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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Around the Campaigns Monday 8th September 2008

08-09-2008 10:43

Alliance Ngondiop didn't fly this morning
Never even left Yarl's Wood she was taken to reception at Yarl's Wood in the early hours but told them she wasn't willing to fly, they just took her back to her room.
Background: Alliance Ngondiop Must Stay!

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Please give your support to fight injustice against the Kris Family

08-09-2008 09:04

Svetlana and Tatjana
The Kris Family fled persecution in Croatia after the 90's war. They sought refuge in the UK where they believed they would be able to rebuild a normal family life. Today, the Home Office wants to deport them to Croatia where they still harbour the memories of the persecution they encountered and have no basis to live a normal family life.

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Thursday - Riseup! Radio @ Sumac

08-09-2008 08:54

Some folks involved in a community based radio project called riseup! radio will be meeting for a chat and a social drink this Thursday, September 11th at the Sumac Centre in Forest Fields.

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TCAR calls 2nd Northern March Against Racism on 25th October

07-09-2008 18:23

TCAR's 1st Northern March Against Racism last January
Following the success of the first Northern March Against Racism in January and the Conference in June, Tyneside Community Action for Refugees (TCAR) has decided to call a second Northern March Against Racism on 25th October - and we’d like your support. The aim of the march is to continue building links between different anti-racist struggles and to demonstrate our support for these struggles.

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Independent media under attack in Oaxaca

07-09-2008 15:38

Call to international action in defence of the free and community radio stations of Oaxaca, currently under attack from the government.

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Street Party ESF 2008- We are taking it all back!

07-09-2008 11:41

let's dance
We're sick of working for a ridiculous wage with only tendon-stretching, muscle-ache and early retirement to look forward to. We're sick of women getting a lower wage than men and we are really goddamn sick of the politicians that are supposed to be on ordinary people's side having long since turned into pseudoliberals and sent those of us who can't find a job to Malmö's own daycare center for adults: the employment office.

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International call for an Anti-Capitalist Action Block during ESF 2008, Sweden

07-09-2008 11:33

Who are the Action Network?

During 17th -21st the European Social Forum will be hosted by Malmo, an event planned to give social movements and radical organizations all over Europe the opportunity to enter into dialogue with each other. More than 20,000 people are expected to attend this five-day Forum which will offer seminars, workshops, and art events, including music, all with the slogan 'Another Europe is Possible.'

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ESF 2008 Action Network

07-09-2008 11:29

In September, the European Social Forum will be hosted by Malmo, an event planned to give social movements and radical organizations all over Europe the opportunity to enter into dialogue with each other. More than 20,000 people are expected to attend this five-day Forum which will offer seminars, workshops, and arts events, including music, all with the slogan ‘Another Europe is Possible.’

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Defend independent and community media!

06-09-2008 16:59

Government attacks on free, independent and community media in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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CUBA: Hurricane Gustav and the Cuban Five

05-09-2008 22:57

“These adverse events should serve to make us work more efficiently every day and to make a more rational and fair use of every piece of material. We must fight our own shallowness and selfishness”… “Such effort shall come from our people’s work. Nobody will do it for us.”

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Disabled man kicked out of his home

05-09-2008 15:38

landlord visits property with locksmith
Yesterday morning, bailiffs evicted from his home a disabled man with serious mental health problems.

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Eight arrested as Shell begin winching operation in Rossport

05-09-2008 14:55

Late Thursday evening, Shell To Sea flotilla attempted to block the winch boat which has just arrived at Glengad. 11 small craft were launched from the Solidarity Camp. They strongly resisted the Gardaí and Navy boats who attempted to ram the Shell To Sea dinghies and knock the occupants into the sea. The resistance lasted for 2 hours and was cheered on by a huge local crowd who had gathered in support along the cliffs and beach.

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Climate and Coal Debate

05-09-2008 14:49

Forthcoming vital debate and conference and Climate Change, Class and
Clean Coal.

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Around the Campaigns Friday 5th September 2008

05-09-2008 12:25

Very Urgent - Possible Charter Flight to Kurdistan/imminent
Four of the Iraqi/Kurds who were on hunger strike at Campsfield have been moved to Colnbrook. One of those being moved is Fazzel Ahmed leader of the recent hunger strike at Campsfield, said that they have all been given open ended removal directions,

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Fourth attempt to remove Alliance Ngondiop

05-09-2008 07:00

Alliance Ngondiop
Alliance Ngondiop, a Cameroon national was 'Captured' when reporting to the Immigration service, Wednesday of this week in Loughborough and is currently detained in Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on British Airways flight BA302 on Monday 8th September @ 06:15 from Heathrow Airport London, to Paris, Charles de Gaulle airport, then Air France flight AF940 @ to Douala Cameroon.

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Statement from RNC Welcoming Committee, USA (Wed)

04-09-2008 15:57

The RNC Welcoming Committee wants to say thank you to all who have stood with us through these challenging days, to all who have faced the brutal attacks and repressive intimidation of the police, and have still gone back to the streets. Thanks to all who have made calls, sent emails, donated money, and expressed your outrage at these brutal attacks.

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Youth workers say no to pay cuts

04-09-2008 15:26

Youth and community workers for local councils have rejected the employers offer of a below inflation pay "rise" of 2.45%.

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Terrorist - SHAC 7 Trailer

04-09-2008 14:13

The SHAC 7
TERRORIST - SHAC 7 chronicles the journey of a group of grass-roots activists up to and through their trial for Domestic Terrorism. Dark truths about The Patriot Act, the First Amendment, questionable science and political activism all come to light as we live, laugh and fear with the defendants, attorneys, witnesses and law enforcement professionals involved in this precedent setting case.

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GRASS: The Battle For Wembley Park Sports Ground Video

04-09-2008 12:15

Protestor Head Lock
On Monday 4 August 2008 the Grass Roots Alliance for Social Sports (GRASS) was forcibly evicted from the Wembley Park Sports Ground in rough scenes and under sketchy legal grounds.

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03-09-2008 18:24

Marking ten years since their unjust imprisonment

12-3pm, Trafalgar Square (north pavement)

September 2008 marks 10 years since the arrest and incarceration of the Cuban
5, five men wrongly convicted in the US after peacefully defending Cuba from
terrorist attacks planned in the United States.

Come and show your solidarity for the Five and spread the word. Bring placards, stalls, whistles, drums and banners for a lively
demonstration, including street theatre and speeches to inform the British
public about the case.