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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Matilda Social Centre being evicted right now

14-06-2006 09:21

The Matilda Social Centre in Sheffield, is being evicted today, Wednesday 14th June and a request for people to come down to resist this has been made to the matilda email list.

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parliament square 'forgotten protestor' faces deportation

14-06-2006 09:17

alex resting on the morning after police raid the square
alex tsiorulin, the 'other' long-term lone demonstrator in parliament square, is often ignored and forgotten by mainstream media. even here, he gets little mention. yesterday he was met at court by immigration officers and removed to colnbrook. his display at the square was cleared yesterday afternoon by police.

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14-06-2006 08:30

a walk around radical Camberwell
Sunday 25 June 2006
Meet 2pm on Camberwell Green, corner of Camberwell Church St

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Northern Class War organising - meeting in Newcastle

14-06-2006 08:03

Class War have organised a discussion about changing class composition in the north east, with relevant participants in major class struggles. Come and join the debate and get the class war moving in the north east.

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Civil Rights Defence in County Court protest

14-06-2006 07:00

A small number of activists staged a protest outside the County Court this morning demanding charges against 13 Melbourne men be dropped...

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Cambridge needs Democracy Now!

13-06-2006 21:40

How to hear Democracy Now! on 209radio when it goes out on FM early next year?

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Break the Neoliberal Hegemony!

13-06-2006 17:10

This June 2006 call to a new LEFT party in Germany could give hope to all people yearning for social justice and systemic correction. While corporate profits and assets incomes set new records, wages, unemployment benefits and pensions are cut.

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Palestine Today - June 13, 2006

13-06-2006 15:18

Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media centre, for Tuesday June 13th, 2006

Army arrests three residents from Tulkarem and two from Nablus. The Israeli Army invades Jenin and unknown gunmen burn the PLC offices in Salfit, One youth from arrested from Bethlehem, Al Quds Open University students' protest in Beit Sahour, Gaza shelled by Israeli air force killing 9 and injuring 20, Palestinian resistance fighters ambush army vehicles in Nablus

Those stores and more coming up stay tuned.

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Rail Workers Strike Against 'Effective Pay Freeze'

13-06-2006 14:26

Thousands of signal workers and operations staff at Network Rail will walk out for 24 hours from 1pm on June 20, and again from 9pm on June 25.

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13-06-2006 13:11

Meet 12pm Plashet Park, Forest Gate Sunday June 17th

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Art & Activism Caravan: Athens swings to radical samba!

13-06-2006 11:54

The Art and Activism Caravan inspired a group of Polytecnic students into creating a radical samba band. The newly formed band successfuly played at the big student march at Propylaia where 20,000 people opposed to the commercialisation of education. (June 8th)

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Rhythms of Resistance: against the privatisation of social housing

13-06-2006 11:10

The biggest radical samba band hits the streets for the right to have a home!

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Keep Our NHS Public Demo & Meeting

13-06-2006 11:03

Cuts and job losses will devastate health services. The NHS debt of £800m is less than 1% of its total budget. The government could easily afford to cancel the debt and cancel job cuts. Join together to make them give us the money to run the NHS.

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Khoodeelaar! campiagn against Crossrail hole Tower Hamlets Council

13-06-2006 09:00

As the House of Commons 'Select committee' on the 'Crossrail Bill' hears formal presentation of objections from several individuals and local groups in the Brick Lane and Whitechapel area in the Portcullis House, in Westminster, London SW1starting at 1000 Hrs [0900 GMT] today [13 June 2006], the Khoodeelaar! Campaign is gearing up its pressure on the 'new' Tower Hamlets Council, which has been the single most culpable 'democratic entity' that has touted against the local community and has brought upon the Eats End the massive threat of the Crsosrail attacks. The only democratic and constitutional defence of the community should have been a democratically elected body, the local council! Instead, it is the grassroots community based Khoodeelaar! That has had to be established to defend the community against the treachery and betrayal of the Blaired local council! The battle continues!

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Australian government steps up campaign to oust East Timor’s prime minister Mari

13-06-2006 01:28

The East Timorese Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri
In a blunt repudiation of democratic norms, Tilman said the nation’s constitution was “out of step with reality,” adding there was ample room for the president to declare it invalid. Reinado complained that “there has not been much progress” in solving the crisis and said Gusmao “needs help”. While Gusmao has yet to make any public statement, according to Australian military commander in East Timor Mick Slater, he is “engaging” three rebel groups, including the one led by Reinado.

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Debriefing from Venezuela TUC delegation Wednesday June 14 7pm @ NUJ

13-06-2006 00:21

CALLING NOTICE: Debriefing from members of the TUC delegation to Venezuela on Wednesday June 14 at 7pm at the NUJ headquarters (308 Grays Inn Rd, London WC1, nearest tube: Kings Cross).

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France : A national petition : we will protect them

12-06-2006 21:29

The pause given to immigrant parents and students will end on June 30. Thousands of children, adolescents and their families risk mass deportation. Their lives and their future will end. We will not allow these infamies to be done in our name. Every one of us is ready to help, guide and protect in whatever way is possible. When they seek refuge, we will not close our doors but will give shelter and food ; we will not denounce them to the police.

original in French : Pétition nationale : NOUS LES PRENONS SOUS NOTRE PROTECTION !

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12-06-2006 21:15

Someone sent me this, just thought it shld be posted so people know what is happening

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Brian Haw 5 years not out!

12-06-2006 19:49

Here is a short piece with 7 photos of Brian Haw's contimuing vigil in Parliament Square.

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More McHospitals for Merseyside!

12-06-2006 16:46

Following hard on the heels of the Liverpool Women's and the Countess of Chester hospitals, two more local hospital trusts have applied for 'foundation' status - opening healthcare up for private profit.