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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Sparks Defy Anti-Union Laws With Massive Wildcat Strike

08-12-2011 13:53

Hundreds of electricians took wildcat strike action on Wednesday, defying the bosses who want to slash their wages, the anti-union laws which the bosses use to pick holes in strike mandates, and the union bureacracy which had to be dragged kicking and screaming to holding a ballot at all. The country's biggest 'unofficial' walkout in decades represents a new stage in the UK class war - a stage in which workers recognise the limitations of their own leaderships, and consciously move beyond them. By cutting out the utterly compromised middle men and women in this way, working people come face to face with their ultimate enemy - huge corporations and the capitalist state.

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Physical Attacks on Squatters

07-12-2011 17:28

Empty Buildings for All
It has come to the attention of a number of squatting campaigners that there have been a number of physical attacks on squats and squatters in the past few weeks. While intimidation and harassment by bailiffs, the police, nut-jobs and private security are nothing new in the squatting world, a couple of physical attacks by “groups of hoodlums” should be brought to people’s attention. The co-ordinated nature of these attacks points to property developers/ owners employing illegal methods to keep their properties empty.

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VID - N30 Strike! Interviews from the picket lines

07-12-2011 14:35

A brief snapshot of the morning with interviews from the picket lines. Why people are striking, and why it affects everyone, including those who think it doesn't affect them.

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Greece: clashes during December 6th demo - videos

07-12-2011 10:28

Greece: clashes during December 6th demo - videos

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Greece - Athens: clashes during December 6th demo - photos

07-12-2011 10:06

Greece- Athens: clashes during December 6th demo - photos

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‘Occupy’ protesters reclaiming foreclosed homes in 20 cities

07-12-2011 00:22

The 99 percent movement, which has been evicted from many of their encampments across the country, is finding common cause with thousands of homeowners who are also being evicted from their homes.

Even though the movement has often been criticized for a lack of defined goals, Tuesday’s “Occupy Our Homes” action in at least 20 cities makes it clear that they are standing up to banks to reverse foreclosures.

“We’re in the neighborhood in New York City that had the highest number of foreclosure filings in 2010 to send a message that the economy is failing the 99 percent,” Vocal New York organizer Sean Barry told Raw Story from a Brooklyn neighborhood as about 200 protesters chanted in the background.

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Global Call for New Year’s Eve noise demos outside of prisons, jails, and detent

06-12-2011 11:32

Global Call for New Year’s Eve noise demos outside of prisons, jails, and detention centers

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Egyptian Embassy in London occupied in solidarity with #Tahrir protests

06-12-2011 11:24

Yesterday, Four female activists entered and occupied the Egyptian Embassy in solidarity with the Tahrir Square movement. The activists were subsequently arrested and taken to West End Central Police Station.

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UK Premiere 2012 The Mayan Word (December 17th)

05-12-2011 12:18

2012 The Mayan Word
2012 The Mayan Word
December 17th 2011 6pm

Everyone is talking about the Mayan Prophecies of 2012.
But who is listening to the Maya?

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The movement of the etcetera

05-12-2011 00:35
“As a social forum, a thousand things happen at the same time and this is how thing flow. The square is beginning to fill up. Having a thousand things and a thousand different ways is a path towards no turning back!” Rodrigo Bertame at Occupy Rio.

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Squatting: a history. Progress to the future

04-12-2011 21:00

BBC Radio 4 program: From Frestonia to Belgravia, The History of Squatting

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Herefordshire workers join N30 strike

04-12-2011 20:37

Herefordshire workers manned picket lines at colleges, the Magistrates court, hospital, library, museum and Town Hall on Wednesday...

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Anniversary of the assassination of African revolutionary leader Fred Hampton

04-12-2011 17:43

Reparations in Action!
Sunday, 13:00 to 14:00 (2011-12-04)
Host: Penny Hess
This Week: Anniversary of the assassination of African revolutionary leader Fred Hampton

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UK foreign aid money is being spent on providing electricity for Walmart in Mexi

04-12-2011 13:40

A report launched this week by the World Development Movement reveals that UK climate aid is being used to produce cheap electricity for the US multinational Walmart, through a project that violates the rights of indigenous people in Mexico.

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Mexican embassy flies Zapatista flag

04-12-2011 12:25

The new flag
A solidarity demo in Embassy Quarter, London, began dramatically with the imperialist tri-colour being removed from the Mexican embassy, set on fire, and replaced with the Zapatista red star.

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Egypt: The November Uprising

04-12-2011 10:34

The Egyptian revolution will not be settled in 18 days or months. It’ll take “years” for the dust to settle, may be four or five, I don’t know. There will be waves, ebbs and flows, battles to be won and others lost.

This November uprising is only one chapter in the Egyptian revolution, but not the final one.

We have come a long way. We can all recall the mood in February when you could have been lynched in a protest by the people if you had chanted against the army. Now there is wide disillusionment with SCAF, and the majority of the public can clearly see today they are nothing but Mubarak’s army generals who are in effect leading the counterrevolution.