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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Not One Cut Until the Bankers Pay!

02-07-2011 08:12

Central London March to defend the NHS
Tuesday 5 July 2011, 5:30pm
Not One Cut Until the Bankers Pay!

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J30 actions come to Cambridge (part 2).

01-07-2011 23:05

Heading up East Road, Cambridge...
The true scale of the march through Cambridge couldn't be seen until everyone set out to walk through town, and it was a glorious site to behold.

At one point, I saw it stretch from one end of East Road to the other, with still enough of a head to snake it's way around the corner onto Burleigh Street.

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J30 actions come to Cambridge (part 1).

01-07-2011 21:08

Sign outside Job Centre.
June 30th 2011 will go down in history as the day that thousands of UK public sector workers decided enough was enough and walked out of work en masse, and up and down the country there were demonstrations and picket lines.

In Cambridge this was represented by many schools closing, a skeleton staff at Cambridge Jobcentre, and picket lines in front of Cambridge Regional College and Anglia Ruskin University (see pictures).

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Greece: general strike - more photos

01-07-2011 19:03

Greece: general strike - more photos

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Reclaim the Cowley Rd Carnvial on Sunday

01-07-2011 08:20

Are we happy with the officially sanctioned corporately sponsored festival in the park and paying to see commercial musicians? Don't we miss the localness and simple vibe of the Cowley Rd Carnival? If David Cameron wants us to have street parties, why don't we just have them?

Our carnival's been stolen ... let's steal it back!

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The demolition of social housing?

30-06-2011 22:45

A look at far reaching changes in social housing policy being introduced by the UK government.

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Report: The US/NATO War in Libya

30-06-2011 22:41

Libya - Obamas oil sniff
Cynthia McKinney Report on the Struggle Against the US/NATO War in Libya ... From Cynthia McKinney: A hearty group of protesters representing several community organizations showed up today to protest the vote of civil rights icon and Member of Congress from Atlanta, John Lewis, to continue funding for the bombing of Libya. The Congressman interrupted his schedule and heard the frustrations of his constituents who are outraged at the quiescence of Congress, the Congressional Black Caucus, and the Progressive Caucus in light of President Obama's policy to bomb Africa.

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#J30 Sheffield Rally at the end of the March

30-06-2011 19:52

Audio and photos from the rally at the end of the march on June 30th in Sheffield.

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More photos of the Manchester j30 march

30-06-2011 19:32

More photos of the march.
All pictures are Creative Commons licensed. Pinkolady would like to be credited where they are used.

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Cardiff J30- BHS and Vodafone occupied

30-06-2011 19:07

In solidarity with striking workers today, Cardiff city centre hosted "Busk Against the Cuts", Food not Bombs and 3 seperate UK Uncut actions

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J30 March in Manchester

30-06-2011 18:39

At least 3,000 union members and supporters marched through Manchester on the day of the public sector strike.

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#J30 Sheffield March Against Cuts

30-06-2011 18:25

Photos from the march in Sheffield on 30th June 2011 against public sector cuts.

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#J30 Sheffield Rally at start of March

30-06-2011 16:35

Audio and photos from the rally at the start of the march on June 30th 2011 in Barkers Pool, Sheffield.

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"Let Them Go!"

30-06-2011 15:25

Witness' see black men being stopped and searched.

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The 30th June Strikes and the Need for a New Working Class Movement

30-06-2011 14:12

Community solidarity on an Oxford picket line
In years to come, the 30th June strikes may be seen as the acorn from which a mighty oak grew, but only if public sector workers can break free of the straitjacket which union fat cats force them to wear. In the meantime, the action by hundreds of thousands of workers is having a significant impact on today's economic output - demonstrating the awesome potential power of our class.

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UG#555 - Homo Systematicus (Machines of Loving Grace & The World of Conspiracio)

30-06-2011 11:41

The week's show features two important thinkers on the idea of the world as system. First, a radio adaptation of episode 2 of the new documentary by Adam Curtis, All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace about the social role and flimsy scientific basis of the idea of an 'ecosystem', followed by a short comment by Curtis on the film's main message. Next, Ivan Illich on the institutionalization of society and the loss of people's personal power in the 1980's when people started to see the world as a system.

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j30 Critical Mass

30-06-2011 10:32

Watch live broadcasts from a Nokia Phone all over London, from the point of view of a cyclist!

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Contaminated Bayer site houses get green light despite 'health risks'

30-06-2011 10:22

The Ecologist today reports, that the clean-up of contaminated land earmarked for 380 homes in Cambridgeshire has been watered down, fuelling fears over the potential health impacts of toxic chemicals underground. The site formerly belonged to Bayer.

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Cops on strike

30-06-2011 10:02

Cops on strike..... well nearly

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Sheffield Trades Council March and Rally Tomorrow

29-06-2011 23:20

Sheffield Trades Council March and Rally 12 noon Peace Gardens/City Hall June 30th