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Central Athens - this demonstrations ftom Monday planed

14-12-2008 18:38

Central Athens - this demonstrations ftom Monday planed..

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Merry Cristmas from Athens

14-12-2008 15:57

the new card postal for Christmas - Athens 2008
Send it to your friends..

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Very urgent appeal London Solidarity Demonstration at Dalston station!

14-12-2008 15:28

3:30pm update. Get down to Dalston Station now if you can! Police have cordoned in a hundred protesters and are refusing to let anyone leave or join them. They are being very heavy handed having viciously attacked people trying to leave the cordon injuring several of them! URGENT HELP IS NEEDED NOW!

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3pm Update: London Solidarity Demonstration

14-12-2008 15:05

Around 100 or so people at Dalston Kingsland Station, heavy police presence, scuffles broke out with police, 2 people arrested. Police containment in operation.

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Radio station of Manicipality of Athens occupied ..

14-12-2008 12:50

Τhe radio station of Athens 9.84 FM belonging to the manicipality of Athens , occupied today at around 12:00am by demonstrators for around half an hour , broadcasting news for the activities happening and the forecoming actions..

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Birmingham solidarity action for murdered 15 year-old, Alex Grigoropoulos

14-12-2008 11:22

Outside the Greek Consulate in Birmingham
On Saturday December 6th, 15 year old Alex Grigoropoulos was shot dead in cold-blood by police in the Exarhia district of Athens following an altercation between police and local youths. He was taken to Evaggelismos hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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Day 7 of the revolt in Greece

14-12-2008 01:26

The Greek Intifada continues and the government is unable to impose its control in the country, spreading fears among the ruling classes all over the European Union.

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live camera from athens

14-12-2008 01:00

two live cameras from athens

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The revenge of life

14-12-2008 00:38

Some thoughts on the events that are reshaping Greece these days

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Solidariy With The Madrid 7

13-12-2008 23:30

Info about the 7 Spanish fighters kept in prison after the protest in solidarity with the Greek uprising.

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Days Of Democracy 2008

13-12-2008 23:21


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Santas Against Excessive Consumption, London UK, Xmas 08

13-12-2008 20:15

A. Santas Against Excessive Consumption
Five brave counterculture warriors don Santa Suits, sing anti-consumerist and anti-capitalist Xmas carols, and leaflet for more mindful attention to love, gifts, and catastrophic climate change – in Oxford Street, in the heart of the shopping district of Old London Town, on the busiest shopping day of the year: Sat 13 Dec 08.

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Spain: Police station attacked

13-12-2008 19:48

Spain. On december the 10th, after a solidarity march to the greek uprising, a police stion in Madrid was attacked by protesters

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Virus lab leaks - support prisoners

13-12-2008 18:38

There are plans to build the "World's largest ever virus containment facility and animal testing lab" alongside St Pancras Eurostar on a Camden council house estate behind the British Library. Councillors and MPs have blasted the plans. In the event of virus leak what would happen to prisoners in the two nearby prisons Holloway and Pentonville? The lab will contain deadly pathogens like anthrax.

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The Video of the brodacast of the occupied TV station SuperB - Patra

13-12-2008 17:44

The video of the broadcast from the occupied station SuperB Patra, a major TV station of Western Greece from Patra area. The station was occupied from demonstrators and students , during the occupation there was news broadcasted , videos and fotos etc... After the broadcast the station was left to continue normaly the program.

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The Rage in Greece

13-12-2008 17:09

Riots in Athens
May the Anger of the Unemployed and Students be Tranformed into Combativeness for the Resumption of the Class Struggle of the Proletariat !

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“We don’t forget, we don’t forgive” - day of international action

13-12-2008 14:45

“We don’t forget, we don’t forgive” - day of international action against state murders, 20.12.2008

Today (Friday), the assembly of the occupied Athens Polytechnic decided to make a callout for European and global-wide actions of resistance

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Greek Solidarity protests in Germany get stronger

13-12-2008 14:14

1000 demonstrate in Berlin, small protests all over the country, major protest ahead

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Solidarity Demo @ Greek Embassy, Melbourne Australia

13-12-2008 12:49

cops murder everywhere!
About 30 anarchists, socialists and communists took part in a demo outside the greek embassy in melbourne australia today (13/12) to express their solidarity with the militants fighting on the streets in greece and also to mourn yet another victim of state murder. There was a large armed police presence and heavy surveillance.

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Notts' Mayor Xmas fund for twin city Harare

13-12-2008 12:11

A SIZEABLE number of people turned out for the Nottingham Mayor Christmas Cheer fund, earlier Regis Manyanya had interviews with various radio stations. The message was clear and straight forward Zimbabwe is in dire need of aid.