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The Boy Who Cried Wolf (by Latuff)

22-04-2004 03:00

Cry Wolf
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed Israeli terror.

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are you happy with the Stop the War Coalition?

20-04-2004 16:02

we love our banner!
Have your say in the future direction of the peace movement. Please come to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Swindon Stop the War Coalition on 27th April, at 7:30 in the Friends Meeting House, Eastcott Hill.

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Solidarity trade union opposes WEF/EEF

20-04-2004 11:30

Solidarity trade union (Mazowsze) declares that it firmly opposes both the style of meeting of the European Economic Forum (WEF/EEF) and the goals of the WEF/EEF.

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GATS Meeting in Cambridge

19-04-2004 09:57

Want to know more about GATS? What is the General Agreement on Trade in Services and does does it impact on you and on the poorest people in the world? Who Benefits from GATS? What can we do to stop it?

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A new global democracy takes off in Cambridge

19-04-2004 09:48

A pledge form signed by a Cambridge-based LibDem candidate in the forthcoming European election, Rosalind Gill, is claimed by campaigners to be the first crack in a political system which has failed the people and turned the majority away from voting.

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Socio-environmental movements call for closure of World Bank climate fund

19-04-2004 09:36

Today, over fifty environmental and social justice NGOs and other groups sent a letter of protest to the World Bank calling for the closure of its new emissions trading fund, The Prototype Carbon Fund. In the year of the World Bank’s 60th anniversary and in the run-up to intense protests in Washington D.C. at their annual meeting this month, the groups state that the Bank’s new fund is destructive greenwash and has in fact created extra problems for communities and the environment.

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Anti-war march photos

19-04-2004 01:23

Security hurts
I have been documenting with photographs the marches and demonstrations in San Francisco since October of 2002. These are posted on my website:, including 148 photos from the protest on March 20. The emphasis is on individuals and their signs. I hope to have an edited version of these photos published in a book. Working title: Signs of Life.

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BRISTOL Stop-The-War *SUPPLEMENT* : 19th April 2004

19-04-2004 00:02

For News Around Bristol Visit:

*NOTE* : This is a supplement to our monthly Bristol-Stop-The-War News.
For the main April newsletter of events in Bristol & beyond, please see:

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Cambridge Mayday...and more!

18-04-2004 20:02

Grafton Centre - Mayday fun for all the family!
An excellent meeting took place in Cambridge yesterday to discuss the possibilities of setting some kind of new collective in the city. It was surprisingly well attended given the short notice and less than perfect advertising and it seems that quite a few of us have been wanting something like this to emerge for a while.

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N0response to demo call-why bother again?

17-04-2004 15:15

Cant be arsed to attend ???

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United Colors of Bush (by Latuff)

17-04-2004 03:46

United Colors of Benetton
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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16-04-2004 23:34

Police line waiting for the queen.
The other day, the Queen of England visited Toulouse, in south western France. First she went to church, then she had lunch with the mayor, then she christened an airliner for Virgin Atlantic Airways at the Airbus Works, and then she went home. A great big crowd of people turned out to see her. The fascination that people have for Her Royal Highness is a source of much perplexity. After all, royalty is an aberration that has survived in modern times, like the appendix at the bottom end of the human intestine. So while we wait for it to explode, here is a photographic account of her visit...

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16-04-2004 22:33


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Meeting about the Roundhouse

16-04-2004 21:12

Simon Fairlie (SF) at the demo in Haverfordwest on Tuesday
The meeting between protesters trying to save the Brithdir Mawr eco-roundhouse and Pembrokeshire National Park Planner Cathy Milne has happened and here is a transcipt...

(This was initially posted as a comment to this article... - Sheff IMC)

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April 17: Global Day of Farmers' Struggles

16-04-2004 18:08

MST occupies office in Rio, Brazil
Day of Farmers' Struggles

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16-04-2004 16:26

The Brazilian Amazon has this week seen an explosion of violence, with both Indians and diamond miners being killed and beaten. Hundreds of indigenous representatives are now gathering in the capital, Brasilia, to protest against government policies. A mass lobby of Congress is planned for 19 April, the annual 'Day of the Indian'.

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End the Massacre! End the Occupation! (Demo in Manchester!)

16-04-2004 11:49

In light of recent events in Iraq, the Iraq Solidarity Campaign and Friends say:

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Iraq News as it is, today!

16-04-2004 09:42

NEW and TRUE story telling in Cornmarket Street (near Northgate Tower) from 12 til 4pm.
Readings from Jo Wilding and others eye witness reports of what is really happening.
Come along for support, to take part in the readings, to be enlightened or entertained.

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US snipers target Falluja hospital

16-04-2004 08:00

Freelance journalist Lee Gordon reports as the massacre continues in Fallujah