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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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The Petrodollar: America’s Achilles Heel

22-05-2006 11:10

Virtual Chicano is webmaster and political commentator for Chicano Forums

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Wall Street moves to European Headquarters

22-05-2006 10:37

The Great Money Game: Castling is a special move in the chess game, consisting of moving the king two squares towards a rook, then moving the rook onto the square over which the king crossed. The King in this case being Wall Street, doing the Euro-next rocade.

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4000 Peasants say no to Monterrico Metals in Ayabaca, Peru

22-05-2006 10:31

On the 11th May, in the beautiful city of Ayabaca, Northern Peru, between 3000 and 4000 people marched the streets protesting against the activities of the British mining company Monterrico Metals (owner of Mineria Majaz) in their province.

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COLOMBIA: Rural protest brutally attacked by government forces in SW Colombia

22-05-2006 09:56


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Climate Camp London Info Night at the Square

21-05-2006 21:03

*From the London area and thinking of going to the Climate Camp this summer?* London Rising Tide is hosting an open meeting for people who want to find out more about the camp, and discuss the idea of a London neighbourhood.

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National Anti-Incinerator Meeting 27 May at Birkbeck College, London

21-05-2006 20:48

Dear Friends,

The Defra public consultation period is now over and the Government's new waste strategy is going to be formulated. There is still plenty of opportunity to influence the final outcome by showing how strongly we feel against incineration, how harmful it is and how it affects global warming, a major point on the Government's agenda at present. However, we are not going to be able to influence the Strategy on our own, no matter how strong any one local group shouts.

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The Death and Crucifixion of Jesus in the Quran

21-05-2006 18:37

A new book is written to show that the language of the Quran is in fact Aramaic, not Arabic. Aramaic renders interpretations that are totally different from those rendered by Muslim commentatiors in the last fourteen centuries.

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Photos: Palestine Demonstration 20th May 2006

21-05-2006 10:04

Photos: Palestine Demonstration 20th May 2006

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NUJ must Support striking firefighters NOW

20-05-2006 21:07

Striking firefighters given hard time by NUJ ?
are NUJ journalists are taking a hard anti strike line against firefighters in Hertfordshire by publishing pro Goverment anti strike soundbite articles ?

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Slightly tear gazed - the Athens European Social Forum

20-05-2006 18:08

Euroforum installation in Athens
From 4th to 7th May in Athens the European Social Forum met for the 4th time. Around 20.000 activists came together to celebrate resistance, form stronger links and protest against neo-liberal policy all across the continent and beyond. Up to 100.000 joined the concluding demonstration. Police used tear gaz and arrested several activists in clashes near Greek governement buildings and the American and British embassies.

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Sheffield Free Bus

20-05-2006 17:03

Get a lift with your friends
Sick of paying too much money on the buses ? We are offering a donations only bus service so that people can pay what think is reasonable and what they can.

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20-05-2006 11:40

Benefit Meal at matilda in aid of anti-dam campaign in Iceland.

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20-05-2006 10:20

Infonight at "The Square" social centre from 7p.m
we will show recent video of the repression suffered by the people in San Salvador Atenco and Texcoco on May 3rd and 4th in. followed by open discussion.

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Public Meeting - Community Sustainability Bill

20-05-2006 08:26

Sustainable Communities Bill Public Meeting

Date: 25th May 2006
Time: 7:30pm (duration ~ 2 hours)
Venue: Queens Walk Community Centre, Queens Walk, The Meadows, Notts NG2 2DG

Have you noticed the following things happening in your community?:

Closure of local independent shops

Closure of the local Post Office

Closure of the local bank branch

Decline of local street markets

Closure of the local pub

Closure of local services e.g. health centres

Green spaces being built on

More traffic and less people walking on the streets

Less public transport services

More "clone" branded shops and huge superstores

Local Works is the campaign that aims to change this situation that is known as Ghost Town Britain. Instead we want local sustainability, which has these 4 measurements:

1. Thriving local economies
2. Environmental protection
3. Social inclusion
4. Active democratic participation

Please come along to the Public Meeting to discuss the Sustainable Communities Bill. Guest speakers include Alan Simpson MP and Jon Beresford from NAIL ) Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill)

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Asyslum Seekers Seeking Justice not Hand-Outs

20-05-2006 07:04

A brief tale of how a hard-working man is systematically stripped of his dignity by the system in order to soften him up for deportation .

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19-05-2006 22:14

The Charity Shop NHHT Brompton
The Notting Hill Housing Trust is defined as a Caritable Trust, but in reality it is only for tax avoidance purposes. As Trustees, the Management of Notting Hill Housing Trust have a legal obligation to act in the best interests of the many beneficiaries. Trust law in the United Kingdom is very strict and is categorised into 4 areas. Relief of Poverty, Promotion of Education, Religion and 'Other Public Benefit'. The last one is very vague. Thousands of social housing tenants who live in Notting Hill Housing Trust properties are severily discriminated, repressed and abused. Why does this happen? Because everyone is ignoring this issue. On 18th April 2006 Notting Hill Housing Trust removed itself as a Charitable Charity from the Friendly and Provident Societies without consulting the beneficiaries. If that is the case, why does Notting Hill Housing Trust operater and run a string of Charity Shops across London? Is this not the case that Notting Hill Housing Trust is in Breach of the Guidelines set out by the Charities Commission which stipulates that, 'Charities cannot trade'. Or the regulations of the Fair Trading Standards, where a business which is no longer a charity cannot describe itself as a 'Charity'. Can someone please explain?

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Legal & General AGM London Corporate Help Requested

19-05-2006 21:06

Legal & General Flowers at Head Office But AGM Picket Help?
Listed as a major shareholder with Crest Nicholson Plc - the company who evicted a Houseboat Family from their own Home during a ‘corporate beauty show’, the Legal and General Group had a lone picket at their AGM yesterday, May 18th 2006.

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This Week in Palestine

19-05-2006 17:15

This Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, from Friday, May 12 to Thursday, May 18 2006.

The Israeli Army extra judicially killed nine Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Palestinians commemorated the 58th Anniversary of Al Nakba, the Catastrophe These stories and more, coming up Stay tuned.

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Mersey TUC Leader Slashed With Knife

19-05-2006 16:48

President of Merseyside TUC Alec McFadden has been repeatedly slashed with a knife by an intruder in his home. He was almost blinded in the attack, and was cut in his head, arms and wrists as he tried to fend off the knifeman.