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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Some notes on Insurrectionary Anarchism

01-05-2011 13:05

Insurrectionary Anarchism

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Spies and Infiltrators

30-04-2011 20:20

Does anybody recognise this man?

Covert Human Intelligence Sources

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Lets go to Gaza

30-04-2011 11:23

On the 21st April, a meeting regarding the discussions and reflections on the murder of Vittorio Arrigoni was held in Rome amongst different activists. From the gathering, the need to organize a convoy to Gaza through Egypt was decided. Let's go to Gaza.

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Diadromi Eleftherias # 100

30-04-2011 09:13

Greek anarchist monthly newspaper

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London Mayday 2011 - A celebration of our strength // Anarchist Public Assembly

30-04-2011 07:51

In the winter of 2010 the nation's school and university students showed that it isn't only opinion polls or media corporations that can set the agenda, but also the mass actions of the people. Suddenly the talk changed from how could we best afford this crisis to whether we could actually resist the austerity measures and reject the whole notion of a crisis for us so that the rich can continue rule. What was considered possible, realistic and justifiable was changed: the students had lost their battle but started a war

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Brighton: Gustav Landauer and Early German Anarchism - Booktalk 4th May

30-04-2011 06:51

Gustav Landauer and Early German Anarchism
Booktalk by Gabriel Kuhn
7pm 4th May 2011

The Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton
Brighton’s collectively run libertarian social centre

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What are anarchists

30-04-2011 05:13

What are anarchists

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Not The Royal Wedding Photos

29-04-2011 20:55

Republic Street Party.
Red Lion Square
29 April 2011

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Riot in Kelvingrove park, Glasgow

29-04-2011 19:21

Apparently in Glasgow a non political, unofficial street party of the kind encouraged by Cameron himself, has been attacked by police.

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solidarity gathering at the chilean embassy (28/04/2011)

29-04-2011 14:06

solidarity gathering at the chilean embassy (28/04/2011)

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Bristol.. Oops we did it again. Stokescroft/ St Pauls riots again

29-04-2011 02:44

The helicopter's still up, so it must still be rocking out there at 3.20am . I got in a while back because im working in the morning..... but i saw..

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Resistance in Bristol

29-04-2011 02:12

Resistance to police state methods and brutality is ongoing in Bristol as a second riot breaks out on Stokes Croft. Police brutally attack protestors at Stokes Croft and rampage as far north as Cheltnam Road, Bishopston (see video). Rioting in St. Pauls as well with Tesco attacked. Prison riot rumoured at Horfield nick.

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Stokes Croft warms up again! - thurs night/fri morn

29-04-2011 00:36

One week on from the infamous 'Battle of Stokes Croft' history appears to be repeating itself as local residents gather to let the police know just what they think of state sanctioned occupation techniques from a police force which currently receives little empathy and no respect from those it is supposed to serve.

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28-04-2011 20:21

Camberwell social support network.

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Met raid homes of campaigners against Anti-squatting law

28-04-2011 16:11

Yesterday 2 squats and one other property in Brighton and Hove were raided by Met police from London, looking for known activists. The squats were illegally evicted and around 6-10 people arrested. They were part of a group campaigning against Hove MP Mike Weatherley's attempts to criminalise squatting

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Bahrain's military court has sentenced four protesters to death!

28-04-2011 14:57

Bahrain's military court has sentenced four anti-government protesters to death, in a move to further crush the ongoing revolutionary movement in the small Persian Gulf country.

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EDL To Invade Doncaster

28-04-2011 11:55

The fascist thugs of the EDL are to invade Doncaster on Saturday the 14th of May 2011, chanting racial abuse and making Hitler salutes. Anti-racists must defend the town centre from the racist scumbags.

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New Film about Stokes Croft Riot - not just riot porn - interviews with locals

28-04-2011 08:57

This is a roughcut of a short film looking at what happened in Stokes Croft Bristol at the beginning of the bank holiday. We have decided to put it up as a public roughcut as there does not seem to be an independent (i.e. non mainstream) account of what happened and why it happened (and it will take a few days to finish it).

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London Social Centres raided

28-04-2011 07:16

At least two London Social Centres raided this morning - police have broken into the Ratstar and Offmarket autonomous spaces.

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EDLers To Appear On Strictly!

28-04-2011 00:08

Neo-Nazi EDLers are learning to compete on Strictly Come Dancing, inspired by the racism of Tony Beak (Anton du Beke).