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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Rory Bremner backs Keys and Murray

29-04-2005 09:45

Writing in today's Daily Mail, Rory Bremner said:

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NWO: Police State Cyber Raids?

29-04-2005 07:34

Organizers of a controversial pro civil rights group have once more experienced a concerted effort by as yet unidentified ‘cyber terrorists’.

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Tell Australia to Stop Stealing from East Timor

29-04-2005 05:13

Fax Australia's Prime Minister Howard - Tell the Australian Government to Stop Stealing East Timor's Resources and East Timor's Future:

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Timor Society Demands Fair Median Line

29-04-2005 05:11

" ... the Australian government is anxious about discussions regarding the Maritime Boundary and prefers to discuss the distribution of natural resources, of which we are all aware that according to international UNCLOS law, 100% of the natural resources in the Timor Sea belong to Timor-Leste." 11 East Timorese NGOs

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International Asbestos Memorial Pledged for Rochdale

29-04-2005 01:17

we will never forget those who have suffered from asbestos exposure...
General Election Candidates Lorna Fitzsimons (Labour) and Paul Rowen (Lib Dem) have both supported calls for a permanent memorial to all those who have suffered as a result of asbestos exposure. The pledge was made as dozens of people attended a candlelit vigil outside Rochdale Town Hall for International Workers' Memorial Day.

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Bristle mag no.19 press release

28-04-2005 20:09

Bristle 19 cover
Press Release for Issue 19 of Bristle Magazine

At a loose end on May 5th? Have a cosy lie-in with the latest copy of Bristle, the West Country’s non-profit, independent, radical magazine...and then get out there and kick some politician’s butt.

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Crest Nicholson Plc Books Open for Heron International

28-04-2005 19:59

Heron International Crest Plc Takeover
The Crest Nicholson evicted houseboat family of five children from Wales have reiterated their previous invitation to Gerald Ronson’s property group, Heron International. Crest Nicholson Books are open!

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Britain's professors against peace but are really Racists

28-04-2005 18:27

English Bigots claim to be liberal but the their limited selection shows their real racist nature

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The Rebirth of Ecology?

28-04-2005 16:33

...some form of new politics is required.

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israeli War Crimes

28-04-2005 16:14

This is a summary of isralei war Crimes committed in Palestine for the weeke ending 28 April 2005. (5mins, english).

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TV Nazi (in Hoawrdland)complains of abuse....

28-04-2005 15:53

TV Nazi R. Hylton Potts complain of being called a fascist in local rag (I wonder why?). The front page of paper has story about an attack on a Czech Rep man by racists!!

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MG Rover

28-04-2005 14:26

The unacceptable face of Capitalism – Enron, Worldcom and now MG Rover.

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BRISTOL SOCIAL FORUM LAUNCH : Finished Timetable : Sat 30th April 2005

28-04-2005 12:48


Here's the finished timetable for the Bristol Social Forum Launch on Saturday 30th April. Food + Drinks will be available all day (Pitta Bread + Fillings).

TIME. 1:00pm - 6:00pm. Free Entry (donations welcome). VENUE: St. Werburgh's Community Centre, Horley Rd. (off Mina Rd.) St. Werburgh's, Bristol. BS2 9TJ. MAP:

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Three Sunni MPs quit Iraqi alliance

28-04-2005 12:06

Three key Sunni Arab lawmakers have resigned from the dominant United Iraqi Alliance (UIA).The three, Fawaz al-Jarba, Mudhar Shawkat and Abd al-Rahman al-Niaimi, announced their resignation on Tuesday from the UIA which is led by Abd al-Aziz al-Hakim, Aljazeera learned.

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Leeds Day of Dissent!

28-04-2005 10:56

Saturday 14 May 2005

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ICOPA X1: International Conference on Penal Abolition

28-04-2005 01:34

We will be linking with the ANZSOC criminology conference happening from 7-9th of February 2006 in Tasmania. They haven't finalised the program yet, but do plan to have four plenary sessions around the theme of Human Rights:

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Support Needed thursday 28th London, st. james square

27-04-2005 23:13

thorn in BP's side is still firmly wedged in trees after two days and nights opposite their offices in st. james square, london with gorgeous banner and tree bark for company.

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Exploring the “chasm”: A libertarian reply to Celia Hart

27-04-2005 21:10

* Responding to the invitation extended a few days ago from Havana by Celia Hart Santamaria – member of the Cuban Communist Party and daughter of prominent figures of the regime – calling for discussions on leftist alternatives for Cuba’s future, and where she explicitly asks for an anarchist opinion, the Cuban Libertarian Movement makes public its proposals for the debate.

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Howard's election pledge on gays goes bust

27-04-2005 19:28

An advisor to Tory leader M.Howard,standing in Dewsbury uses anti-gay sentiments in her election literature.
(M.Howard signed up to gay lobby group Stonewall's pledge that no-one in his party would use anti -gay lit in this election.) Now, shown to be worthless (not unexpected really)

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C4News gets Goldsmith's war advice.

27-04-2005 19:03

Channel 4 News has obtained a copy of the Attorney General's 'Iraq war' advice (summary).