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[LONDON: A Special Annoucement From EuroMayday]

25-04-2005 13:44

Special Coupon
To participate in the first FLEXMOB/MAYDAY ACTIOM please email your mobile phone number to We will send a Text Message to you on the morning of MAYDAY (Sunday May 1st), with directions of how to participate at this years Europe-Wide Day of action (

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Resisting privatisation in Iraq: Conference: May 2005, Basra, Iraq

25-04-2005 07:02

You are invited to take part in a conference organised by the General Union of Oil Employees in Basra. Please take part by attending in person, or submitting stories and/or messages of solidarity, via the contact at the bottom of the page.

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BBC's reply to BNP broadcast protest

24-04-2005 09:55

Just for info- this is what the Beeb sent out as a reply
to those protesting the screening of the BNP election

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Open invitation to post-April 2nd meeting on Tuesday 26th April at Halkevi, Stok

24-04-2005 08:34

Following the European day of action for migrant rights a meeting has been organised by the April 2nd Organising meeting at Halkevi, Stoke Newington to discuss future campaigns and the formation of an open network of activists

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Liverpool Mayday Weekend events finalised!!

24-04-2005 08:08

There will be a full three days of events around Mayday in Liverpool this year. Let's make it a bigg'un!

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Voting for global justice (not party political)

24-04-2005 06:12

Voters in 21 constituencies have the option of voting for a candidate who has signed a pledge to implement the Simultaneous Policy (SP) alongside other governments. This campaign is gaining cross-party support and now is the ideal time to encourage politicians to sign the pledge.

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'Battle of the Beanfield' Jun85: Film Night & Exhibition: Nottingham

23-04-2005 23:27

It's 20 years, since the major trashing of my community, travelling on the way the make the "Peoples Free Festival of Albion" at Stonehenge. It was a regular event on the calender. On Wednesday 20th April, the exhibition moved to The Sumac Centre in Nottingham. It is up until 12th May.

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Singrauli - Dying for Development - Video

23-04-2005 20:39

Video Video
Singrauli is the major power production centre of north India, situated in the two states of Utter Pradesh and Madyah Pradesh.This area is bigger than Yorkshire. This area has 6 open cast mines, 11 Thermo Power stations and a 5,000 sq km reservoir (the Rihand Dam). These projects have destroyed lives, cultures, communities, and environment. And continue to do so.

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Beware The Neo-Nazi Infiltration Of Indymedia

20-04-2005 22:25

BNP media nuts are going undercover, using forums like Indymedia to discredit anti-racists, pretending their for free speech, when in fact, they are really regulars of "Stormponce", Redwatch, and other neo-Nazi websites.

Your cover is blown, creeps.

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Urgent Anti-Racism

20-04-2005 21:43

Broadcasters have a responsibility not to incite racial attacks. Please ensure they act responsibility and pull the plug on the BNP's hatred and lies.

Adolf Hitler used the freedom of the press in his attempt to destroy mankind. The BBC and commercial broadcasters must be reminded to act accordingly.

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Protest Against Racism

20-04-2005 15:09

Broadcasters have a responsibility not to incite racial attacks. Please ensure they act responsibility and pull the plug on the BNP's hatred and lies.

Adolf Hitler used the freedom of the press in his attempt to destroy mankind. The BBC and commercial broadcasters must be reminded to act accordingly.

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Feedback from the Festival of Dissent 6-10th April

19-04-2005 20:01

From Wednesday the 6th to 10th of April, people from across Scotland and beyond met in rural Lanarkshire at the “Festival of Dissent!” The key message from the gathering is "all available hands to the decks". You will be spoilt for choice in the number of roles you can take on - check out how you can get involved at

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Blair - Another Lie Un-covered

19-04-2005 20:00

On Novermber 14 2001 Tony Blair told Parliament about an Al-Queda tape, made on Oct the 20th by Osama Bin Ladin for distribution among his associates.

""In an unbroadcast video tape made last month, Osama bin Laden declares that his al Qaeda network "instigated" the Sept. 11 attacks, the British government said today, and explains that "if avenging the killing of our people is terrorism, let history be a witness that we are terrorists.""

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Straw - what is he good for?

19-04-2005 19:44

Craig Murray is standing as an Independent candidate on an anti-war anti-torture platform, against Jack Straw in Blackburn.

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Another Attack on Zanon Occupied Factory

19-04-2005 12:45

March in support of Zanon on International Womens' Day
For the second time in a month, right-wing hit squads have attacked the wife of a worker at the Zanon occupied factory in Neuquen, Argentina. The original attack is detailed at:

Original Spanish text, bad translation follows:

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Japan's forgotten war crimes in China

19-04-2005 12:13

The recent anti-Japanese demonstrations in China are being very poorly reported in the Western media. Hidden from view is the reality that the communist party did not initiate them, and that the targeted Japanese interests are in fact far from being 'innocent'.

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Venezuela to raise income tax on oil companies to 50%

19-04-2005 11:28

Venezuela to raise income tax on foreign oil companies from 34% to 50%

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National action against Caterpillar 16.4.05 Birmingham

19-04-2005 10:42

the open-top double-decker bus lead the protest motorcade
Stop the Disgrace Called Caterpillar!

The national action against Caterpillar, which consisted of a protest motorcade past Caterpillar finance in Solihull and a rally in Birmingham city centre, was supported by national PSC (Palestinian Solidarity Campaign) & others. People joined in from Leicester, Coventry, Wales, Preston, Liverpool, Exeter etc.

At long last, action is being taken nationally and internationally to stop Caterpillars exports, from the USA to Israel, of bulldozers for aggressive usage against Palestinian civilians, in the occupied territories.

Two main events for the day 1) A Protest Motorcade 2) A Palestine Rally

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Filmmakers wanted for the Blairditchproject bus

19-04-2005 10:35

Calling out for filmmakers for the BlairDitch bus, to make Indymedia documentary of adventures in Sedgefield!

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'reclaim our right to communicate' radio action 2004

19-04-2005 02:25

Disillusioned with the way the media systematically distorts information, we took to the streets of central London to reclaim our right to communicate.