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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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G8 protests in audio and pictures

04-06-2007 17:07

Large protests are taking place in Rostock, Germany, against the G8.

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Work Slowly: Radio Alice. Great free film, Camberwell, Wed 6th

04-06-2007 12:42

WORK SLOWLY (Lavorare Con Lentezza)
Fantastic feature film from Italy about the rebellions in Bologna in the late 70's and the story of the free radio Radio Alice. (English Subtitles)

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Let's push things forward

04-06-2007 11:08

Its one way, I suppose!
A few words upon the issue of boycots

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Australia: protesters face jail for opposing spy base’s role in Iraq war

04-06-2007 08:17

Opposing spy base’s role in Iraq war
The Howard government and the security authorities have gone to extraordinary lengths to suppress any information emerging from the trial about the base or the associated operations of the intelligence agencies. Last year, a judge placed constraining orders on the defendants to prevent them from making any comments about ASIO’s surveillance activities.

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The Saturday riot in Rostock (2)

03-06-2007 19:52

So you thought that the Stasi had been disbanded?
So we’ve back at the hostel for around an hour and a half after the first trouble when the phone rings. ‘The cops are going fucking mad!’ we are told so it’s back to the rally to see what is going on? A car has been torched since we were last here and the water cannons are out.

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The w(r)eek of Live 8 returns..

03-06-2007 17:27

A similar event to the ¨Live 8¨ concert which took place in the run-up to the G8 in 2005 is to take place in Rostock on Thursday 7th June 2007. Undoubtedly the message will be the same: ¨wearing a white arm band and attending a rock concert will liberate the third world from poverty as well as making you feel good about yourself¨.

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The Saturday riot in Rostock (1)

03-06-2007 17:24

Charge of the shite brigade.
So, at the end of the demo there was a riot. Which has now been widely reported by the corporate media as being deliberately provoked by tooled up agitators in Black. Change the word black for green and you start getting a bit closer to the truth.

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Rostock Saturday. The international demo.

03-06-2007 16:32

Quite a lot of people...
The march moves at a snails pace due to the samba bands and sound systems that are dotted along the route. No one seems to mine as it has a carnival atmosphere and there is still no sign of the predicted rain

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Rostock Saturday

03-06-2007 16:11

It takes awhile to exit the station.
The march was meeting at two points the IMC UK crew nominated the main station as our meeting point as the route was shorter and therefore kinder to our feet. Despite the weather reports it was cloudy but no rain.

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Support the Cuban People -- Help Send a Bookmobile to Cuba!

03-06-2007 14:37

The US embargo on trade with Cuba continues. This summer Pastors for Peace will again challenge the blockade with a friendship caravan. A fully stocked bookmobile will accompany it. Before the revolution there were only 32 libraries in Cuba. In 2002 there were 400 public libraries and 6000 school libraries. Cubans are avid readers and life long learners but Cuban librarians struggle to meet their needs under the blockade. We urge you join us in sending books to Cuba!

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The Controversial Burma Debate

03-06-2007 11:07

With the review of Burma’s democratic figurehead for the National League for Democracy (NLD), Aung San Suu Kyi’s house arrest having passed on the 27th May this year and her freedom denied her, Cat McGovern and Paul Gourdon have carried out some extensive research into one of the main areas concerning her drive for democracy, namely the pros and cons of tourism to Burma.

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Aussies blockade cyanide train

03-06-2007 10:39

A handful of Australian activists claim victory in their blockade of a train carrying deadly cyanide

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Death of Holocaust-survivor and anti-fascist Henry Guterman

02-06-2007 23:37

Report on the death and burial of Henry Guterman following a stroke

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U.N. Still Looking for Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction

02-06-2007 20:21

More than four years after the fall of Baghdad, the United Nations is spending millions of dollars in Iraqi oil money to continue the hunt for Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.

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Pics from Anti-G8 demonstration in Rostock

02-06-2007 18:58

Anti-Capitalist Block
Another attempt of putting up the pictures.

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RBS & Affordable Housing

02-06-2007 13:23

The Royal Bank of Scotland is teaming up with commercial landowner Vincent Tchenguiz to establish the UK largest private landlord of residential homes.

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Call for a Scottish ABC

02-06-2007 01:18

A living hell in God's country
I went to my first prison-support visit today, within spitting distance of God's Country.

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Time to cut Israel off

01-06-2007 21:53

South Africa's Minister of Intelligence Ronnie Kasrils whispered to me as I sat down following a most enthusiastic speech I gave at a recent conference in Cape Town: "if you want the world to heed to your call for boycotting Israel, the call has to originate from the Palestinian leadership itself."