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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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05-11-2005 22:54

I was concerned about the publishing of 31 photos of G8 `suspects` in the local press here in Edinburgh and this is my open letter to the Edinburgh (Lothian and Borders) Police. 9 labelled phots (including one of me) are attached. This letter was also sent to Home Secretary Charles Clarke.

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Bush neo-con policy bad for US capitalism ?

05-11-2005 22:39

know thine enemy...

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05-11-2005 21:03

Last night more than 500 cars burned in Paris. Schools, bus depots, police stations, companies and so on were set on fire ALL OVER FRANCE.

This night another 900 cars burned. More companies more states´institutions burned... police is attacked everywhere.

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GOP Leaders to Bush:

05-11-2005 18:45

[earth2025] GOP Leaders to Bush: 'Your Presidency is Effectively Over'

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George's X Chalkboard Social Centre opens in Glasgow's West End

05-11-2005 17:30

opening day

The new Social Centre in Glasgow's West End opened by the Glasgow Autonomous Project quietly a few weeks ago at the end of September. The George's X Chalkboard is open daily from 2-7 pm and just off the Kings Cross Underground Station near the city centre.

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Western Imperial Pandemic

05-11-2005 15:58

The laws in our countries are being eroded and ignored, so that the fact we don't want to be imperialistic, the fact that we can all see the damage that imperialism does to the world and those directly oppressed by it, no longer constitutes a wake-up call to those in charge.

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Nestle Fairtrade a 'big joke' says Colombian trade unionist

05-11-2005 15:50

Nestlé launched a Fairtrade coffee in the UK in October 2005 and claims that it is the latest example showing how Nestlé cares for its suppliers. A trade unionist from Colombia claims : "This is a big joke. They are lying to the people" citing the devastating impact of Nestlé's policies on dairy and coffee farmers in Colombia.

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Picket at the Spanish consulate in aid of prisoners

05-11-2005 14:29

Solidarity with F.I.E.S prisoners - Stop torture and isolation.

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"Dialogue with the Philosopher Toni Negri:

05-11-2005 05:27

The Italian philosopher Toni Negri analyzes the United States’ invasion of Iraq as a “defeat.” He spoke to Pagina/12 from the recuperated Hotel Bauen, in Argentina, expounding an auspicious perspective for Latin America and criticizing the “traditional” European left.

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Leeds social centre relaunched with incredible film festival

05-11-2005 03:50

After months of delicate deliberation, hard work and hilarious DIY, The Common Place – an autonomous social centre in the heart of Leeds city centre’ – finally relaunched last night with resounding success.

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SOS Allington Road_Time is Running Out

04-11-2005 19:28

Pics from action outside Brent Town Hall

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400th Bonfire night

04-11-2005 16:45

map of the field
Dick Turpin | 19.10.2005 15:22 | Repression | Social Struggles | Oxford
Remember remember the 5th of november
parliment just voted in ID cards
Dont forget your wood
bring the wood of your favorite tree. Oak, beech, hornbeam. ash, willow, pine, hawthorn, maple, plain, sycamore, holly,

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Vermont, USA - Planning Independence from the

04-11-2005 16:44

On October 28 a statewide convention on state secession and running on the theme “Vermont Independence: An Impossible Dream or a Vision of the Future?” was held in the State House in Montpelier, VT. The last time a convention similar to this was held took place in North Carolina in 1861 when the state decided to secede from the US.

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Lloyds TSB Call Surrey Police to One Man Peaceful Protest Weybridge

04-11-2005 16:25

LloydsTSB Bank Weybridge
31st October 2005, being totally peaceful and respectful of the rights of all others, Mr Vince Shalom, of the Shalom Family Campaign for Justice, still had to explain ‘good reason’ to Surrey Police, called by Lloyds TSB Bank Weybridge, for his one-man demonstration at the High Street.

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12/11/05 - European Demonstration of Free Arts Sound Systems

04-11-2005 04:44

European Protest
Against arbitrary repressions of named "Teknival" and "Free Parties".

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“Missing Syringe artwork”

03-11-2005 22:01

Artwork detail
This evening the Syringe Art work had gone and the hole had been neatly filled in, is it Censorship?

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Federation of Teddy Protesters assert Freedom To Protest

03-11-2005 21:55

Federation of Teddy Protesters assert Freedom To Protest

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Abortion Survivor Speaks

03-11-2005 20:51

From Indymedia Ireland

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Call for International Solidarity Actions Against the Narmada Dam 23rd-27th Nov

03-11-2005 18:01

Call for International Solidarity Actions: 23-27th Nov. 2005
Celebrating 20 years of Resistance
Against the Narmada Dam!

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'Visit Dungavel' film screening in Glasgow

03-11-2005 17:38

Saturday 5th November
GFT, Rose Street, Glasgow
2pm, free entry