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Nottingham Market Sq Demo against deportation flights to Congo

28-08-2007 16:14

A (Temporary) Victory to the campaign against deportations of 'refused asylum seekers' to DR Congo!The Home Office say they will not attempt to remove any refused asylum seekers on the 'Charter Flight' scheduled for Thursday or any other flight, pending the AIT Country guidance case.

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Don't Deport Subramanium Alosius Jude Christie

28-08-2007 15:01

Jude Christie
Jude arrived at Gatwick on June 15th 2007 and asked for political asylum as he feared for his life if he went back to his native country, Sri Lanka. He has been in various detention centres for the last 2 months. He has been physically put on planes on three occasions (15th, 24th, and 30th July 2007) to be forcefully removed. Fortunately, on all three occasions his lawyer managed to get the removals stopped.

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Privatization Endangers Democracy

28-08-2007 12:38

Neoliberal hegemony or market radicalism is a danger for democracy because economic mechanisms replace politics. Neoliberals change the understanding of justice in society. The less generous the social benefits, the more powerful must be its security machine.

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NIGER: Government continues down the road of confrontation with Tuareg rebels

27-08-2007 20:25

The Nigerien military is continuing to arbitrarily arrest civil servants from the department of Agadez in Niger, leaving no trace of them. At the same time landmines belonging to the military have been discovered that both the civilian population and Tuareg fighters acknowledge the existence of.

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Sri Lanka - 547 persons killed - 396 disappearances - first 6 months of 2007

27-08-2007 15:23

The Law & Society Trust, in collaboration with local partners including the Civil Monitoring Commission and the Free Media Movement, has compiled a working document listing 547 persons killed and 396 persons disappeared during the period January to June 2007. The complete confidential document, with names, locations of incidents and all available data, has been submitted to the Presidential Commission of Inquiry ("the Commission") as well as relevant members of Government.

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CRITICAL CASH! No Border Camp Benefit Gig

27-08-2007 10:03

This Friday at the RampART Social Centre, London

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Mandela's statue in Parliament Square.

27-08-2007 07:17

Mandela's statue is due to be unveiled in Parliament Square by him on Wednesday 29th. But hang on, the whole area is presently fenced off, with the exception of a tiny, cramped area around Brian Haw's pitch.

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oaxaca comic book

26-08-2007 17:02

graphic interpretation of the events in oaxaca from an anti-authoritarian perspective, print it out and share it with your friends/or use it for your solidarity group!

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Movimento Verde Eufémia mows first GM Field in South Portugal

26-08-2007 16:23

The Mowing
On the 17th of August the “Movimento Verde Eufémia” went into action of civil disobedience, targeting the first transgenic field in the Algarve GMO Free Zone in South Portugal. 65 mowers entered the field and were able to mow a hectare of GM corn in less than 20 minutes. The action received support from a parade of an extra 60 people.

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Freedom to Andrei Kalyonov and Denis Zelenyuk!

25-08-2007 22:59

Statement of anarchist initiatives of St. Petersburg, Russia

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Cornish Demand Freedom

25-08-2007 17:59

Cornish Freedom Fighters discourage English Celebrity Capitalist in Padstow

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8 Demonstrations against all removals to DR Congo Tuesday 28th

25-08-2007 17:21

(Temporary) Victory to the campaign against deportations of 'refused asylum seekers' to DR Congo!The Home Office say they will not attempt to remove any refused asylum seekers on the 'Charter Flight' scheduled for Thursday or any other flight, pending the AIT Country guidance case.

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Dr Andrew Wakefield, the MMR vaccine and toxic chemicals

25-08-2007 01:00

Many parents of vaccine injured children - regardless of which biological mechanism was involved in their children's vaccine-associated regression into autism - support the pioneering work of Andrew Wakefield and his right to pursue his scientific investigation without being persecuted.

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Reverend Jesse Jackson Press Conference at The Council House

24-08-2007 21:42

The Reverend Jesse Jackson has come to Nottingham as part of 'The Economics of Colour' tour to help launch the 'Equanomics Campaign' - the visit aims is to help achieve racial justice through economic equality.

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People in Common This Sunday Meeting

24-08-2007 18:38

People in Common Sunday Meeting

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Protests in solidarity with Tony Onouha, killed by cops, Thessaloniki

24-08-2007 11:44

The state repression hasn't degraded at all, despite the upcoming elections and the hot summer. During the evening of Saturday 18th of August 2007, according to reports, undercover policemen were after the 25-year-old Tony Onouha, immigrant from Nigeria, who had been selling CDs in a cafe in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki.

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Philippine Democracy Under Arroyo’s Petty Tyranny

24-08-2007 00:05

Akbayan - Laban ng Masa
The rampant human rights violation under the Gloria Macapagal Arroyo government and her penchant for issuing policies that have curtailed the freedom of speech and assembly have been likened to the tyranny that reigned over our country during the time of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

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Climate camp photos from the saddle

23-08-2007 14:13

Banner hang in West Drayton on Sun morning.
Some pictures of the day of action from one of the cycle crew.

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Copwatch Wales from Gagged!, the newsletter of the South Wales Anarchists

23-08-2007 11:57

Law and Disorder News From the Gagged! Collective...