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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Make Poverty History-what Taiwan has been doing for 40 years

03-07-2005 16:38

An article about Taiwan, an isolated county
in the global community, and its support
and participation to Make Poverty History.

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Arrival and demonstation pictures

03-07-2005 14:57

Pictures from the train arrival, and the july 2 anti-capitalist march.

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Clown Army preparations

03-07-2005 14:46

Clown preparations before the July 2nd actions...

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Edinburgh workshop Monay: Social Control & Madness

03-07-2005 13:53

This workshop will take place at the Teviot Building at the University of Edinburgh, which is the Dissent convergence space here, between 4-6pm on Monday the 4th of July.

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Geldof's Live Shame Show

03-07-2005 13:13

Urging the G8 leaders to do more to help Africa is begging the same people for mercy who represent the inhuman systems. And nothing was said about poverty's origins, stopping the illegal wars or the taking of the African oil: again cheating Africa out of trillions.

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03-07-2005 10:37

Three forces are in collision in the fight to make poverty history--Live 8, the protest movements and the G8. The differences are dramatic says's News Dissector Danny Schechter

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Anti-Mugabe on the march

03-07-2005 08:51

The MPH march with the noisy and colourful anti-Mugabe section

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5,000 'allowed' to march on Gleneagles

03-07-2005 00:57

According to an article in the TImes Online, police have now given their permission for a limited march to take place at Gleneagles during the G8 summit....

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a cool set of pics from make poverty demo

02-07-2005 22:05

this is extra-cool..
check these out...

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G8 in Edinburg. Watch how the autonmous groups migrate

02-07-2005 20:02

Watch how the lesser spotted autonmous group is at home in it's natural environment, the summit mobilisation. Footage of G8 bike ride, clowns in full fettle [no kettle] and dissent swarming on Edinburg out of their radical trainage.

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Anarchist audio interviews from todays G8 protests

02-07-2005 19:44

Lots of anarchist audio interviews from todays G8 protests has around a dozen interviews with Irish anarchist in Scotland carried out in the last 24 hours including a critical 10 min overview of todays black bloc

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Photos of MakePovertyHistory March

02-07-2005 19:26

Texas sings it out
Photos of MakePovertyHistory March

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Clown Army marching in Edinburgh

02-07-2005 17:41

Pictures of the Clown army in Edinburgh on Saturday Jukt 2nd -- make poverty history march.

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Dover's Multicultural Festival Success

02-07-2005 15:52

An eye witness's account of a splendid afternoon of solidarity with refugees.

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video: G8 meeting in Sheffield 11-17.06.05

02-07-2005 14:23

video still1: young woman and police
This is a edit of a film put together by IMC Nottingham since the G8 demonstrations in Sheffield between the 11th - 17th of June 2005.

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brighton to edinburgh critical mass(photos)

02-07-2005 12:39

the brighton to edinburgh G8 critical mass ride enters Edinburgh late last night

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first photos of the make poverty history demo in edinburgh

02-07-2005 11:59

a sea of white...
the first photos of the make poverty history demo as it sets off on its circuit of Edinburgh.

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Edinburgh Castle

02-07-2005 06:59

Make Poverty History
Make Poverty History

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Gay demo against Bromley homophobia (July 30th)

01-07-2005 16:05

In response to Tory run Bromley (London) homophobically 'banning' civil partnership ceremonies.A local group is holding a demo. (Tory leader M.Howard refuses to intervene here or over the 'ban' on the gay Rainbow Flag in Soho, where everyone else is allowed to fly there 'logo' etc..)

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more about understanding climate issues

01-07-2005 15:04

this is a piece of text concerning climate change written and/ or sent by a friend on palentology list.

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