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Letter Bombs Attributed to Anarchists Raise Questions

06-01-2004 10:37

(en) Italy, Letter Bombs Attributed to Anarchists Raise Questions
Date Mon, 5 Jan 2004 23:42:18 +0100 (CET)
A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E
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Major AFL-CIO Union, SEIU, Has New Local Leadership in the “Cradle of Liberty”

06-01-2004 02:57

Just in time to ring in the New Year, new local union leadership has been elected in Philadelphia, USA, the “Cradle of Liberty”. On December 13, members of Local 36 of the 1.6 million-member Service Employees International Union (SEIU), one of the largest in the AFL-CIO, elected a new president, secretary-treasurer and 23 Executive Board members. This came in the 18th month of a national SEIU trusteeship over Local 36, which represents over 4,300 janitors, building maintenance workers, technicians and professionals in Philadelphia and its suburbs in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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Celebrate Panamanian Day of the Martyrs

06-01-2004 02:49

January 9th thru 13th marks the 40th Day of the Martyrs, since the national anti-imperialist revolts that swept the country in 1964. Celebrate in solidarity with a publicly-burned flag or effigy.

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Communique of the Anarchist Federation of Italy

06-01-2004 00:30

Here is a translation of a press release from the communications committee of the Italian Anarchist Federation (whose acronym is FAI from the Italian: FEDERAZIONE ANARCHICA ITALIANA). The press release pertains to the hostile media campaign and repression targeted against the anarchist movement in Italy.

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A view from inside Israel

05-01-2004 01:22

A lot of reports of the situation within Palestine and Israel are coming out currently, either from people working in Palestine, or in the mainstream press from outside. As a Jewish person myself I found this report from inside Israel extremely important and reassuring, as it gives information about the strength of feeling by many Israelis in the country against what is going on. This is not a race issue, and most people who are upset by the army's behaviour and the governments policy in the occupied territories are reacting in humanitarian and political dimensions, including all those Jewish people outside of Israel who are campaigning against this system and this regime. So for the inspiration of others like myself, for the consideration of those who have seen only reports of Israelis as army members, and for those who argue aggressively and often hotheadedly that all criticism of Israel is somehow anti-semitic (themselves the only ones aplying this race-label), here is a report I received a couple of days ago from the Israeli Peace Group Gush Shalom, who do fantastic work in the midst of an increasingly fraught and in many areas degenerating society.

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resistance anarchist bulletin issue 57

04-01-2004 22:09

resistance is the monthly bulletin of the Anarchist Federation, strethening resistance
to capitalism and the state.

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Sheffield Zapatista Party

04-01-2004 20:47

Solidarity with the Zapatistas
Sheffield people celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Zapatista uprising.

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Anit-G8 Gathering - Feb 7th-8th

04-01-2004 20:38

An open invitation to a Gathering to discuss building resistance to the G8 Summit coming to the UK in 2005.

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Iraqi Women's Movement Under Attack

03-01-2004 11:42

Support needed

The offices of a women's rights group in Iraq are coming under attack from the forces of the "Ruling Council." Heavies from The PUK are threatening to closedown them down. People are urged to send letters of protest.

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2004 - Year of the Slave

02-01-2004 00:06

It is time to take back your Power People!!!

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The World Economic Forum, Warsaw, 28-30/04/2004

01-01-2004 23:18

The participation of the World Bank and the World Economic Forum in the political decisions of Poland is little known about. But when the WEF comes to Warsaw (28-30/04/2004) it is highly likely there will be an 'alternative economic' forum and militant action to open the grounds for debate.

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Zapatista 10th Anniversary Cellebration In Barcelona

01-01-2004 21:30

EZLN Party Flyer
Zapatista solidarity new year´s party in Barcelona´s area of L'Hospitalet

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BC Government Drug Dealing/Cointelpro/CONtrolling the Poor

31-12-2003 17:48

The details of this story are still very sketchy but it appears that part of a 20 month cross border drug smuggling investigation
led Victoria city police to stage a Sunday afternoon raid on Finance and Transportation Ministries at the BC Legislature.

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London Mayday 2004 - Calling All Anti-Capitalists!

31-12-2003 15:22

Since 1999 Mayday has re-established itself as a focus for anti-capitalists to gather and to celebrate our collective visions and mark our past struggles.

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Gangsterism, Corporatism, right-wing political philosophy .. what's the differen

31-12-2003 01:51

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) - A 20-month investigation into organized crime led to a raid on the offices of two British Columbia government ministers, although neither is implicated in the probe, Canadian police said on Monday.

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An Israeli Surgeon's Story

28-12-2003 10:06

Israeli surgeon Shmuel Yurfest once reattached the severed hand of a Palestinian bomb-maker who had a "work accident." But sadly, Dr. Yurfest won't be saving any more "militants."

About a year after he saved the bomb-maker's hand, he was blinded and partially deafened when a 19-year old girl exploded next to him at a shopping mall: Surgeon Blinded by Bomb After Healing Militants. This article is unusually sympathetic for a Reuters release.

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28-12-2003 03:50

The THOUGHT CONTROL plolice are on the rise..
check out
center columb. Piec on freedom of speech.. then note
the coments when you click on the link. They don't
just hide what they may not like - they delete the commenst in the hidden area as well.

Lot of people upset.

Join the Boycott.. don't be a SCAB

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Dear Mom - From Qalqilya, Palestine

27-12-2003 16:08

Why I choose to be in Palestine & Iraq for Christmas & the New Year

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NO TO THE CONSTITUTION of a Europe of capital and war

25-12-2003 16:05

To organise a Front of NO has become a task of high-priority for the anti-globalization movement and all the European anti-capitalist forces, in particular with the prospect of referendums to be held in each state next year. These consultations offer a magnificent opportunity to call on youth, workers and oppressed nationalities to show a massive rejection to this reactionary Europe.

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Marx and Engels, The British Working Class and the Labour Party

25-12-2003 15:54

Although we, along with our fathers and grandfathers, have paid a high price for the Christian socialism, woolly pacifism, wordy radicalism and Fabian reformism that came into the Labour Party from the capitalist class and dominated its leadership, the real history of the Labour Party and the lessons from it are vital for workers today.