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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Police station attcked in Chile, @s in trouble!

09-09-2009 10:04

Petrol bomb attack on police station in Santiago, shot(s?) fired, one wounded, 2 arrested

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Defend Community Events

08-09-2009 20:32

Community arts and music events up and down the country are under threat from the implementation by local police forces of ACPO policy on the charging for policing of events

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Mitie noise demo during Bristol Co-Mutiny

08-09-2009 12:04

We invite everybody to demonstrate noisily at the main offices of Mitie Group on Wednesday week (16th September) at 11.

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Western Sahara campaigners meet Foreign Office officials

08-09-2009 09:06

A group of campaigners went to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to deliver a letter to David Miliband to demand that the UK government takes swift action to secure the safety of the Oxford Six students. The students were arrested and beaten by Moroccan police whilst on their way to a British Council-sponsored peace workshop.

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Sri-Lankan Army massacred civilians in bunkers - medical worker

08-09-2009 08:39

A medical worker who came out of Mu’l’li-vaaykkaal during the last days of the war on the NE Sri Lankan coast last May reveals shocking evidence which had so far only been rumoured.....meanwhile, conditions in Sri Lanka’s militarised internment camps continue where over 250,000 civilians remain in captivity, what critics have called “the world’s biggest open air prison”.

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Lee Hall confronted at the London Vegan Festival

08-09-2009 04:20

Lee Hall, notorious defender of state oppression of animal activists and author of the ridiculous ‘Capers in the Churchyard, Animal Activism in the Age of Terror’ was scheduled to give a talk today (Sunday Sep 6th) at the London Vegan Festival. Things didn’t work out quite as she, or the festival, had planned however. If Hall was seriously entertaining the notion that she could fly to England and hold forth for fifty minutes at an event like this, with SHAC activists present, on the subject of her choice, without being confronted about her statements on direct action, then I suggest she is in need of a psychiatrist.

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Letter delivered to Gordon Brown on Western Sahara

07-09-2009 22:50

To mark the 18th anniversary of the UN ceasefire in Western Sahara, a delegation of campaigners and MP’s will today visit Downing Street to call on Britain to use her role within the UN Security Council to help enforce the terms of the ceasefire agreement and resolve the 34 year Western Sahara conflict. Versions of the letter were sent to the governments of all UN Security Council permanent members.

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Groundwater Levels Plummet Around Coca-Cola Bottling Plant, India

07-09-2009 16:06

Groundwater levels in Kala Dera, the site of Coca-Cola's controversial bottling plant in India, have plummeted 5.83 meters (19 feet) in just one year between May 2007 and May 2008, according to government data obtained by the India Resource Center.

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Professor Gary Francione: No Pacifist

07-09-2009 15:46

Is Gary Francione a pacifist or does it depend on who is doing the violence?

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An account of the EDL Birmingham demo

07-09-2009 14:01

Locals up for it
Before heading up to Birmingham I was a bit nervous because there had been no signs of any national call outs from any organisations in regards to this event, so I didn't really know what to expect. But me and some others had decided we'd go have a pop at the EDL so we went anyway.

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Workers' Climate Action conference

07-09-2009 12:46

The second conference of the Workers' Climate Action network will take place in London on Saturday 10 October.

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Fifth attempt to remove Constant Moussavou

07-09-2009 11:48

Constant Moussavou, a national of Congo Brazzaville, and resident of Leicester a long time activist/member of Leicester Civil Rights Movement (LCRM). Is currently detained in Campsfield House IRC and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Wednesday 9th September on Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET701 at 21:35 to Addis Ababa then ET831 to Brazzaville Congo.

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Campaign Against Titan Airways

07-09-2009 09:27

Titan Airways removed 10 UK DR Congolese to Kinshasa on Thursday 3rd September on one of their charter aircraft leased to UKBA; the 10 were released from Kinshasa airport after interrogation by DR Congo authorities.

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"He's not a good Monarch. He's a very naughty boy!"

06-09-2009 23:37

Monty Python, Terry Jones, joins signatories in call for action on Western Sahara

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18th anniversary of Western Sahara ceasefire marked in Downing Street

06-09-2009 23:26

Campaigners in London visit Downing Street whilst campaigners in Western Sahara beaten in prison

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GET ACTIVE - Lobby about the Oxford Six

06-09-2009 19:32

The arrest and beating of the Western Saharan students sponsored by the British Council to travel to the UK for a peace conference is an outrage that our government must take some responsibility for. We ask you to appeal to David Miliband and Ivan Lewis as well as your local MP's to petition the Moroccan government to safeguard the security of these you peace campaigners.

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Global Systematic Discrimination against the Poor due to be signed by States

06-09-2009 13:46

An Optional Protocol is due to be signed by States which, because of its exclusion of the core minimum obligations of the State, will allow States to systematically discriminate against the poor. In addition, it allows for the creation of a far more dependent people unable to help themselves.

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EVENT - Vigil for the Oxford Six

06-09-2009 07:08

At 9pm this Monday, campaigners will gather at Camden Lock to set adrift six floating candles, one for each of the Western Saharan students arrested and beaten by Moroccan police whilst on their way to a peace conference in Oxford.

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The debate between Steve Best and Gary Francione

06-09-2009 03:44

So here we are, waiting for the debate between Steve Best and Gary Francione. But the real problem with Francione and everyone who opposes violence or disagrees with Dr. Best’s defense of effective militant direct action is not just about their ideas on animal rights or animal liberation or neo-abolitionism; it’s about their idea of Freedom and the struggle to see it realized. Arguing that violence for animal causes is unjustified is like saying that all the illegal violent animal liberators are evil and should go to jail. In these times of the Patriot Act and the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, in these times when corporate-state oppression is expanding globally, in these times when the liberation of a cow/pig/dog/chicken from a concentration camp is considered terrorism and the liberator subject to criminal penalties, whoever does not stand proudly to support this so called “terrorism” is against Freedom and is the enemy of the animal liberation movement. State repression is increasingly harsh, which requires fierce resistance.