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Somalia: 3 presidential guards join rebels- Armed groups al-Shabab ..

22-07-2010 14:08

Three presidential guards at the Somalia presidential palace joined radical Islamist group Al-Shabab, a senior official in government confirmed. Head of the guards Abdullahi Ali said they were permitted to visit their families but later decided to join the Islamist militia.

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22-07-2010 13:27

video from KASHMIR.. same everywhere..
could be Palestain could be everywhere..

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Protest at the Tory Party Conference in Birmingham

22-07-2010 13:25

Not a day passes without the Tories coming up with new plans to batter workers and the poor. They are tearing into benefits and attacking the most vulnerable. But they are also targeting every worker, whether through pay freezes, tax rises, a jobs massacre or public service cuts.

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SOS - West Yorkshire Hunt Sabs

22-07-2010 11:26

We Need YOUR help to get a new Landy!

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Important notice for Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender (LGBT) who have been refus

22-07-2010 09:19

You can now ask UKBA for your case to be reviewed in light of the judgement of the Supreme Court in HJ (Iran) & HJ (Cameroon).

[ HJ (Iran) & HJ (Cameroon) may also be beneficial to religious minorities who have been refused asylum on the grounds that they could relocate. You will need to check with a reliable solicitor/case worker. ]

Asylum Seekers [ HJ (Iran) & HJ (Cameroon) ]

House of Lords / 21 July 2010 : Column WA216

Lord Avebury to ask Her Majesty's Government whether they will issue an asylum policy instruction following the judgment of the Supreme Court in HJ (Iran) (FC) v Secretary of State for the Home Department and HJ (Cameroon) (FC) v Secretary of State for the Home Department; and whether they will review decisions by the UK Border Agency which may be incompatible with that judgment.[HL1207]

Baroness Neville-Jones: Asylum decision-makers were instructed to apply the new test contained in the judgment immediately after the judgment was published. They have also been asked to review, in the light of the new test, cases in which a decision has already been made but in which appeal rights have not yet been exhausted.

There will not be an automatic review of cases where appeal rights have been exhausted but individuals are able to ask for their case to be reviewed in light of the new judgment.

An asylum policy instruction will be published within the next few months. This will reflect the judgment and we will develop better training to promote understanding of sexual orientation and identity issues in order to help decision-makers to decide on the basis of the best available information and knowledge.

Summery of the Judgement can be accessed below:

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Stop the English Defence League Luton tomorrow! Meet Luton Town Center 12 noon

21-07-2010 21:14

The English Defence League are a racist and Islamophobic organisation of football hooligans with connections to UKIP. Thier protests attract racists from BNP, Combat 18, Blood and Honour, Natiional Front and brother groups the Welsh Defence League [pictured], the Scottish Defence League, EDL Jewish Division. They have violently attacked Muslims acroos the country. Stop the EDL!

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Freemovement - Say No to Removals/Deportations

21-07-2010 12:03

Important Information for Refugees granted leave to remain for 5 years in 2005

From 30 August 2010, those granted refugee leave or humanitarian protection in 2005 for 5 years will start to come to the end of their 5 years leave.

They will need as a matter of urgency to renew their application for indefinite leave to remain.

Someone who does not do so before his/her 5 years leave expires may suffer several problems - including losing any entitlement to work or receive benefits, or that any application for indefinite leave to remain is dealt with more restrictively, could also lead to their status being revoked and removal from the UK.

The UK Border Agency has published information about making applications for indefinite leave to remain for these people. See:
Refugees and those with humanitarian protection - route to settlement

For information on how to apply for indefinite leave to remain before your leave expires, you should go to:
Completing application form SET (Protection Route)

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Vestas - Magic Roundabout Re-occupied on 1st Anniversary

20-07-2010 21:54

Vestas - Magic Roundabout Re-occupied on 1st Anniversary of the Workers Occuaption.

At around 4pm this afternoon, one year on from the beginning of the Vestas occupation,
15 ex-Vestas workers and campaign supporters re-occupied the 'Magic Roundabout' next to the Vestas factory. The roundabout was the home of the support campaign for over 4 months last year in solidarity with the 600 workers who lost their jobs when the wind turbine factory closed it's doors last August.

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Keep the English Defence League out of Luton 22nd July 2010.

20-07-2010 21:22

The English Defence League are a violent, Islamophobic organisation with links to UKIP. The EDL have held violent Islamophobic protests attended by racists from the BNP, Combat 18, Blood and Honour and other racist groups. Not all of the EDL are racist but many of them are. The EDL have rioted in Bolton, Dudley, Stoke, Newcastle and Luton. The EDL have plan to go to Luton and riot yet again on Thursday 22nd July 2010.

