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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Expansion of Farnborough Airport rejected!

17-06-2006 12:25

Plans submitted by TAG Aviation to double the number of weekend movements at Farnborough Airport have been rejected! Rushmoor planning committee following recommendations from their planning officials rejected the proposals by a decisive 6:2 majority.

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Direct Action info + planning night in Sheffield

17-06-2006 09:38

Oh, the long summer stretches ahead of you, weeks and weeks of hot days and nothing but Big Brother on tv. If only there was something better to do with your summer... something effective, positive and fun.... something like DIRECT ACTION.

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120 Immigration Detainees on Hunger Strike at Campsfield IRC

17-06-2006 01:59

Here is a letter which the detainees on hunger strike at Campsfield Immigration Removal Centre (at Kidlington near Oxford) have written. They started their hunger strike last Wednesday 14th June; 80 of them did not take breakfast, and they estimate that there are now about 120 on hunger strike.

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Deaths in Custody: Pickett the IPPC Mon 19th 1:30pm !!!

16-06-2006 23:51

Death in Police custody families gather to demand justice. A picket of the IPCC has been called to show solidarity. Monday 19th June 2006, 1.30 - 3.15pm @ IPCC, 90 High Holborn, London WC1V 6BH
All supporters are welcome!

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Are you listening YORKSHIRE BACKWARDS !

16-06-2006 20:33

Yorkshire Backwards
I know you are you are you as you have cited this website in your court proceedings against the Matilda social centre.

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Dirty Tricks from the Dirty Incinerator!

16-06-2006 19:00

Waste Recycling Group, owners of Nottingham's polluting incinerator, are accused of trying to influence the planning decision on their proposed £50million extension, in a dirty tricks campaign.

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street writings

16-06-2006 16:04

texts and sound works by homeless people produced in a series of workshops which took place at crisis/skylight in London's East End during Mai and June will be presented on Resonance 104.4fm on 22nd june 7pm. the CD will be available via the website of ARTWORDS bookshop.

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This Week In Palestine

16-06-2006 14:05

This Week In Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for June 9 through June 15, 2006.

Israeli army kills seven family members on Gaza Beach and 21 others in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as the army staged up its extra-judicial killings policy. Meanwhile, Palestinians along with Israeli and International supporters continue to resist the West Bank annexation wall as Palestinians continue with their National dialogue session in bid to stop the infighting and end the financial crisis.

These stories and more coming up. Stay tuned.

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16-06-2006 13:01

Newcastle based group Tyneside Community Action for Refugees (TCAR) is coordinating a National Day of Action against Home Office reporting centres and detention camps in Britain on Thursday, 22nd June. TCAR will be staging a lively noise demonstration outside the reporting centre in North Shields which asylum rights groups in London, Leeds and Manchester will join by demonstrating outside their local reporting centres.

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Police at Matilda

16-06-2006 12:56

Around 13:45 today, police arrived at Matilda, asking to come inside. People are requested to come down in support of the activists inside. More news as it comes in...

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16-06-2006 11:38

Corporations like to gloat that one of the great achievements of capitalism has been its ability to feed 6 billion of us. Back in the heady 60s the world’s agriculture underwent the so-called “Green Revolution”- a massive expansion in the use and abuse of fertilisers, pesticides and mechanised, petrol fuelled intensive agriculture designed to meet the problem of global population growth.

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Oaxaca repression

16-06-2006 07:46

Recent update of events in Oaxaca and request for further info

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Review of 'Alternatives' meeting in Telford

16-06-2006 06:44

Positives and negatives to take from the 'Alternatives' meeting on 10 June

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Art of War : The Electronic Age

16-06-2006 03:54

Diebold Voting Machines
Diebold Electronic Voting Machines

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Bath subvertisers celebrate new look sainsburys

16-06-2006 01:22

Sainsburys celebrated the launch of it's new look store with a lgarish billboard campaign. Bath subvertisers celebrated by using the billboards to highlight the pland sameness and cheap crapiness of supermarkets.

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a day of seriously disorganised police farce

15-06-2006 23:21

'bliar' and the copy of the magna carta
court appearances for brian haw, barbara tucker and the five jericho protestors. mark barrett's magna carta burning outside downing street. barbara tucker's 29th police 'report', and lots of bungling police.

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About the police raid at the collective farm “Novy Put’”(“New Way”)

15-06-2006 21:26

Russian police reveal the true nature of their ilk worldwide with the deliberate targetting of anarchists at a collective farm in Russia.

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Basic Rebel Clown Training (Brighton 24/25 June)

15-06-2006 19:37

The Army Needs You
Calling all Fools - The next Basic Rebel Clown Training will be held over the weekend of June 24th and 25th in Brighton on the south coast of England.

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Urgent Letter from Chile

15-06-2006 16:37

News About the Student Struggle taking place in Chile - Call to action to organise a protest at the Chilean embassy.

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Why did George Galloway perform in Parliament in such a low key way?

15-06-2006 16:35

George Galloway the MP for Bethnal Green and Bow made a rare appearance in the UK House of Commons on Wednesday 14 June 2006. Rare in the sense that his presentation was low key. Much lower key than many of his comments on the same subject, the Crossrail Bill, had been. In the course of the past five months, at least until Monday 10 April 2006, George Galloway’s comments made in the constituency have been emphatically unequivocally opposed to the CrossRail Bill. It was logically expected therefore that when his turn came to formally speak to his own petition lodged in September 2005 against the Crossrail Bill, he would maintain the standard of arguments and democratic outrage that were present in all those other comments he had made against the CrossRail plan. But Galloway did not maintain that standard in his presentation in the Hosue of Commons Crossrail Bill select committee yesterday..