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Rushmoor Returning Officer mired in scandal

23-01-2006 16:38

Following his appearance on the leaflet of one of the candidates in an Aldershot by-election, there has been calls in the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor for the council chief executive Andrew Lloyd to stand down as Returning Officer.

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Jean Charles remembered by hundreds at Stockwell vigil.

23-01-2006 15:54

No justice no peace.
Six months after the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes 2-300 people gathered at Stockwell Tube station (the scene of the crime) to remember Jean and support his cousins. For the family it has been a very difficult time made worse by endless lies peddled by the British State and its filth…whoops… I mean Police.

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Call out for National Day of Action to Defend Council Housing – 08/02/06

23-01-2006 15:25

Privatisation has been sweeping the UK and attacking the working class and the downtrodden for years. Housing, Transport, Hospitals, Gas, Schools and water are just part of an ever growing list of services and resources which have been sold off by the state to marauding capitalist groups.

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Muslim Festival bans gay Muslims

23-01-2006 14:49

Festival of Muslim Cultures says gay Muslims “give offence” and bans gay Muslim exibits or participation in festival.

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Bricxk Lane London E1 Area ultimatum to Tower Hamlets Council on Crossrail hole

23-01-2006 12:58

The Brick Lane London E1 Area campaign was supported by more than a thousand people last night who turned up to attend the KHOODEELAAR campaign meeting held in the Hanbury Street to say no to the Crossrail hole Bill now in the UK House of Commons. The campaign against the Crossrail hole Bill gave a most emphatic democratic ultimatum to the controlling group on the local Tower Hamlets Council to represent the community’s opposition to the Crossrail hole scheme.
The community demand was the implementation of the first

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23-01-2006 12:27

A review of news, opinion
A review of news, opinion, and photography recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for tuning in anywhere you can, at your leisure. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive!

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This is it !!! Broadway market Eviction very likely Monday am

23-01-2006 00:03

All the signs are pointing to the posibility of an eviction Monday am of the community occupied cafe in Broadway market Hackney. Come and support the struggle against the gentrification and homogonisation of our communities.

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Reclaim Bristol Pool

22-01-2006 17:52

Bristol North Swimming Pool has been closed for three months, likely to be sold off to a private developer. On Friday, activists entered the building and are currently occupying it in protest of the loss of public space.
check for updates

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activist trauma gathering, 4th Feb, London

22-01-2006 11:58

activist trauma gathering
it's happening, soon...

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January 28th Critical Mass in Sheffield

22-01-2006 11:08

A critical mass bike ride is planned for Saturday 28th January.

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anangu people of ularu flag launching

21-01-2006 22:37

anangu flag launch.january 26th invasion day

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34 broadway market on eviction red alert

21-01-2006 21:58

Sheriffs have been seen checking the site on Thursday, the order of restitution has officially been granted... In other words, we are going to be chucked out soon!

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Jean Charles: IPCC forwards report to police -- but not to family

21-01-2006 17:18

The "Independent" Police Complaints Commission has finished its report on the killing of J. C. de Menezes and are handing the report to the police and Crown Prosecution Service – but keeping it secret from the family.

Family & friends gather Sun 22th at Stockwell Tube Station to commemorate 6 month anniversary of the killing, at 10.05 am to mark the exact time Jean was killed, and at 1 pm for a public vigil.

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Trouncing the Demon Bush Cabal

21-01-2006 02:28

Trouncing the Demon Bush Cabal

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Demolition of a Community - St Agnes Place, London

21-01-2006 01:13

George James - Community leader and Spokesman for Agnes Place
Legal support required to assist High Court action to block illegal demolition of Victorian Terrace Housing by Lambeth Council and property developers at St Agnes Place where 150 people were recently evicted and made homeless from London's oldest squatted street.

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Programa completo del FSA-Caracas 2006

21-01-2006 00:07

º He aquí las actividades del FSA, evento que surgió en respuesta a evidentes servidumbres y limitaciones del FSM convocado en los mismos días y ciudad. Para detalles sobre las razones que motivan nuestro Foro, ver

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Nottingham Indymedia Exhibition opens at the ASBO

20-01-2006 22:03

A exhibition, describing the work and objectives of Nottinghamshire Indymedia has opened to some acclaim at the ASBO Centre. Please go and take a peek!

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Campaigners step up Little London anti-PFI fight

20-01-2006 20:09

Tenants and residents of Little London estate in Leeds are stepping up their fight to stop the council turning their run-down community into a PFI-gentrified no-go zone for the poor. And they are asking for the support of as many as possible in Leeds

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Illegal eviction and reoccupation of bradford squat

20-01-2006 19:19

squat in bradford evicted by police then reoccupied by squatters.

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BNP in (yet another) own goal

20-01-2006 13:25

BNP inciting criminal damage shock horror etc