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Video and photos from doctors march yesterday

18-03-2007 10:35

Video Marching
Short video and a couple of photos from the demonstration yesterday in London which had about 12,000 doctors and their supporters marching from the Royal College of Physicians next to Regents Park to the Royal College of Surgeons in Holborn.

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Western Charity and Zimbabwe

17-03-2007 21:17

How someone being killed in Zimbabwe by Mugabe's riot police means little to us, as long as our nearest and dearest are enjoying seven years of surplus

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Interview with Nepal Communist Leader Sunday

17-03-2007 18:43

Comrade Gaurav
Comrade Gaurav of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) will talk with African People's Socialist Party host Nyabinga Dzimbahwe about the revolutionary process taking place in Nepal.

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London MMC demo pix (2)

17-03-2007 17:11

NHS and Hewitt: 0 Australia and New Zealand: 1000's
Second set of photos

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London MMC demo pix (1)

17-03-2007 17:02

Doctor for hire
First set of photos

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March tomorrow in London

16-03-2007 19:54

Tomorrow there is a march in London (and also in Glasgow) starting at 11am from the Royal College of Physicians. This is to protest against the farce that has been unfolding the past few months related to junior doctors' training which is likely to see between 8-15 thousand doctors unemployed come the beginning of August.

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Torture Investigation Stopped by Canadian Military Officials

16-03-2007 19:52

The practice of handing over prisoners is ``directed by the operational chair of command and is required to be followed by all (Canadian Forces) members involved in the handling of detainees, not just the military police."

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Making Mayhem: Sheffield Suffragettes

16-03-2007 16:43

Sheffiled Popular Arts, a community based arts organisation presents:
'Making Mayhem: Sheffield Suffragettes.'
The story of Sheffield suffragettes' struggle for the vote told in drama and song

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London Climate Campers update

16-03-2007 13:32

Only four months to go till the 2007 Camp for Climate Action - are you getting involved?

Get inspired, watch the Reclaim Power movie about last years camp at the rampART social centre tonight from 8pm. (see Copies are now available on DVD in this country from Rising Tide and local groups working towards this years climate camp.

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New Squatted Centre, Camberwell South London

16-03-2007 13:06

Flyer for the new place
A bunch of local south londoners have opened up a building in Camberwell, South London and are fixing it up to run as a social space. Right now, lots of work fixing and repairing is going on towards getting the space ready for a caff, and social nights with films.

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Bhopal survivors risk starvation for justice

16-03-2007 10:54

Bhopal survivors stage a 'die-in' outside the Chief Minister's residence
Survivors of the world’s largest peacetime massacre – the 1984 Union Carbide disaster in Bhopal, India, which killed over 20,000 people and maimed 120,000 more– are still battling for justice while, incredibly, being poisoned a second time by the same murderous factory. As you read this, six hunger strikers are heading into their third week without food and have already lost kilos in weight.

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ARE NETCU WASTING THEIR TIME? Report into political policing

16-03-2007 01:39

Is international policing against the animal, earth and human rights movements working, or are NETCU just wasting their time?

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Kirklees Candidate Deselected

15-03-2007 23:03

It appears Peter Horsfield,last years BNP candidate for the Liversedge and Gomersal ward has been deselected.

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US GM corn attacks Oaxaca........

15-03-2007 22:35

An important element in the struggle in Oaxaca is the defence and protection of the precious and unfortunately seriously threatened spiritual,environmental and agricultural natural resources of their state.
Oaxaca is the birthplace of corn in the world, and the US is now aggressively and deviously manipulating Mexican economic structures to force the importation of vast quantities of US GM maize.
This is an issue of URGENT importance, both for Oaxaca, Mexico and the world.

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16th-18th Goodbye Cruel World, Hackney

15-03-2007 13:31

The former Dalston Theatre is inviting you for a weekend of Action -
Talk and Reflections...


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Greece: The police transformed the biggest student demonstration since last year

15-03-2007 11:02

This Thursday March 8 in Athens and Thessalonica, two great demonstrations took place at the time when the Parliament voted the new law -cadre. In Athens, 40.000 demonstrators were in the streets, 5000 in Thessalonica. The demonstration of Athens was regarded as the main event and gathered demonstrators from all of Greece. That of Thessalonica was more local and gathered students from the city itself and north of Greece.

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Black out tonight

15-03-2007 09:50

BLACKOUT BRITAIN with us to mark the book launch of "Six Degrees" by
Mark Lynas :-

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No to the G8 - Trade Unions on the Global Stage

15-03-2007 08:51

The following is a call by trade unionists in Germany and internationally against the 2007 G8 Summit in Heiligendamm. Groups and individuals can sign up here:

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Arrests of peace campaigners in House of Commoms

15-03-2007 00:29

As MPs debated today over the UKs strategic nuclear deterrence programme in the hours before a final decision was made 3 people were arrested in the House of Commons. They were just a few of the many across Britain who placed themselves in the hands of police officers to make their message, and that of the nations heard. Risking their careers and their freedom for their principles. Read more . . . .

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2 Deportations from Tyneside Defeated this Week! - Includes action report

14-03-2007 22:19

This week 2 TCAR families who have both been living in Newcastle for over 5 years were facing deportation. Joy and her daughter had received notification that they would be deported to Jamaica on Wednesday 14th March, despite a pending citizenship claim by her daughter, and Nurhayet and her family, held in Yarls Wood detention centre, had received fresh removal directions for Thursday 15th March, despite their fresh claim. After a massive campaign to the press, local MPs and the Home Office, and the second emergency demonstration outside Government Offices North East in a week, both families are for the time being out of danger.