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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Tomorrow: Mass picket of Vice Chancellors’ conference

23-02-2011 12:46

Thursday 24th February
National Day of action, including mass picket of Vice Chancellors’ conference

From 2pm outside Woburn House, Tavistock Square, Central London (map:

Feeder marches from London universities including LSE, KCL, LSBU, UCL & ULU

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LSE Students Occupy Against University’s Ties To Libyan Regime

23-02-2011 12:40

At 7PM on February 22nd, Students at the LSE began an occupation of the Senior Common Room in the Old Building (Houghton St.) against the LSE’s regarding their association with the Libyan regime. In light of recent events the LSE administration announced that they would no longer be accepting the money from the Gaddafi family. They have already accepted £300,000 and were scheduled to receive and additional £1.2.

UPDATE: This morning LSE students occupied the office of director Howard Davies in protest at the university's links to the Libyan regime.

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New Campaign to Save Care Homes!

23-02-2011 12:34

Save My Home 2011 is a group fighting to keep the Birch Avenue and Woodland View care homes open. The homes provide specialist care for those suffering from Alzheimer's, Dementia, and related conditions. We need you to get involved!

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Russian Pensioners Protest - Arrests Made

23-02-2011 11:19

21 FEBRUARY Russia, Siberia, Novosibirsk,

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Tubu Tribe solidarity appeal

23-02-2011 10:10

Recently a member of West Midlands Industrial Workers of the World visited Colombia to demonstrate the techniques and principles of silkscreen printing and its relevance for self expression, creativity and empowerment to various people and collectives. This included a visit to Bogota to work with members of a family from the exiled indigenous Tubu tribe. Unfortunately on February 16th the communal house in the neighbourhood of Aguas Claras where the family were staying was destroyed by a torrential downpour of rain.

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BNP Call for day of action this weekend!

22-02-2011 22:16

The BNP have put a nationwide (although I doubt this will be answered) call out this weekend for what appears to be either a leafleting session or a small demo this weekend in Barnsley.

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Thousands protest as Libya attacks Libyans

22-02-2011 20:17

Message to Gadaffi from Downing Street protest

Thousands joined the protest outside the Libyan Embassy this evening, before marching on Downing Street.. The Socialist Worker reports that 10 coaches travelled from Manchester alone, and that some protestors have declared that they will spend the night outside the Embassy. More joined protests outside Downing Street.

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The No Police Spies campaign

22-02-2011 18:41

The No Police Spies campaign has been set up to call for an independent judge-led inquiry into the police infiltration of protest groups. We are seeking a wide-ranging inquiry, that will addres the many and serious issues that have emerged in recent weeks following the exposure of undercover police officers operting inside the UK protest movement.

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Dual Power / Resist26! Organising meeting, London, This Sat 26th Feb

22-02-2011 10:47

Dual Power / Resist26 organising meeting this Saturday in London!

#resist26 #stay41

When? Saturday February 26, 3pm to 5.30pm,

Where? St. Martin’s Community Centre, 43 Carol St., NW1, Camden Town tube

4 weeks to the big day!

What needs planning for before during and after the big TUC march?

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Anti-Benefits CutsLeafletting GlasgowFri 25TH Feb 1.30-2.30PM

21-02-2011 23:50


G2 7AB

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Christian Voice Lends Support To The EDL

21-02-2011 17:28

Conservative Party member Stephen Green of Christian Voice (and Cameronesque opponent of multiculturalism) has openly come out online in support of the violent fascist EDL, posting offensive remarks via their official Facebook designed to inflame the EDL's racist reactionaries paranoia to boiling point, as Christian extremists join extremist Jewish renegades in voicing their approval of the far right group's ugly Mosleyite street demonstrations.

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Sheffield protest against repression in #Libya

21-02-2011 15:41

On 21st February there was a protest outside Sheffield Town Hall against the Libyans governments repression of demonstrators.

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Big Society Bail-in in Haringey 19/02

21-02-2011 11:36

Local anti-cuts protestors “bailed in” to the Wood Green branch of Barclay’s Bank to protest against the government cuts agenda.

About half of the 30 or so local residents occupied the bank and turned it into a home - with rugs, chairs and cushions - to bring attention to the number of people that will face homelessness if cuts to housing benefit and other public services go ahead. The occupation lasted over half an hour, before the protestors moved outside to continue their protest in front of the doors. The branch remained shut for at least another an hour. 200 special anti-banks leaflets were distributed, and also over 1,500 leaflets publicising the coming borough-wide anti-cuts rally at the Civic Centre on Thursday 24th February.

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Breaking News: Bloody protests rock Iraqi Kurdistan

20-02-2011 13:01

Protest against the Kurdistan Regional Government, Sulaymaniyah,18 February 2011
Violence has again rocked the streets of the Iraqi city of Sulaymaniyah as Kurdish demonstrators continue to demand the ouster of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

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Withdrawing Consent

19-02-2011 19:39

Analysis of the meaning of 'revolution in the wake of the Tunisian and Egyption uprisings ... "Revolution no longer means the violent overthrow of a political regime in an orchestrated (or hijacked) action, under the command of a revolutionary vanguard, secular or religious—an action that inevitably leads to a civil war that never ends for the generations who experience it and indelibly marks the generations that follow it. Revolution now means what it has always meant in essence: the people’s removal of their consent to power."

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Student actions films - Mon 21st 8pm Glasgow

19-02-2011 17:35

Tory Scum Here We Come - The Movie!
Films about the student marches and occupations in London + anti-austerity protests in Dublin
90 minutes of activist video

Monday 21st February
The Free Hetherington, 13 University Gardens, just off University Avenue,
Glasgow University Campus

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Breaking News: Bahraini police surrenders to protesters

19-02-2011 16:15

Bahraini protesters celebrate as they reoccupy Pearl Square, 19 February 2011
Reports say thousands of pro-democracy protesters, chanting “victory, victory,” have forced out police and snipers from a central square in The Bahraini capital, Manama.

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Hereford Heckler #18 hits the streets

19-02-2011 13:34

The February/March issue of the Hereford Heckler is now out

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Massacre in Bahrain

19-02-2011 12:39

The GOvernment is massacring people in Bahrain. The mainstream coverage is shit.

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Today at Sabo-Taj

19-02-2011 12:23

Today at Sabo-Taj