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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Energy, Environment and Social Inclusion: An Incendiary Critique of Ontario

04-01-2010 04:45

Energy, Environment and Social Inclusion: An Incendiary Critique of Ontario

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NYE Solidarity Action at Horfield Prison, Bristol

03-01-2010 23:43

01 Jan 2010
Horfield Prison, Bristol, UK.

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Police do that...We do this!

03-01-2010 15:10

They do that
In light of all the news about police repression, mixed with recent negative press for militants, and the mouthing off of detractors who seek to put down the black bloc and other militant forms of anti-capitalist globalisation, I thought it necessary to publish some pictures I found to remember when people have fought back and in some cases have won and others, lost dearly. Please fight on, lets not come apart now, the struggle must continues. Retaliation Always.

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Liverpool Antifascists Benefit Gig

03-01-2010 11:52

Liverpool Antifascists will be holding a benefit gig at Next to Nowhere, 96 Bold St. on Saturday January 16th.

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Islamists and nationalists threaten to march on Wooton Bassett

02-01-2010 16:13

Though the date has yet to be disclosed, Anjem Choudary and Islam4Uk have threatened to march upon the small market town of Wooton Bassett. If the only opposition to this march comes from the fascists of the EDL, then this will represent a major failure of the left.

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Massive prison uprising in Peru

02-01-2010 13:43

RIOTING prisoners took over a jail in Peru, forcing the authorities to negotiate with them to release hostages.

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Statement From COP15 Prisoners- and how to support them

02-01-2010 13:20

Further below is an edited version of the statement collectively released by the 11 remaining Cop15 Prisoners. Meanwhile, a website has just appeared solely concerned with repression in Copenhagen:

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Iranian-American Columbia Prof. Kian Tajbaksh being tortured

01-01-2010 19:41

Dr. Kian Tajbaksh
His single crime for which he has been sentenced to over 15 years of imprisonment: "e-mailing videos of last summer's public demonstrations following the disputed re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad."

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A New Year for the West, a Military State for Iran

01-01-2010 15:32

While news media coverage has thus far focused almost solely on arrests in Tehran, the rest of the country is being ignored. While foreign news media are extremely limited and observed closely observed by VEVAK patrols, the news is beginning to leak.

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Remember Gaza 2010

01-01-2010 10:48

Market Square Message
A timely reminder of events unfolding last year, using a now familiar canvas. Happy New Year, those who are free, cherish it, freedom is not free...

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Venezuela Says Colombia Planning Attack in Venezuelan Territory

30-12-2009 23:49

"Over the last several months, Venezuela has sent 15,000 troops to patrol the 2,000 kilometer-long border region and prepare to defend the national territory in the case of a potential attack.
New Colombian Base near Venezuelan Border
A week and a half ago, Colombian Defense Minister Gabriel Silva announced the construction of a new “joint base” to be shared by police and military forces near the northern border with Venezuela, and the activation of a new fleet of hundreds of Blackhawk helicopters supplied by the U.S.
This Tuesday, Colombian President Álvaro Uribe declared, “I de-authorize any mention that indicates a retaliatory intention, or the intention of international warfare. This government does not permit it.”

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Freedom for Alfredo M.Bonanno & Christos Stratigopoulos!

30-12-2009 14:08

Its been over two months now that two anarchists- Alfredo Bonnano and Christos Stratigopoulos had been arrested in Greece following bank robbery. Needless to say those anarchist comrades need our solidarity and support now. Especially 72 years old Bonnano is in grave danger due to his health problems and extremely bad conditions he is kept in Amfissa prison.

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'Making Cents: Life Below the Bottom Rung' (2009)

30-12-2009 11:26

A series of oil paintings examining the daily existence of people making a living in the worst working conditions in the global economy.

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Reclaiming Power in Copenhagen.

29-12-2009 23:54

A decisive step towards a global climate justice movement.

A political analysis of where we stand post-Copenhagen.

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ALBA Declaration on Copenhagen Climate Summit

29-12-2009 19:27

"Today, through the carbon markets, those who cause climate change, continue contaminating, while the weight of emissions reductions transfers to the developing countries. They thought that in Copenhagen they could convince us to buy their right to contaminate, in exchange offering promises of paltry amounts of money.

1. We strongly denounce and we request that the documents generated by the chair of the summit without the mandate of the participants, be contested, and that we can state our position against the groups of friends of the chair openly. The chair has not guaranteed equality of participation at all levels, including the presidential level.

2. We reiterate our commitment to the struggle against climate change and to the principles of the Kyoto Protocol, now more valid than ever, whose content we consider capable of improvement with the decisions of the participants, and subsequent accords, but something that we shouldn’t allow to die. The complexity of the recent negotiations has shown us that the economic interests in conflict wont allow an accord if the developing countries won’t accept respect for the principles.

3. In this sense, we express our political desire to continue working in the framework of the Convention and the Kyoto Protocol. The relaunch of these negotiations should be based on respect, inclusion, transparency, and legitimacy.

4. We recall that while the conference failed in an irreversible way, the voices of the youth who know that the future is theirs, grows stronger. They strongly denounce the manoeuvres of the developed countries and they know that the struggle will continue. We join with them and their protests, and we salute and support them. The people must stay on their guard.

Today more than ever, before the lamentable manoeuvring that has been practiced in Copenhagen for petty economic interests, we reiterate that, “Don’t change the climate, change the system!."

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Who Is Winning the Battle for Food Regime? Vegans or Carnivores? Dare To Know

29-12-2009 16:32

The huge importance of veganism to social change is well acknowledged, it is part of the revolutionary process we need to initiate right now... our task is not to market vegan products but to initiate revolutionary change and unite various movements in alliances against market and capitalism.

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Third attempt to remove Yves Yitgna Njitchoua

29-12-2009 08:21

Yves Yitgna Njitchoua
Yves Yitgna Njitchoua a national of Cameroon and resident of Manchester, is currently detained in Brookhouse IRC and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Kenya Airways flight KQ101 on Monday 4th January 2010 at 19:00.

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Gaza Freedom March Update: French delegates take over the boulevard in Cairo

28-12-2009 15:08

French Delegates Take Over the Boulevard in Front of French Embassy in Cairo

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Escalating violence against anti-mining campaigners in El Salvador

27-12-2009 23:32

As locals campaign against gold mining by Canadian Company Pacific Rim, two more anti-mining activists have been murdered.

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Direct Action; UK, Russia, Italy, USA, France & Portugal

27-12-2009 18:58

20th-23rd December