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Update from Greece: Alexis' funeral, terror strategy by the government

10-12-2008 01:45

Thousands attend the funeral of Alexis Grigoropoulos. Thousands stay in the streets, the government starts a propaganda operation to terrorize.

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Letters from Bologna parts two and three have arrived

09-12-2008 23:27

The further instalments of Riseup' trip to the red city of Italy.

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Petition against the expropriation of french (and also européen) farmer’s famili

09-12-2008 21:49

Hello dear English friends,

We invite you to see this petition below and if you are in agreement with its contents then why not add your signature?

In advance thank you for your support

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Tuesday reports from Greece

09-12-2008 21:44

Third day and forth night of the revolt in Greece: Thousands on the streets, classes with the police, funeral of Alexis, police opens fire again, right-wing thugs and neo-nazis helping the cops.

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Pandemic & Safety fears for superlab and a word about Bird Flu

09-12-2008 20:53

We are London residents fighting against the proposed "Superlab" and a second lab planned for Camden. Both will test on animals. The superlab will allegedly be a level 3 lab meaning that it will hold deadly diseases such as Bird Flu. Any virus leak would be catastrophic for London, the UK and Europe as the lab will be alongside St Pancras Eurostar. There has been a mutated flu pandemic before....

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Christian Bigots Defeated in Court

09-12-2008 19:17

Reactionary Christian bigots have lost their High Court challenge to scientists being allowed to create human-animal embryos for research purposes.

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Crown Prosecution Service

09-12-2008 18:37

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is failing to prosecute real criminals, such as police and politicians, who have committed crimes.

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Climate Camp Process

09-12-2008 18:36

A write up about meetings, agendas, working groups, consensus decision-making, all that good stuff.

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Civil Rights in the UK | Wed 10th Dec LSE 3pm + 6pm Events

09-12-2008 18:26

3pm Seminar on the Politics of Democratic Society and Prison
6pm Eve Session in the New Theatre, E Block Houghton St

Action Proposals so far - see below - please bring your own..!

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4th day of riots-12 year old youngsters participate-AGAIN there is Police shooti

09-12-2008 18:21

There is Police shooting AGAIN !! in Faliro area Police station at around 19:00pm . There was shooting again from Police officers against demonstrators (no victims this time). Every one is shocked as 12 years old have been spoted from the cameras to through stones against the police.
Athens is burning for 4th day with the wide participation of underaged this time

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Italian Anomalous Wave rebellion: General Strike, Friday

09-12-2008 18:15

General Strike poster Rome Dec 12th 2008
Here are some more snapshots of the debates and actions that are continuing across Italy. Also important is the discussion that comes from the Wave re: the murder of Alexis in Athens last weekend and Greek plans for education reform. Not only this but the actions around house occupations in Rome and the idea to re-occupy the recently evicted Horus social centre.

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New Oaxacan Social Centre Attacked by Cops, Fired On.

09-12-2008 18:08

Early on Monday morning, Oaxaca's newest social centre was attacked by State and Municipal Police.

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Protestors Barge into Iceland's Central Bank

09-12-2008 18:01

Around 100 protestors broke their way into the entrance of the Central
Bank headquarters in Reykjavík, throwing eggs and splashing paint, after
the Sovereignty Day national meeting on Arnarhóll yesterday

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Demos continue [December] at Heckler & Koch weapons HQ in Nottingham

09-12-2008 17:43

In spite of the cold, raining and windy conditions, at 4pm on Monday 8th December, people had gathered at the gates to the UK headquarters of Heckler & Koch, based within the Easter Park Industrial Estate on Lenton Lane, Nottingham.

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Human Rights and Animal Rights in Ireland

09-12-2008 17:22

When campaigning quite legally and peacefully for animal rights can result in one's one own human rights being infringed!

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Greek crisis: plans for nationwide anticapitalist demo Germany

09-12-2008 16:41

To the brave comrades fighting in Greece! To all comrades in Europe!

Greece, the crisis of capitalism. Anticapitalists forces of the left are joining to plan for a national mass protest ("Bundesweite Großdemonstration").

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solidarity action in newcastle for greek riots

09-12-2008 15:03

solidarity action in newcastle for greek riots

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Why we shut Stansted Airport

09-12-2008 14:24

Monday's action has shown the power of young people determined to turn the climate talk into climate action. We took the decision to disrupt the airport to directly reduce the CO2 impact of Stansted, as a response to the government's consent to its expansion. We did so with heavy hearts, knowing it would disrupt passengers, because we knew the consequences of this action couldn't be worse than the consequences of inaction. If irreversible climate change kicks in, millions of lives will be destroyed.