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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Call for the immediate release of five university teachers of Bangladesh

04-09-2007 18:32

Five senior University Professors in Bangladesh were arrested on the 24th August on alleged suspicion of organising the recent violent clashes between students and police. All the teachers have constantly rejected these allegations.
Please join the demonstration to stop this gross violation of Human Rights on Thursday, September 6 at 3:00pm outside the Bangladesh High Commission.

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Israel Ignores Poverty

04-09-2007 17:54

The facts capture an image of the politicised Israel in which turmoil is guaranteed; poverty a precursor to violence will put in jeopardy peace, as myths, distortions and lies serves the manipulator reinvigorating a hate filled backlash against those who are oppressed.

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Western Animal Rights Network launched! + Animal Rights Copwatch

04-09-2007 14:39

WARN (Western Animal Rights Network) is a coalition for animal liberationists that was originally launched in 2005 but ceased to be after activists moved away from the West. We hope to be a support base for activists and be a gateway into the animal rights movement for people looking to get involved in animal liberation in the West of the UK.

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Free John Graham

04-09-2007 03:51

BC Supreme Court set to decide Graham’s extradition fate. The USA authorities are attempting to fit Graham up for their agent provacator murder of Nova Scotian Mi’kmaq, Anna Mae Pictou during the American Indian Movements 1970's protests and occupations.

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Frontline Tara update

04-09-2007 00:04

5 Actions throughout day at Tara Valley Ireland

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Tube maintenance workers begin six days of strikes

03-09-2007 22:10

The first of two 72 hour strikes by more than 2,300 workers at failed private maintenance firm Metronet is to go ahead from 6pm tonight.

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Tara week of action

03-09-2007 20:17

Action Stations Tara Sept 1-7th

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Copenhagen Update September

03-09-2007 19:17

Video Occupied Inland Ice
Current situation in Copenhagen in brief, the fight for free spaces continues and escalates as we reach the 6 month anniversary of the eviction of Ungdomshuset, and a well known (and hated) repressor "loses it".

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Make Humous Not War visits Bristol

03-09-2007 16:21

bolt cutters, roadblocks and humous - check out the latest direct action films by Israeli anarchists and Palestinians resisting the occupation, get your latest diy patches and badges, and raise funds for the anarchist infoshop in Tel Aviv.

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Independent report into ICL plastics disaster finds health and safety regime 'da

03-09-2007 11:13

On 11 May 2004, nine workers were killed and more than thirty-three injured in an explosion at the ICL Plastics plant of Grovepark Mills in Maryhill, Glasgow. This was the worst health and safety incident in Scotland since 1988. An independent study into the health and safety regime at the factory before the explosion has now been released.

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Iran-Iraq first economic seminar

02-09-2007 21:20

Iranian contractors will soon be seriously involved in Iraq's oil refinery projects as investors.

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Workers Vs Workers Beer Company

02-09-2007 21:02

The controversial leaflet. Management dispute the second section.
Servers who work at events with the Workers Beer Company have set up a union, in an attempt to protect ourselves from the creeping further influence of profit margins on our conditions.

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Worldwide support for Cuban Five grows

02-09-2007 19:14

The Cuban Five—Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González and René González—were prosecuted for defending Cuba from U.S.-backed terrorists. They were arrested in Miami Sept. 12, 1998 by the FBI and charged with espionage conspiracy, murder conspiracy and failure to register as foreign agents—a total of 26 counts...

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Privatizing Misery, Deporting and Imprisoning Migrants for Profit

01-09-2007 19:02

The Hidden Agenda of the Border Hype: Security Guards and Prisons in the Dollars-For-Migrants Industry

By Brenda Norrel

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Oaxaca Info Night In Liverpool

01-09-2007 17:49

An update on the uprising, police repression & protests in Oaxaca, Mexico Food, films and talk Sunday 16th September, 7pm - 10pm, Next To Nowhere at the Liverpool Social Centre, 96 Bold Street, underneath News From Nowhere

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Mental health workers on strike in support of colleague

01-09-2007 15:13

Nearly 700 UNISON members in Manchester Community and Mental Health branch went on strike yesterday in support of their colleague Karen Reissman, suspended from work since June.

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Prison officers in mass unlawful strike

01-09-2007 15:05

Some 20,000 prison officers in England and Wales took illegal unofficial action on Wednesday 29 August against Gordon Brown’s public sector wage cuts and the disastrous overcrowding in prisons.

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Workers at Royal Mail contractors Romec strike

01-09-2007 15:02

Following an overwhelming 12 to 1 yes vote for industrial action, engineers and admin workers are Romec were due to strike today over a sub-inflation pay offer.

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MMR and Freedom of Information

01-09-2007 13:55

Anyone slightly interested in the ongoing MMR debate will find the revelations in these following links fron the ‘Freedom of Information Act Centre News’ extremely interesting: