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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Cop on Facebook: "can't wait to bash some long haired hippys up @ the G20."

24-04-2009 17:23

PC Rob Ward's Facebook posting
PC Rob Ward is under investigation but not suspended, for writing on his Facebook page before the G20 demonstrations in London: "Rob Ward can't wait to bash some long haired hippys up @ the G20."

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May 1st - Mayday Convict Party

24-04-2009 15:16

Mayday London 2009 Flyer
5:04pm - The Bank Of England
Mayday - Guilty Until Proven Innocent UK
Convict Themed Party

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Justice Not Crisis evicted from Beechwood Hotel, Birmingham

24-04-2009 13:52

After a half-hearted attempt earlier in the week, bailiffs and police returned to the Beechwood Hotel in force this morning at 6.30 am to evict 'Justice Not Crisis' supporters and homeless people being housed by the campaign. There are reports of dogs and riot gear being used, as well as assaults on some of the inhabitants. Pictures from the Birmingham Mail also show 'Evidence Gathering Teams' in attendance. No arrests were made.

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CCTV proposed scheme for Forest Fields : public meeting report

24-04-2009 12:56

Area 4 Neighbourhood Management Team of Nottingham City Council has proposed a CCTV scheme for Forest Fields. Supported by the police a public meeting was held from 6.30pm until 8pm on Thursday April 23 at Djanogly City Academy on Gregory Boulevard.

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Visteon workers solidarity fundraiser Friday 1st May

24-04-2009 12:51

Visteon workers solidarity fundraiser Friday 1st May

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Another Arrest at Barclays & Police Station Vigil

24-04-2009 12:31

Following the shenanigans at the previous Barclays demo (, we decided to do the decent thing and visit them twice this week to show that police harassment doesn't deter committed campaigners from educating the public about the unspeakable horrors perpetrated upon animals inside Huntingdon Life Sciences, supported by blood money from Barclays Bank.

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BNP activists assault anti-fascists in Liverpool city centre

24-04-2009 12:11

BNP Thugs Take to the Streets of Liverpool and Assault Local Anti-Fascists

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The cameras which filmed Ian Tomlinson's death at the G20.

24-04-2009 10:58

Photo evidence of at least seven CCTV cameras present at the spot where Ian Tomlinson was assaulted by a police officer during London's recent G20 meeting, and later died.

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Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign Film Festival: Cinema Palestino!

24-04-2009 09:11

cinemaPalestino, every Thursday in May!
cinemaPalestino is a season of films exploring issues that effect us all falling in love, making a home, caring for a family, freedom- but under the shadow of a military occupation that distorts all aspects of daily life for the Palestinian people. cinemaPalestino is a celebration of Palestinian culture through drama and documentary film - despite 60 years of unimaginable oppression, Palestinians have retained a vital, creative and powerful identity. Join us in our celebrations!

* Every Thursday in May and the first Thursday in June

* All Sheffield PSC profits will got to children's projects in Gaza.

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Mayday Global Chalk4Peace - Its Time To Get Out The Chalk again!

24-04-2009 07:58

Colour our streets the colour of our love
United Kingdom…United States…Egypt…Austria…Germany…Canada…
Ecuador…Puerto Rico… France… Chile… Iran… Iraq… Mexico… Spain…Italy…Cypress…Israel… In hundreds of towns and cities - Everywhere!

“Our Streets Are OUR Media”
WE have TOTAL access -
“We CAN Make the difference”

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fuck the nazi front

24-04-2009 02:58

the police protect the national front

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Join the March for Capitalism - May 9, Manchester

23-04-2009 20:20

Capitalism Rocks!
Meet in front of Central Library, St. Peter's Square, Manchester, at 2pm on May 9.

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Radio reports from RavensAit Island

23-04-2009 17:05

Two Audio reports from the visionOntv studio.

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Lappersfort- police out of control in Brugge

23-04-2009 16:06

Following the ambush & arrest of 3 lappersfort occupiers on the night of 21st April (for original article go to, the Brugge police yesterday conducted a raid on the house of a local sympathiser.

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Violent Arrest of Activist at Anti-NF Demonstration in Newcastle

23-04-2009 13:12

An activist was violently arrested this morning whilst attempting to protest against the National Front

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Thatcher to receive Honoris Causa Doctorate in Poland!!!

23-04-2009 12:25

Margareth Thatcher is to receive Honoris Causa Doctorate at the University of Lodz, Poland.

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CALL OUT: Permaculture! Party! Resistance!

23-04-2009 11:20

Beechwood Hotel/Squat
A day of permaculture workshops, followed by a BBQ and party. Then stay and help us resist the bailiffs.

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Online petition: Keep Zakir in Canterbury

23-04-2009 08:20

Zakir Ali Rostami
Zakir Ali Rostami escaped the violence in Afghanistan six years ago and arrived in the UK speaking no English. Since then, he has become a popular figure in the community, excelling at Canterbury College where he has almost completed a national diploma in IT, and winning a scholarship for a local Cricket Club. He has also been offered an unconditional place at University to study Computing.

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Camden Council Planning Applications. Have you ever been refused? Why?

23-04-2009 04:10

There are plans to build a deadly virus / pathogen lab in Camden alongside St Pancras International behind the British Library in Kings Cross, Camden side. The lab is opposed by MI5 [via the Evening Standard], MPs, councillors and local businesses. The consortium, backed by Gordon Brown, the Wellcome Trust [who put in £100 million], UCL, MRC and the CRUK have yet to apply for a permit.

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Veganarchy zine - looking for submissions

23-04-2009 00:27

We want your Vegan/Anarchist writings!
The Veganarchy zine is a free, independently published magazine, aka “zine.” It’s purpose is to provide an outlet for creatively-produced content regarding veganism (not vegetarianism), anarchism, and related issues.