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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Fascism in Sydney courts

26-07-2006 00:13

D for DEMOCRACY DAY shattered all illusions of JUSTICE IN AUSTRALIA

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Judges weigh 'Joseph Thomas's' appeal! Get your facts right!

25-07-2006 23:40

What would she have imposed for stealing a passport?
For buying a plane ticket and changing the date on his passport to get back home? What would she have imposed for stealing a passport?

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CCTV Protest

25-07-2006 22:20

A local protest about the installation of a CCTV camera on a residential road without the residents being consulted.

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An attack on democratic rights: New Zealand man jailed for sedition

25-07-2006 22:03

Sweeping attacks on civil liberties
In New Zealand as elsewhere, the threat of “terrorism” is being used to enact and enforce laws that establish the basis for sweeping attacks on civil liberties. The application of the charge of sedition to a protest stunt of this nature is a warning of the preparations that are being made to deal with the emergence of widespread resistance among ordinary working people to the accelerating onslaught on living standards, working conditions and basic rights.

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Nicky Cruz/TRUCE Gig "Un-Banned" At Police Insistence

25-07-2006 21:27

Gigs at the Hackney Ocean by a gangster turned evangelist homophobe had apparently been cancelled folowing a local outcry (see the Hackney Gazette website)

Now local police are saying these reports were "premature" and the events may be back on.....

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48 Hour Ambulance Strike This Weekend!

25-07-2006 19:25

Ambulance workers across Merseyside and Cheshire are preparing for 48 hour stoppage this weekend, in a dispute over pay. Technicians - who assist paramedics in ambulances - began a series of walkouts two weeks ago, after the collapse of talks with their bosses.

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Crossrail Bill Select Committee defies the community, backs hole

25-07-2006 18:39

The UK House of Commons Crossrail Bill Select Committee has just published a set of ‘decisions’ that confirm what Khoodeelaar! The campaign against CrossRail hole attacks on the East End of London had said from the start.

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!!!Act now to save Stag Works!!!

25-07-2006 16:32

Hot on the heels of the proposed development of the General Cemetary is a planning application that has been submitted to build two 5/6 storey blocks of flats, containing 299 bedrooms right next door to Stag Works on John Street in Sheffield. Stag Works is used 24 hours a day by bands and artists to make amazing music, yet the planning application makes no provision for acoustic protection.

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Tearing down the US Embassy fence last Saturday

25-07-2006 15:49

taking down the fence
On Saturday the fence around the US Embassy was brought crashing down. Demonstrators from the Lebanon & Palestine solidarity demonstration, angry at the US support for Israel's attacks, shook the metal barriers until they came down.

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Titnore volunteers urgently needed to resist imminient eviction.

25-07-2006 15:25

On Monday, 24th July Tinore Woods Action Camp in Durrington West Sussex was served with a summons to appear at crown court in london. We are expecting an attempted eviction at any time from Thursday 27th July and urgently require support from local residents, activists and anyone who wishes to help protect this ancient woodland from development/destruction.

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The Welfare Reform Bill: A move to a 21st Century version of the Workhouse?

25-07-2006 14:29

The government is targeting millions of disabled people with the threat of losing up to 30 pounds per week if the claimant does not comply with their plans. The proposed replacement to Incapacity Benefit (IB), the Employment Support Allowance (ESA), will only rise above £56 a week (JSA levels) if the claimant meets very strict requirements.

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Manchester NO2ID Dates for your Diary

25-07-2006 14:19

Manchester NO2ID Logo
Upcoming events, meetings and actions from Manchester NO2ID. Feel free to join us at any of these. Apologies for the short notice for tomorrow's flyering.

If you can't make any of these events (or even if you can), please sign up to the Manchester NO2ID e-mail list at - it's low traffic and will help keep you informed as to what's going on.

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RESISTANCE (July/Aug 2006) - anarchist bulletin from AF (Britain)

25-07-2006 12:05

Resistance 86 front cover (4 pages total)
THE ANARCHIST FEDERATION'S agitational bulletin Resistance no.86 is out.
IN THIS ISSUE: Trade union strikes, John Reid new Home Secretary, Armchair cops, Left-wing in South America, Russia G8, ASDA depot action, Jerry Springer Opera, General Strike 1926, plus the usual activist's events diary, industrial frontline news. Read too PDF:

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UK Identity Card scheme - really finished? Let's make sure.

25-07-2006 11:31

Labour's ID scheme is supposedly on the rocks, but let’s not be overly comforted by this news. There are good reasons to continue to build up the pressure. In particular, passport developments in the UK Identity and Passport Service (IPS) and the European Union could result in alternative identity databases, and since the Act is on the statute books, compulsory ID could start at any future date.

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Attorney General Ruddock is Oddball over anti-terrorist laws!

25-07-2006 04:51

Hi I'm A Terrorist! Can You Help Me?
Attorney General Ruddock attacks different laws.

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Minutes of Manchester NO2ID Meeting, Tuesday 18th July

25-07-2006 00:21

Manchester NO2ID Logo
On Tuesday, Manchester NO2ID had another productive meeting at the Town Hall Tavern. We were joined by several new faces as a result of our flyering campaigns, as well as many of our regular supporters.

We discussed our progress since our last meeting. Since then, we have had our first Manchester Day of ID Register Opposition, and started our fortnightly evening flyering campaign. We've seen more people subscribing to our e-mail list and attending our meetings, as well as stopping to ask us about the National Identity Register. This is the kind of awareness raising which we really need to do, and we seem to be doing pretty weill at it.

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OutRage!-Neo-Nazi's terrorise Riga (Latvia) gay Pride.

24-07-2006 15:34

Report on the 'banned' gay Pride Parade in Riga, latvia on Sat 22 July.

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urgent call to help resist eviction- titnore woods in court on thursday

24-07-2006 14:54

the camp in titnore woods near worthing (near brighton) is sending out an urgent call-out for people to come and resist eviction.

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1984 Screening @ Everything 4 Everyone

24-07-2006 14:13

This weeks E4e cinema screening at Everything4Everyone (also know as Dalston theatre), will be 1984, the film adapatation of the classic George Orwell novel.

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Invitation to the next european gathering of Peoples Global Action

24-07-2006 12:01

As you might already know, the next European PGA conference will take
place in France this summer, from August 19th to September 3rd. It will
happen in two parts, in a decentralised fashion: the first 9 days will
take place in 5 different locations around France, each with specific
themes in focus; it will be followed by 2 days off for travelling &
chilling-out, then by 4 days in a central location, that will be the
Tanneries squatted social centre in Dijon.