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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Babar Ahmad, The Clock is Ticking

22-10-2011 17:40

Justice for Babar Inshallah
Babar Ahmad, a British citizen detained for 7 years without charge is sought by the U.S. for extradition. The Free Babar Ahmad Campaign need 100,000 signatures by 10th November 2011 deadline, to necessarily force the issue of his extradition before Parliament. Please sign the online petition and ask your friends to do the same by clicking here .

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News from Uganda

21-10-2011 20:09

A response to an article in Schnews 793 and informative information about the present situation in Uganda

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Defend the Factory Social Centre, Bristol - Wednesday

21-10-2011 18:43

The Factory is a squatted autonomous space in St Pauls, Bristol. It has been occupied since March 2010. It currently provides housing for a large group of people as well as a number of projects. It is now under threat of eviction. Please join us for a march and demonstration against the proposed threat of eviction, this Wednesday.

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Decoding the Battle of Syntagma Square as More Greek Austerity Bites

21-10-2011 17:48

Audio Greek 'Communists' defending representatives of international capital
As yet more austerity measures pile on the agony for the Greek working class, a potentially revolutionary situation is developing. In this period, the real relationships of various political forces to the working class are ever more nakedly expressed. But still, they must be identified, if Greek workers are to go from being what Marx called a "class in itself" to a "class for itself", and organise society in their own interests. In this article, I will seek to explain the different battle lines and formations, as they were drawn yesterday.

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UG#574 - Occupy Wall Street Special (Hip Hop Audiocollage)

21-10-2011 14:57

A special show this week devoted to Occupy Wall Street. How to make a show of interest both to OWS attendees and to those who know next to nothing about it? Inspired by the popularity of episode 536, we give you an audio collage including live radio interviews with participants and local residents, video soundtracks, historic material and quite a lot of music.

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UG#573 - I Spit in The Face Of The Money God (Mike Ruppert, Collapsenik)

21-10-2011 14:48

We devote the whole show this week to a remarkable talk from 2011-09-11 by Michael Ruppert, who back in episode 95 became the first speaker on this show to question the events of Sep 11th. However, in this talk he says that 9/11 belongs to a 'bygone era' and he focuses instead on the urgent need to transition away from a paradigm of infinite growth and fiat currency.

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UG#572 - Monopoly and Money (Contradictions of Capitalism)

21-10-2011 14:42

If competition is such a good thing, why is it not tolerated in areas of government or law? Or in the money system, which functions as a highly profitable private business? And what about cartel agreements which align the interests of multi-national corporations firmly against the interests of consumers? Are corporations really competing to bring better products to market more cheaply, or are they competing for control of government to grant them privileges?

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My further political crimes

21-10-2011 13:40

By the Guild of students Vice president Education (in exile) Edd Bauer.

Article from the defend Birmingham blog on new allegations the guild have levelled against Edd Bauer, including and this is no joke, having other people write letters about his suspension.

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Staffordshire Anarchists - First group meeting!

21-10-2011 11:11

Staffordshire Anarchists Group. Details of first meetup and discussion.

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Hardest Hit rally in Birmingham

21-10-2011 11:02

Time: Saturday 22 October · 12:00 - 15:00
Location: Victoria Square

Disabled people in the West Midlands, along with their families and friends, are taking to the streets in Birmingham to protest against Government cuts to disability benefits and services. Join us and help to make sure all our voices are heard.

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Walsall and West Midlands Pensioners Protest against the Cuts

21-10-2011 10:54

Time: Thursday 27 October · 11:00 - 14:00

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Defend Grow Heathrow

21-10-2011 10:52

Defend Grow Heathrow
On Thursday 17th November 2011 Transition Heathrow's squatted community garden project 'Grow Heathrow' will be heading back to court. Despite no support from the local community, the local council and the local MP, the owners of the land at Grow Heathrow are going ahead with a third attempt to remove us from the site.

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Students of Birmingham! Defend Education! 02 November

21-10-2011 10:45

Time: 02 November · 14:00 - 17:00
Location: Clocktower University of Birmingham

This is it! Invite your friends, family, house-mates. Students of Birmingham defend education; Assemble 2pm by the Clocktower at the university of Birmingham.

If you want to be involved in planning the demo, come along to weekly planning meetings Mondays at 6pm

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day 6 of newcastle occupation

21-10-2011 08:42

well the weather maybe rough in geordi land but that wont deter us
we are the 99%

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1 protester in Athens dead, pulpit whores blaming the revolutionairies

20-10-2011 16:28

1 'protester' dead of heart stoppage, a syndicalist (PAME-KKE stalinist) builder from Athens. He was guarding the parliament building to try to stop people attacking it! He died of heart failure. No signs of physical injury, unlike many others who attacked and were attacked in attempts to attack, and to defend, the parliament building. Still the stalinist KKE was determined to let the troika vote, and their actions were and will continue to be bloody.

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Greece: General Strike - anarchists clashes with police 19.10.2011 - photos

20-10-2011 13:20

Greece: General Strike - anarchists clashes with police 19.10.2011 - photos

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Occupy Victoria Square – Day 4

19-10-2011 10:44

Interviews from the camp on day 4 of the occupation

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Dale Farm eviction "will weigh heavily on Britain"

19-10-2011 07:05

Burning Barricade via Fitwatcher
Eviction described as brutal and illegal by human rights observers

Early this morning riot police and bailiffs stormed the Dale Farm community in a dawn raid. Police violated the court order and used sledgehammers to smash through the walls of a fully legal plot on the site in order to force entry. Human rights observers reported several injuries of residents and supporters from police action as they forced their way onto site.

Police are using tasers on those protesting the eviction.
Residents and supporters remain inside the site, many locked on to blockades and caravans together in order to resist the eviction. Police breached the perimeter to initiate the eviction.

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Epicenter of a coming movement

18-10-2011 22:21

In Vienna, one day before the global day of action 15th of October, people started occupying a huge building. It has been opened as a social center named Epizentrum, for the neighborhood and the whole city, and it is right now in a humming process of being built up.