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WOMEN AGAINST PIT CLOSURES - 20th Anniversary Event

26-09-2004 19:29

Pit head
Women from all round the world join together with WAPC to celebrate women's contributions to class struggles in the 20th century. The conference includes speakers, theatre productions, films, songs/music, workshops, a photographic exhibition and socials. And the weekend's proceedings will be filmed as a permanent record.

Wortley Hall, South Yorkshire, Organised by National Women Against Pit Closures, 1st, 2nd & 3rd OCTOBER 2004.

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TallyHo's glory in the fox demo violence.

26-09-2004 13:33

Yoiks! We got away with it... Tally ho for more fox hunts ??

(Not if MP's and those cuddly hunt sabs have anything to do with it...)

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Dancing on Injustice at Labour Conference

26-09-2004 08:56

Banner over the bar
(Sat 25.09.04) In tribute to a little remembered bible verse where Christians are told to "Dance Upon Injustice", a group who were in Brighton for the Labour Conference demo's did just that. From 7pm to 1am they put on a club night in a seafront bar with the aim of raising awareness of "trade injustices" (or the effects of capitalism, as some might put it).

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Social Justice instead of Hartz IV - We Have Alternatives!

25-09-2004 20:17

"Millions of jobs are missing in Germany.. This unsocial policy of redistribution from bottom tot he top is pursued by the government and mainstream parties to assure extra profits for the mammoth corporations.. No new jobs will be created. Rather the purchasing power will break down even more and the economic crisis will accelerate. This policy foments fear and uncertainty and strengthens racists and neonazis.."

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Madonna, Mr. Big and Richard Gere

24-09-2004 19:13

The Israeli Tourism Authority has resorted to luring American stars to Israel to boost tourism.

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Building Bridges Radio - "Unconstitutional" with Producer Robert Greenwald

24-09-2004 02:54

Building Bridges Radio presents this 29 minutes radio program. TO LISTEN CLICK ON WEB LINK BELOW

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All The Nice Girls Love a Failure

23-09-2004 16:36

Oxford Trades Council 'celebrated' the '84 -5 Miners' Strike, without making any attempt to learn political lessons from that catastrophic defeat for organised labour.

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23-09-2004 16:09

A Blessing on the Olive Trees! and the people of Palestine!
No Justice. No Peace.

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Culture and Dissent

22-09-2004 22:30

The Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center is using cultural production as a form of disent against the Israeli Occupation

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Ipswich pensioner defies courts & unfair council tax.Tax the Rich! Not the Poor!

22-09-2004 19:19

Richard Cater walked out of Ipswich magistrate’s court in defiance last week and is refusing to pay the unjust council tax. Richard, who is an 87-year-old veteran of the Dunkirk battle in WWII said: "There are some very hard-up people who can't afford these amounts and if someone doesn't do something, it will get worse and worse. - I'm quite prepared to go to prison. I will not back down because I feel I am in the right."

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Australian Election Campaigning Goes International

22-09-2004 15:14

Coalition supporters begin a programme of disinformation in the expatriate United Kingdom press.

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Peter Tatchell Interview - No Regrets.

22-09-2004 15:11

For those of you who wonder what makes Peter Tatchell 'tick' see the following interview
in The Guardian Sept 22. (Society Section)

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Buju Banton concert axed in Manchester

22-09-2004 13:26

Police express community safety concerns
Manchester police have intervened to secure the cancellation of reggae
superstar Buju Banton's Manchester concert, which was scheduled for
this Thursday 23 September.

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Germany: Speaker of protests in Berlin arrests

22-09-2004 12:57

This picture brought annoyance
Speaker of the citizens' initiative "Volksaufstand" after the citizens of Berlin demo at 20.09.2004 with the Brandenburger the gate one arrested. It developed also Swiss humanitarian aid project.

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Camboaters become official

22-09-2004 08:12

Live-aboard boat-owners on the river Cam are celebrating their new status as an official association.

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WOMBLES May Day cases adjourned

21-09-2004 13:21

Judge slams state over over lack of colleagues

Two people who were arrested in the run-up to the Dublin May Day 2004 weekend had their cases adjourned today (Monday) at the Dublin District Court due to a shortage of judges.

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Squatters in "Normal Interaction" Shock

21-09-2004 09:45

Squatters in Rose Hill were recently overheard having polite conversation with neighbours and agreeing to live amicably alongside one another.

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Naked Extortion

20-09-2004 17:38

"Where are the renegades who refuse to sacrifice the development of the country on the altar of the German export business? Why do unionists only speak about the injustice of this or that measure but not about the adventurous course of the public corporation of Germany?.. The task of political parties will be defending the interests of public welfare against this radicalism.."

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Tenants slam Pavilion Housing Association

20-09-2004 16:05

Pavilion tenants at a meeting called at extremely short notice, slammed Pavilion Housing Association for their failings on repairs, maintenance, and failures to deal with anti-social behaviour. Blame for these problems was placed firmly and squarely at the door of Pavilion chief executive Mervyn Jones. Tenants called for Jones to go.