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Greek Revolt updates March 9th & 10th 2010

10-03-2010 21:29

the updates for 9th & 10th of march, many actions to mobilize for tomorrows general strike, 35year old anarchist killed by police, against ordered cop-attack 2000 came to protect the street-blockade of sacked olymic airways workers, more occupations, there is 500 billions of greek money around that proves the lies of crisis and measures, it's class war from above that meets his answers

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another anarchist murdered by cops in Athens, Greece

10-03-2010 18:57

At 5am cops opened fire on 2 people in dafni, a suburb of Athens.
1, an anarchist known to various groups, lies dead. The other is free.
Apparently the relevant government ministry and cops have released information and his photo asking for information...

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Welfare Reform: who will it affect?

10-03-2010 10:29

As part of MULE’s feature on the Welfare Reform Bill, set to be trialled in Greater Manchester towards the end of 2010, we look at who’s likely to be hit hardest by the Government’s latest welfare-cutting masterplan.

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Calais Migrant Solidarity info night at the Crocus

10-03-2010 07:59

The oppression of migrants in Calais continues at the hands of the French and U.K state. A number of nottingham based activists have been down to Calais over the last year to show solidarity in the migrants struggle.

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merthyr to mayo cycle caravan

09-03-2010 23:13

The “Merthyr to Mayo” cycle caravan will spend two weeks travelling between Merthyr Tydfil, Wales and Rossport, Ireland: two community struggles resisting fossil fuel extraction in their areas.

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Another Shell recruitment event disrupted

09-03-2010 20:24

Corporate sleaze-merchants trying to recruit graduates in Oxford got another rough ride at the hands of local activists.

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Derry Friends of Palestine (by Latuff)

09-03-2010 18:57

Derry Friends of Palestine
Original artworks made for Derry Friends of Palestine:

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Bristol Indymedia offline! What's happening?

09-03-2010 17:41

The wave of repression has broken over Bristol!

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NO TO TESCOS. The latest battle and the upcoming struggle in Bristol

09-03-2010 13:34

get in touch!
A message from Jester's Comedy Squat resisting yet another TECOS in Bristol.

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The Battle for Grosvenor Road

09-03-2010 13:09

Jobcentre Plus Strikers in Wrexham, N. Wales
DWP Civil Servants striking at Jobcentre Plus, Inland Revenue and Valuation Offices in Wrexham, N. Wales.

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Trial of indigenous activist who attempted to make a citizen's arrest of Bush

09-03-2010 11:50

indigenous activist Splitting the Sky

Splitting the Sky, indigenous activist, seized by security forces in Canada last year when he attempted to make a citizen's arrest of George W. Bush will have his day in court on Monday, March 8th. According to Professor Anthony J. Hall, this case will demonstrate whether Canada is ruled by law or fear and highlight the need for new principles, the Calgary Principles to amend the victor's justice of the Nuremberg Principles, in light of the new impunities for high level crimes against humanity and the Earth in this era, and the need to protect and honor civil resistance to those high crimes.

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International Women's Day in Argentina

09-03-2010 09:17

The radical left in Argentina is organizing a demonstration in Buenos Aires for international women's day. An interview with Andrea D'Atri, spokeswoman for the Argentinean women's organization "Pan y Rosas (Bread and Roses), connected with the "Partido de Trabajadores Socialistas" (Socialist Workers' Party).

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Solidarity with Women in Iran

08-03-2010 22:42

Opposite the Iranian Embassy 1
More than 50 men and women, mainly Iranians, took part in a protest organised by the 8 March Women's Organsiation (Iran-Afghanistan) to mark International Women's Day. They protested at the Iranian Embassy against the 31 years of anti-women Islamic laws and repression and calling for an end to the Islamic regime in Iran before marching to Trafalgar Square for a rally. London 07/03/2010

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Class War Greece updates 7th & 8th of March 2010

08-03-2010 21:34

clashes in Volos and Xanthi, NationalBank Occupations in Komotini, Occupations in Athens (note: as long as the "measures" law isn't published it's not legal, therefore the workers of the NationalPrintFactory occupied their workplace, the other one is occupied by the sacked workers of olymic airs)
AND SO ON, strikes continue, bigger one on 8th and General Strike on 11th

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Thursday 11th -- No Borders evening @ Coventry Peace House

08-03-2010 21:14

Resistance and Dignity

A second evening of film, discussion, and food.
Thursday 11 February 6pm-9pm in the Coventry Peace House
311 Stoney Stanton Rd, Coventry
All welcome.

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Protest against cuts at city council

08-03-2010 19:09

On March 8th, Nottingham City Council met to approve the 2010/11 budget. Like many council budgets this included a series of cuts to services, in this case amounting to £18.8 million. Nottingham City Unison called a lunchtime protest outside the Council House to show their opposition.

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Mordechai Vanunu’s Nobel Stand

07-03-2010 21:41

The Sunday Times, 5 October 1986
For the first time in the history of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, a preemptive request to withdraw a nomination—by the nominee—was made.

It was revealed last week that in a letter to the Committee, Mordechai Vanunu had asked for his candidacy to be rescinded. It was unusual enough for Geir Lundestad to acknowledge that a nomination had even been received, let alone publicly disclose Vanunu’s request. But for Vanunu—a man who should have been awarded the Peace Prize long ago—it was in full keeping with the dignity, integrity and uncompromising nature of one to whom the world owes a great debt.

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The Accusation that Links Chávez with ETA and the FARC is Fraudulen

07-03-2010 19:50

"The computer in the hands of the Colombian authorities survived a missile attack which killed several people in the encampment and, by chance, confirmed all the arguments of President Alvaro Uribe to enable him to increase his bellicose internal campaign. Strange as it may sound, the “magic bomb resistant” computer has never been shown in public."

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International Womens Day; mass demonstrations against Hijab Tehran 1979

07-03-2010 17:24

demonstrations for womens rights in Iran 1979

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The electoral politics of the NDF and the CPP in the Philippines

07-03-2010 01:30

The year 2010 has begun and we already know what’s going to be the most unlikely election coalition of the year. The legal National-Democratic (ND) movement of the Philippines, politically aligned with the underground Maoist Communist Party of the Philippines, has made an alliance with multimillionaire Manuel ‘Manny’ Bamba Villar Jr. and indirectly with Marcos’ admiring son, Ferdinand ’Bongbong’ Marcos jr.