a little reminder from shit at poundland st james edinburgh

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Little people set to sue other Internet Giants like

18-01-2014 13:19

Internet Giant may be followed by campaigners set to sue other giants.
Campaign group thelittlepeople, based in the UK, is at the final stages of preparations suing Microsoft over grounds of privacy violations, very similar to the claims heard so far against

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"COINTELPRO" U.K.: Exposing the integral role of British human rights..."lawyers

17-01-2014 21:05

Charing Cross Police Station, London, 4 September 2006
The purpose of this article is to show (beyond the obvious of why), who & -how- the biggest “Human Rights”...lawyers in the U.K, not only, work hand in hand with, but are integral -to- COINTELPRO style, state operations, in the U.K.

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Ill Health and Social Corruption in Edinburgh.

16-01-2014 12:23

I got this call from someone I have no wish to engage with.

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UG#674 - Sane Methods but Insane Purposes (Angles On The Crescendo Of Violence)

16-01-2014 11:56

Our title, the self-diagnosis of the Captain Ahab, applies just as fittingly to the US led corporatocracy says Chris Hedges in his allegorical reading of Melville's Moby Dick. A variety of material, including an unread chapter of Charles Eisenstein's Ascent of Humanity and an interview with gift economy pioneers Vic Button and Frank Bowman point the way to a more optimistic end for humanity than that of the Ahab's doomed whaling voyage.

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The revolte 2013 in brazil, repression and the struggle for an ongoing movement

16-01-2014 01:19

“the media lies, the government robs, the police kills and i am a vandalist?”
Grown on the increasing social unjustice in the brazilian society, this june and july saw brazilians strongest and most ongoing spontaneous uprising and grassroot-movement in history against the current structures and conditions. One of the promoters for the growing of the protests was thereby the violent police forces, that showed even to middle-class protesting people, how the state protects against changes.

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Martin Luther King’s historic plea to break the silence on militarism

15-01-2014 07:02

“A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.” — Martin Luther King, in his famous speech at the Riverside Church in New York City on April 4, 1967

King’s Riverside Church speech was titled “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence.” It was delivered exactly one year before his April, 4, 1968 assassination in Memphis.

The people who heard that speech recognized it as one of the most powerful speeches ever given articulating the immorality of the Vietnam War and its destructive impact on social progress in the United States.