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Banning The Burka - Bad news for French Burka models

20-07-2010 11:52

Sarkozy finally got his way and managed to outlaw the Burka from French streets this week. It’s amazing how banning a controversial item of clothing has been spun as an act of libertarianism. French Justice Minister, Michele Alliot-Marie said it was a victory for "Values of freedom against all the oppressions which try to humiliate individuals; values of equality between men and women". A largely male National Assembly tells women what they can and can’t wear, oh, the irony!

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EDL Terrorists Prepare For Bradford's Armageddon

19-07-2010 23:19

As the countdown to the EDL's violent invasion of Bradford approaches, the EDL's hardcore nutzi and racist football hooligan activists preparing to "hit Bradford" for "The Big One", their chance to inflict permanent hatred, fear and terror into the heart of multicultural Britain, the EDL are testing the patience of the police in preparation for "the mother of all race riots", as the Facebook EDL supporters like to call it.

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English Defence League links to UK Independence Party [UKIP].

19-07-2010 19:55

The English Defence League are a violent, Islamophobic organisation with links to the BNP, National Front, Combat 18, Blood and Honour and...the UK Independence Party [UKIP]. Alan Lake a UKIP candidate is said to "fund" the English Defence League. He speaks at EDL rallies. Leading members of the EDL ie Trevor Kelway, Joel Titus [EDY English Defence League Youth], Guramit Singh and Darren Marsh/Lee all vote UKIP.

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Early release for Israeli soldier who killed British peace activist

19-07-2010 17:58

UK peace activist Thomas Hurndall, age 21, was shot dead in Gaza on April 2003
An Israeli soldier convicted of shooting dead a British peace activist has been granted an early release from prison, the Israeli press reported Monday.

A military committee accepted Taysir Hayb’s appeal, and he will be free in one month, the Israeli news site Ynet reported Monday. Hayb shot Tom Hurndall, who died aged 22, during an incident on Gaza’s southern border.

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UG#508 - Truth & Lies of The Financial "Crisis" (Peak Oil and Peak Ponzi)

18-07-2010 12:10

The show this week looks at the financial crisis from two angles. Most of it is given over to a talk by Nicole Foss about the implications for expansionary debt-based money of hitting the planet's ecological limits. We conclude with a reading of Michael Hudson's 2009 article, The Language of Looting, which explains how the term "free market" is now used to mean the opposite of its historical meaning.

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Comment on Israeli Terror

18-07-2010 02:49

"2 Israeli treatment of the Palestinians is a devastating example of the above. The more hopeless and defenseless the Palestinians are, the more vicious the Israeli becomes."

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5 Latin American countries condemn US & allies for the militaristic aspirations

17-07-2010 10:03

Ambassadors of Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela meet in Tehran
"We, Ambassadors and Heads of Mission of the Member States of the Bolivarian Alliance of the people of our America -– ALBA -- in the Islamic Republic of Iran condemn the destabilizing and militaristic aspirations of the United States’ Government and its allies, specially the Zionist government of Israel, whose acts lead to a conflict scene against Iran which will be extended to all the Middle East.

We ratify the support of our governments to the sovereign right of the Islamic Republic of Iran to generate atomic energy and use it with peaceful aims, the right of all the nations laid down in the NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty)."

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How Ready For Revolution Are You? Take This Test...

17-07-2010 00:31

What with all the hype in the news about movements to change this and movements to change that, global activisits this and global activists that, negative press here and in fighting there, I thought I'd knock up this questionnairre type thing, so we can figure out just what the fuck we're doing in this movement (the alternative globalisation movement, i mean...)

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Fidel Castro: An incident could set in motion an all out nuclear war

16-07-2010 15:12

Fidel Castro Ruz
Obama intends to mislead the world talking about a world free of nuclear weapons that would be replaced with other extremely destructive weapons designed to terrorize the leaders of other States and to accomplish the new strategy of complete impunity. The Yankees believe that Iran will soon surrender.

From my viewpoint, the United States and its NATO allies have said their last word. Two powerful states with authority and prestige failed to exercise their right of vetoing the perfidious UN Resolution. It was the only possibility to gain time in order to find a formula to save peace, an objective that would have given them more authority to continue struggling for it. Today, everything hangs by a thread.

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The EDL in Bradford would mean trouble

15-07-2010 13:17

The English Defence League plan to hold their biggest ever trouble causing demo in Bradford this August. But in a city like Bradford, can we really expect this one to pass off peacefully? And after the aftermath of 2001 would we not expect protests like these in Bradford to be banned?