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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Oxfordshire Village documentary - a real history

19-08-2003 11:03

Land battles, loss of community, decline of shops for supermarkets, war and a real history of hwo villages are disappearing.

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Council Leader Opposes Justice!

19-08-2003 10:10

Local Council leader Keith Mitchell has displayed an almost superhuman amount of ignorance in an email to people organizing against the forthcoming WTO meetings in Cancun, Mexico.

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19-08-2003 10:03


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Human Rights Allegation Chronicle

18-08-2003 21:58

CHRC Allegation Chronicle
for the Canadian Human Rights Commission
submission regarding the Air Canada group of companies

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Concert in aid of healthy Africa

18-08-2003 14:58

Concert in aid of Healthy Africa at the Phil on 14th Sept.(click to see flyer)
TAYO ALUKO and Friends

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Anarchist Workers Network (AWN)

17-08-2003 17:54

News of an organising meeting for the soon to be launched Anarchist Workers Network. We've chosen September 27th as it's the day of the anti-war/occupation march in London which will hopefully bring together people from across the country.

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Iomairt is Impidh - Gaelic campaign news

17-08-2003 11:10

Gearr-chunntas air iomairtean as leth na Gaidhlig bhon a bhuidheann CLI. Summary of campaigns on behalf of Gaelic in which Cli are involved.

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Farnborough town centre

16-08-2003 12:37

The Secretary of State for Transport is poised to sign a stopping up order for a large area of highway in Farnborough town centre.

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15-08-2003 17:39


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Indian Fascist Minister Responsible 3000 Dead Seeking UK Corporate Investment

13-08-2003 12:10

Chief Minister Modi of Gujurat in India is visiting the UK 17/8 to seek British corporate investment. Member of the Hindu far-right party which admires Hitler, in February 2002 he told police chiefs not to intervene to save the lives of Muslims being massacred by Hindus in communal riots - or 'pogroms' as they were called in the 1930s. The result - 3000 died. He is also the Minister responsible for the infamous Narmada dam project. Asian groups will be protesting at his visit to Wembley, London, 17 August THIS SUNDAY!!!! PLEASE JOIN THEM.

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Hat Crime

13-08-2003 11:36

As regards local issues. I post this found in a local newspaper in Folkestone,Kent.

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American Activist Railroaded Into Jail (amsellem)

13-08-2003 10:17

©2003 by charles amsellem.all rights reserved.activists may copy for non profit
cartoon © 2003 by charles amsellem. all rights reserved. activists may reproduce for non profit use only

For full coverage on these events, check out the Los Angeles Independent Media Center (

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The Wall Video

12-08-2003 22:11

Extract from The Wall video, filmed in the West Bank, Nov 02

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Extract from The Wall video, the West Bank 2002

12-08-2003 22:04

Extract from The Wall video, filmed in the West Bank, Nov 2002.

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News from Statewatch - 12th August 03

12-08-2003 15:48

Statewatch News online, 12 August 2003

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British waterways clamps down on boaters rights to roam

11-08-2003 14:39

British Waterways, the government body which regulates most canals and rivers in this country, is now clamping down on our freedom to travel the waterways. They are trying to force everyone into costly carpark-like moorings.

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Banned UK cabinet secrets documentary available

11-08-2003 13:15

I'm making this documentary available for the first time since it was banned in 1986. It examines the hidden workings of the UK cabinet. I was so indignant that an important bit of education about our so-called democracy could be banned. The ban was clearly politically motivated and worked against the national interest.

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Palistinian posters

11-08-2003 10:01

click on the link-

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The Celtic Confederation

10-08-2003 21:06

The Celtic Confederation is mainly a cultural confederation for the Celtic Rim of Europe. However, economic cooperation and developments and international lobbies, mostly at the European (Union), are part of the tasks of the confederation together with education and science policy development. Ireland as only sovereign state within this confederation shall sign treaties with the United Kingdom and France to assure their territorial integrity. With this treaty, the UK and France are assured that the confederation is no threat to their territorial integrity. If both nations refuse to sign such a treaty another measure has to be taken to satisfy their anxieties. One is that the Confederation becomes an Irish Foundation with independent Foundations from the Celtic regions in the UK and France.

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Home Office Disappears Another Family

09-08-2003 17:38

The Trumci family were woken up At Oakington Detention Centre this morning at 4AM. They were then taken to Stansted Airport in London and deported back to Kosovo against their will. Removed from their home in West London and brought to Oakington in Cambridgeshire early on Sunday, they had been warned that sometime this week they might be deported. It has been a long week.