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APPO councillor abducted and tortured in Oaxaca

10-03-2009 14:21

Marcelino Coache Verano’s “kidnapping” between Wednesday and Thursday by an unidentified group left the former political prisoner and Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO) councilor with visible signs of torture and first and second-degree burns on his chest and genitals.

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Glasgow: Come and protest outside the Home Office

10-03-2009 09:52

Demo outside Glasgow UKBA
Wednesday 11th March 12:00 pm
UKBA Public Enquiry Office
Festival Court
200 Brand Street
G51 1DH

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Around the Campaigns Tuesday 10th March 2009

10-03-2009 09:49

*************** is back in the UK and back in his community
The Home Secretary has now brought *************** a gay person seeking asylum in the UK, back to the UK from Uganda where he was unlawfully deported last year. Jacqui Smith was ordered to do this by a High Court judge on 19th February. He arrived back in the UK last Friday and was detained in Tinsley House IRC before being released yesterday afternoon.

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The War on Drugs is causing unimaginable suffering.

10-03-2009 08:46

There is a UN General Assembly Special Session on drugs this week and Human Rights Watch (HRW) is calling on it to act to ensure that more people can get the pain relief they desperately need.

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Racist Abuse of Discretion: Workers’ Constitutional Rights Arising From Unlawful

09-03-2009 22:07

Workers’ Constitutional Rights Arising From Unlawful Termination Case of Hilda Zhang

Can we have the HighCourt Australia Blaklisted? Please !!

French, Hayne, Gummow, Crennan JJ covering up for judicial corruption, perverting justice and institutionalised racism/discrimination

Death of Mandamus: French, Hayne, Gummow, Crennan JJ protecting and coverup conspiracy to pervert justice

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Australia - The Concealed Colony "The Truth Will Set Us Free" Part II

09-03-2009 20:33


[Solicitor’s Firm , Address & contact details deleted]

[Firm name deleted] solicitors have been instructed by a leading group of Australian historical researchers to mount a challenge in the High Court seeking as declaration that Australia is truly an independent nation. The UK court will be asked to consider whether or not that present law and executive function in Australia is flawed and invalid. This challenge may well have a significant impact upon Canada and New Zealand. Australian legal Counsel has already stated that such a challenge should take place. UK Counsel's opinion is being sought.

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Attack the arms factories - Solidarity with the EDO defendants

09-03-2009 16:22

EDO MBM is a daughter company of ITT America. ITT are the 12th largest
manufacturers of weapons in the world, currently producing electrical
equipment designed and used for warfare world wide.

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home-made bomb detonated at athens citibank

09-03-2009 13:49

corporate media report on what appears to be latest action by revolutionary struggle.

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*Second attempt to remove Kadesh Desturi Swedi*

09-03-2009 08:03

Kadesh Desturi Swedi a national of DR Congo a resident of Wolverhampton is currently detained in Oakington IRC and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Friday 13th March on Ethiopean Airways flight ET701 from London Heathrow @ 21:00 to Addis Ababa and on to DR Congo.

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SHAC Financial Campaign Update - Andrew Baker proposes HLS buyout

08-03-2009 21:09

On March 3rd 2009, Andrew Baker, Chairman and CEO of LSR (Life Science Research / Huntingdon Life Sciences) made a non-binding proposal to purchase all of the outstanding shares of LSR for a price of $7.50 per share.

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Leila Deen, Custard Queen, Arrested

08-03-2009 15:43

London activist Leila Deen was arrested Saturday for throwing green custard over government minister Peter Mandelson on Friday to protest at his undemocratic involvement in the decision to Heathrow airport. She received a text message and phone call from the police to inform her she was to be arrested for common assault. After being interviewed she was released without charge, and bailed to return on the 9th of April.

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Interview with Will Potter: Green Is The New Red

08-03-2009 15:11

Will Potter is an award-winning independent journalist who has become a leading authority on "eco-terrorism," the environmental and animal rights movements, and civil liberties post 9/11. James Brennaman, collective member and Vegans Against Moral Schizophrenia co founder caught up with him to discuss the impacts of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act on free speech, activism and the anarchist movement.

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Russian solidarity demo for SHAC prisoners

08-03-2009 12:38

Thursday, 5th March

In Petrozavodsk (Republic Karelia, Russia) animal rights activists organized a demonstration against vivisection – one of the most cruel animal-abusing industries. About 30 people took part in the action.

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Prada: Union Busting is Just SO Last Season

07-03-2009 22:45

A Prada employee reads the leaflet
Around a dozen people held placards and gave out leaflets at Prada in Old Bond St, London this morning (7 March 2009) in a protest over union busting, low wages and unsafe working conditions at Prada's Turkish supplier.

Pictures Copyright (C) 2009, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Endless War

07-03-2009 11:08

The damage done by the complete capitulation of many progressives to Barack Obama is now bearing fruit. He is able to dismiss them and his own party without suffering any political damage.

Obama proves that there is only one political party in this country when foreign policy decisions are being made. George W. Bush may no longer be in the White House, but because of capitulation to the Obama administration, his grand plan for endless war will be a reality for a very long time to come.

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Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou

07-03-2009 01:04

Profuse thanks comes from the illicit cannabis/THC drug dealers for keeping medical cannabis illegal and denying medical cannabis sufferers their human right to grow their medicine at a very low cost.

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Australia - The Concealed Colony "The Truth Will Set Us Free"

06-03-2009 18:10

You may have seen my other diaries:

Death of Mandamus: High Court Australia protecting and coverup conspiracy to pervert justice

Australian Sovereignty: Who wants to be King and Queen of Australia?

My beef against the governments of the Cth of Australia is that they have no legal authority and haven't had since 1919.

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Dissident Island Radio tonight (March 6th)

06-03-2009 14:07

LCAP // Climate Rush // Sea Shepherd // Fe_Bac

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Around the campaigns Friday 6th March 2009

06-03-2009 13:29

Asylum man in rooftop stand off
A Nigerian asylum seeker staged an eight-hour rooftop protest after immigration officers turned up at his family home early yesterday. Steve Umoru, 43, clambered through a skylight window and then scrambled along the roofs on Dodworth Road.
Full article: Adam Civico and Kate Pickles, The Barnsley Chronicle, Friday 06/03/09,0000,2606.html