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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Murdered gay man- Parade on 5 Novembner

03-11-2004 16:05

After the murder of gay man David Morley last Sat night a parade will take place this
Friday evening.

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Leeds Social Centre Update Meeting

03-11-2004 01:44

Update on Leeds Social Centre

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What we exported to Iraq: Do we want them back??

02-11-2004 21:06

...violent crime in Richmondshire was attributable to the Army presence at
Catterick, the war in Iraq is likely to have caused a lower than normal recording of
violence ...

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Photos of Justice for Gordon Gentle demo on Saturday 30th October 2004.

02-11-2004 16:40

Maxine and Rose Gentle at front. Just behind them is Reginald Keys.
Here are six photos from the demo by the `Campaign for Justice for Gordon Gentle` which took place on Saturday 30th October 2004 in Pollok, Glasgow.

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Social housing privatisation scam

02-11-2004 15:42

Across the country council housing tenants are being conned into signing away their homes in the privatisation scam.

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lifeline for the homeless cut

02-11-2004 12:56

soup kitchens in manchester threated with closure due to the council say there is no need for them because there is only 9 homeless people in the whole of the city

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Gay Soho bomb survivor-murdered.

01-11-2004 17:06

David Morley - a survivor of the Soho nail bomb was murdered on the South Bank
last Saturday among several savagely attacked that night.

Despite this,several concerts by Jamaican hatesinger Sizzla (including one at London's
Startford Rex) look set to go ahead. (see OutRage! link below)

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Police Violently Attack Halloween Party (sat night)

01-11-2004 11:02

Thames Valley Police (TVP) attack halloween rave party on saturday night smashing their way into the building pushing everyone outside and then baton charging them down the street, also using dogs. Quite a few injuries from batons and dog bites. FUCKING OUT OF ORDER!

Below are some of the comments on one party noticeboard, pretty clear to see what happened from the number of posts... more pics coming soon

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Zionist attempt to prevent Manchester M&S Picket

01-11-2004 00:29

This Saturday, 30 October, Zionists once again organised to attempt to prevent the weekly Picket of M&S in Manchester taking place.

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East Kent bus strike looms.

31-10-2004 15:17

Sategecoach bus co in East Kent faces strike threat.

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Fighting erupts in Somalia

30-10-2004 12:06

Abd Allah Yusuf Ahmad was sworn into power two weeks ago

Fighting has erupted between the rival Somali territories of Puntland and Somaliland as the African country struggles to establish stability under a nascent transitional government.

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radio rampART- news and revolutionary tunes

30-10-2004 06:13

pls av a listen 2 radio rampART. we av fresh news, hard hitting views, homegrown revolutionary tunes and no money! direct stream available at :

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All three parties resign from Bristol City Council

29-10-2004 15:42

Bristol City Council will be run by nobody after November 9th

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RNC Redux: An Anarchist Analysis of RNC 2004

29-10-2004 02:59

An anarchist analysis by a faction of the infamous CrimethInc
collective of the events of the RNC 2004, focusing on the organizing
and direct action aspects of the protests and what it means
for the future of direct action in the United States.

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ATTENTION! Pro-Palestinian picket due to be attacked!

27-10-2004 22:25

News has recently come to light that the Victory To The Intifada picket of Marks and Spencer (Britain's biggest corporate supporter of Zionism) is to be attacked again this Saturday, 30th September, by organised fascists.

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Women in Black - Silent Vigil for Iraq

27-10-2004 20:29

Women in Black (WIB) will be joining the Oxford Stop the War Coalition on Saturday 30th October to say “No to Bush – British Troops out of Iraq”, on the eve of the US presidential elections.

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Edward Heath Made Me Angry now available

27-10-2004 18:38

The Third volume of Stuart Christie's account of British and European Anarchism 1967-75 is now available...

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Coca-Cola killers almost strike again.

27-10-2004 17:08

Francisco Ramirez, the president of Sintraminercol in Colombia, was the victim of an assasination attempt on the 10th October.
For the full story, check:

Campaign against Killer-Cola in your community!

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Elections in Ukraine: too far, too close

27-10-2004 15:53

While the whole world is holding its breath waiting for the US elections, and European activists are involved in struggles in such distant territories as Bolivia and Palestine, - the whole cycle of events going on in Ukraine passes unnoticed. But neither First nor the Third World, neither part of "axis of evil" nor European Union, Ukraine is too far to be understood, and too close to be interested.

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Diego Garcians in London: Update

27-10-2004 15:51

Stranded Diego Garcians get temporary accomodation, at least until a high (low?) court judicial review on Monday.
Todays planned demo in Parliament Sqauare postponed till next week, pending required police permission??? Yeah, right!
Phone number for their spokesman supplied.