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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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U.N.'s High Commissioner sexframed ?

21-02-2005 18:02

United Nations High Commissioner for the Refugees - Dutchman Ruud Lubbers: 'Allegations of sexual harassment are 'made up' and 'slander'. This is not the United States anymore."

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Oxford Mini Lands Rights Film Festival

21-02-2005 00:04

Films, food & thought on Land Rights

at The Vaults & Gardens Organic Cafe, High St, Oxford (entrance on Radcliffe Square)

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UNISON General Secretary election nearly over - vote Jon Rogers in a big hurry

20-02-2005 22:13

There is urgency about the whole thing now, people: the postal vote for the UNISON General Secretary election closes on 28 February, which is just a week away.

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Conscientious Objector To Speak In Oxford

20-02-2005 21:54

Lance Corporal George Solomou
A public meeting with speakers including George Solomou of the Territorial Army. A lance corporal in the Royal Army Medical Corps, he has publicly declared he will not fight in Iraq and is the first UK soldier to call on other soldiers to "speak out or opt out".

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20-02-2005 13:02

Note the following article on Sheffield Indymedia:

The above article was the first time I've seen anything at all on this issue, there are many people here in Liverpool and elsewhere on social security benefits both in work and out of work, disabled, sick or retired. Many claimants have had the pressures put upon them, I for one have been getting letters pressuring me for months and months into accepting payment firstly into a Post Office (P.O.) card account.

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20-02-2005 12:15


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G8 and OILWATCH interview on Climate Summit Cop10

20-02-2005 08:33

24/7 365
The Convention on Climate Change is the platform where the world decides what to do about "the Climate". Every year the climate big wigs give birth to pretty horrible things in the name of "sustainable" development. Kyoto was one of those. With russia about to ratify the Kyoto climate change agreement...

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no human patents pls

20-02-2005 01:46

no not to human patenting

humane rights for all species

..a timely article in the steading fight against slavery

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Reports from the TUC Pensions Day of Action - a day which hit the right note!

19-02-2005 19:47

Undeterred by cold winds and an endlessly predicatable, last-minute, anti-union mainstream press campaign (yawn), public-sector workers around the country attended rallies and lobbies on Friday to protest at government plans to downgrade public-sector pensions schemes.

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Council caves in to Asda

19-02-2005 16:22

The rotten Borough of Rushmoor has granted 24 hour delivery to ASDA superstore in Farnborough town centre, meaning misery for those residents who live in the town.

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Pictures of Cambridge TUC Pensions March and Rally

19-02-2005 14:53

Following The Piper.
Yesterday (February 18th, 2005) several hundred UNISON members, assembled in Cambridge Market Square to defend their pension rights.

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Thames Valley Police very unhelpful over Pensions Protest

19-02-2005 09:19

Thames Valley Police very unhelpful over Pensions Protest in Oxford. Unions very unhappy about this obstruction to peaceful protest

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international women's day - iraqi women's speaker tour

18-02-2005 17:00

NUS Women's Campaign and No Sweat are organising a speaker tour around International Women's Day to promote solidarity with the new women's movement in Iraq. The main speaker will be Houzan Mahmoud, UK representative of the Organisation of Women's Freedom in Iraq.

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You can help the world's women get equal rights

17-02-2005 20:02

Your action is urgently needed to encourage the US to join other nations around the world in advancing women's equality.

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Direct Action Trainers workshop

17-02-2005 19:18

training coming up for activists from South of England, helping share tips on doing direct action trainings, in run up to G8 - limited places filling fast.

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P.Tatchell-Annual Rpt+2005 Ball.

17-02-2005 16:33

Human Rights Campaigner Peter Tatchell publishes his 2004 Annual Report and notice of the 2005 Tatchell Ball- 14 March

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Rotten Borough of Lewisham

17-02-2005 13:30

Lewisham councillors and officials caught with their snouts well and truly firmly in the trough.

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Wishlist for this weekend at Leeds' new social centre

17-02-2005 12:23

We are getting into a new social centre and need help setting up, cleaning and decorating.
Fri 6-10pm, Sat and Sun 12-6pm
23-25 Wharf St Leeds LS1

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nano links and open sourcing

17-02-2005 03:29

follows is a link..

it's not comercial but it is in the world..

it concerns open sourcing. both in principle and actualy..

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UNISON Branch Secretaries worried about delayed pensions ballot

17-02-2005 00:28

UNISON United Left General Secretary candidate and Lambeth Branch Secretary Jon Rogers writes: