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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Lancaster UKIP Billboard Improved

16-05-2014 03:42

On the morning of the 16th of May, the UKIP billboard on Scottforth Road, Lancaster, was improved.

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DWP unravelling - UK Neo Cons breaking laws, suppressing due process

13-05-2014 11:04

The UK DWP is unravelling - the UK Neo Cons CONDEM regime has been breaking laws, suppressing due process daily. Following Denis Skinner drawing attention at a 2013 PMQs to the Cameron-fronted regime driving the vulnerable and the seriously ill to their deaths, a momentary state of shock prevailed. That appears to have been ‘sedated’ by the ferocious PR by Fleet Street tabloids reinforcing their attacks on the low income, the no-income groups and of course ton the sick, the very sick.....

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UG#682 - The Commercially Controlled Media (Shadows Of Liberty)

11-05-2014 02:09

This week, a look at the CCM, how the corporate media is commercially controlled - how large money successfully shapes its output. We adapt Jean-Phillipe Lemay's Shadows of Liberty, followed by an excerpted speech by Jeremy Scahill on war crimes carried out by the US but unreported in USA by the large media corporations.

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Anarcha-feminism: women's liberation, now and in the future society

07-05-2014 10:37

Meeting on anarchism and women's liberation

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UG#681 - Leviathan Remixed (Resistance Audiocollage)

05-05-2014 16:15

Credit to Virtual Renderings' "Ponderings From Within Leviathan" which moved me past the tipping point and inspired me to make the first audiocollage since the start of OWS. Based largely on 2 Virtual Renderings audiocollages, I overlay a range of other material to amplify the start choice that faces us - resist or be complicit in Leviathan's ongoing project of planetary destruction.

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Organising for Abolition: Skill Sharing Weekend

05-05-2014 10:15

How can we build a movement for prison abolition in the UK? How can we build literacy and understanding around terms like ‘prison abolition’ and ‘prison industrial complex’? How do we do this work with those healing from prison and create a supportive culture of care and solidarity? How do we do this work with people completely new to radical politics or alternative thinking?

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Boko Haram – An Image From The Future

04-05-2014 15:02

The future, according to the book, begins only when the false totality of the present is no more. If there was no such thing then there would be no such discontinuity, but since there is there is. On the other hand, the past is not over until the false consciousness of capitalism becomes a totality, and if it does not go away for that it may have something in common with the former. The pivot on the false totality that the two can pursue together, as the tell-tale narrators of market ideology would describe it in their vocabulary, is already a reality putting severe pressure on the military-industrial complex. With Boko Haram having entered the global war on capitalism with a doctrine of open tactical mimicry of the useless suicide army, it became an undeniable fact that the Atlantic Divide is not merely an European matter, but an African one as well. Otherwise it would have to be called Northatlantic Divide but obviously that is not the whole truth. The divide also finds expression in the fact that internal divisions which are remarkably dominant on the American side do not play any role on its Pangaean one. The nervous reactions of canary factions in the military-industrial complex demonstrate that from the Southern side as well, it is not merely a local rejection of imperialism but one yearning for it to be cleared out of the entire hemisphere. If imperialism was a patient, which it is not – it is the disease and Earth is the patient – then its military bases could be seen as hospitals. But even in the few instances where they are, actually they are not, since they do not heal it.

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Oklahoma Governor Thanks Witnesses After Botched Execution

04-05-2014 02:42

"So I appreciate you coming today and thank you for your attendance," said Oklahoma (USA) Governor Mary Fallin before leaving the room and not responding to any questions regarding the prolonged botched execution.

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Organising for Prison Abolition: Skill Sharing Weekend

02-05-2014 08:42

How can we build a movement for prison abolition in the UK? How can we build literacy and understanding around terms like ‘prison abolition’ and ‘prison industrial complex’? How do we do this work with those healing from prison and create a supportive culture of care and solidarity? How do we do this work with people completely new to radical politics or alternative thinking?

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Philippines: Inclusive growth under Aquino no longer possible

01-05-2014 12:42

WITH only two years left in his term as he now enters his fourth year in office, President Aquino could now be described as either unwilling or unable to make the country’s much-hyped economic growth inclusive.

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US President Obama Visit in Manila

30-04-2014 11:07

The small window of opportunity to forge an independent foreign policy that the Philippines gained with the expulsion of the US bases in 1992 will disappear with the impending signing of the Agreement on Enhanced Defense Cooperation with the US.

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UKIP posters in Leicester, vastly improved

30-04-2014 09:48

Spray-painted billboard
2 UKIP billboards have been 'improved' in Leicester.

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Council Asked to Act over Breach of Contract

30-04-2014 09:24

Leicestershire County Council (LCC) has been asked to take action over the late payment of £266,000 by UK Coal. Coal extraction at the Minorca site is continuing despite UK Coal being late in making payments due under a Section 106 Agreement. LCC is being asked to take action either to get the money owed or to stop coal from being extracted and shipped out from the site

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March for Engerland 2014

29-04-2014 16:26

Pitt Jnr - red jacket
So, the March for Engerrrland (MfE) has staggered in and out of Brighton once again. And once again it has been opposed by far more antifascists of various shades.

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Benetton stores targeted by global protests

26-04-2014 13:48

Thursday 24th April marked the one year anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, in which over 1000 people died, and thousands more were seriously injured. Benetton shops were closed across Europe by protesters demanding compensation for the victims.

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Bristol Anarchist Bookfair - 26th April

23-04-2014 16:01

Ideas will ignite change - Spark it up time!
The Bristol Anarchist Bookfair returns for it's 6th bash-back on Saturday 26 April, with enough ideas, debates and books to spark a conflagration. So come on down and add your fuel to the fire.

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Victory to the striking South African miners! Demonstrate in London, Thursday 24 April

17-04-2014 06:46

Marikana Massacre
Assemble 1pm, Thursday 24 April, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre
Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, London, SW1P 3EE
Outside the Anglo American AGM

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Tower Hamlets - could the BBC & Private Eye be leaving out 'UK National' angle?

16-04-2014 16:23

The London Met Police is reported by Wednesday's Guardian (16 April 2014) web site and by the Evening Standard to have found 'no evidence' of criminality in Tower Hamlets Council.
There will therefore be no investigation by the Police into Tower Hamlets Council, say those reports.

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WDM campaign launch event - The New Scramble for Africa?

14-04-2014 09:53

A speaker event to launch our new campaign, targeting the aid-facilitated neo-colonial takeover of the African food system.