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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Climate Camp Sunday afternoon

13-08-2007 06:33

Video Fit team outside footpath centre entrance.
The video and pics shows FIT team and Camp.

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El Libertario-Venezuela: Solidaridad para avivar la llam(A)

12-08-2007 23:22

* Llamado en busca del respaldo que necesita esta conocida publicación anarquista venezolana para proseguir su labor como vocero libertario de ideas y acción.

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Residents, artists unite to celebrate villages threatened by Heathrow

12-08-2007 22:39

Making a church
"An Airport is a non-place. This is Our Place."

This weekend local residents of Harmondsworth and Sipson, villages both threatened by the proposed third runway at Heathrow, joined artists and climate change activists in a celebration of their homes and local history.

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"Do not make political actions for us": Catalan Four

12-08-2007 21:48

The Catalan four arrested and imprisoned in Oaxaca have asked that no one makes protest for them, as they were not doing anything political.

First in Spanish, then the English translation.

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FIT Watch at Climate Camp

12-08-2007 18:42

FIT Watch will have an active presence at Climate Camp from Tuesday morning both at Staines Station and the camp itself.

We are also hoping to form a rota of people to stand outside camp trying to prevent FIT from taking photos, and adding to our own database of police photos.

Please help us and get involved – let’s show we will not accept their repressive policing.

We will have a workshop on Tuesday at 4:30pm at the camp to set up a rota. This workshop will also deal with the legalities of dealing with FIT Teams and will discuss how we can resist them in the future.

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Undercover Notes From Oaxaca: Cops, lies and videotape

11-08-2007 16:03

It’s been a tough two weeks. From election coverage, police monitoring to murder for timber.

But now, as I should be on a bus out of this hellhole masquerading as a happy tourist resort, but a zone of paranoia for an undercover journalist, I am compelled to get all this down. For one thing, purely to document the situation should I not make it out of here.

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Benefit night for Break the Siege - Free Gaza

11-08-2007 10:05

Benefit night for the Break the Siege - Free Gaza campaign to highlight the crippling effects of the Israeli government's blockade on the economy, politics, education, healthcare and environment of Gaza.

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An Open Letter To Bertie Ahern

11-08-2007 04:31

An open letter to the current Taoiseach of Ireland regarding the M-3 motorway scheme.

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Trafford Family Court Demo

10-08-2007 21:18


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Death row conviction overturned

10-08-2007 15:24

Kenny Richey
Death row Scot Kenny Richey has had his conviction overturned on appeal for the second time by a US court.

all credits: BBC News -

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Britain finally requests release of British residents in Guantanamo

10-08-2007 09:57

On Tuesday 7th Aug, the UK Foreign Office finally agreed it was prepared to request the release of FIVE British residents from Guantanamo Bay, after 5 and a half years of lobbying by their families, friends and campaigners. They include Jamil El-Banna, Shaker Aamer, Binyam Mohamed, Abdennour Sameur and Omar Deghayes.

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Jessica & Favour Edebiri -another attempt to remove them

10-08-2007 05:12

Jessica & Favour Edebiri
Jessica at the moment is spiraling into despair, unable despite many attempts, to find a solicitor who will try to reopen her case.

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Family Court Demo

09-08-2007 21:34

real fathers for justice and fassit demonstrate about the corrupt family courts,We have picketed stoke,manchester and trafford courts.

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Haifa Seven - Solidarity with Haifa (Israel) anti-racist students

09-08-2007 19:07

The Haifa university has penelised students for holding an anti-racist demo against coments made by the student union.

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Royal Mail Strikes Called Off

09-08-2007 18:36

Following a meeting held today between Royal Mail and CWU a Joint Statement has been agreed that means detailed discussions will take place on all the relevant issues between the two parties.

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Postal workers wildcat in Swindon

09-08-2007 18:29

More than 500 workers walk out over the transfer of prominent strikers to elsewhere in the company.

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Britain: Inequality at 40-year high

09-08-2007 18:09

Social inequality in Britain is at its greatest in 40 years, according to research by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. The polarisation of wealth between a very rich elite and the (generally working) poor will see the disappearance of the middle class in the near future, the authors warn. One quarter of the British population now suffer from relative poverty in a country with the world’s fifth biggest economy.

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The collapse of London Underground’s privatisation: Livingstone to the rescu

09-08-2007 17:27

Metronet has been put into administration with debts of at least £2 billion. It had two of the three 30-year, £17 billion contracts under the Labour government’s hugely unpopular Public Private Partnership (PPP) programme to maintain and renew the London Underground rail network. Metronet’s owners, five international corporations, refused to put in another penny beyond their original £350 million commitment under the terms of the contract.

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09-08-2007 09:13

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