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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Iraqi election - fair ?

14-02-2005 19:52

Where the Iraqi election results fair ?

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UBS Bank Have a Word With Crest Plc

14-02-2005 19:07

UBS Bank Crest Plc Protest London
The Shalom Family from Wales who have been caught-up in a Crest Plc - Crest Nicholson Beauty-show, their subsequent houseboat eviction, and have lost possession of their entire worldly belongings, (even though it is alleged that Crest have permitted negligence,

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radical left iraqi union leader speaks in london

14-02-2005 17:29

Falah Alwan, leader of the radical Federation of Workers' Councils and Unions in Iraq, is in Britain and will be speaking at a meeting hosted by University of London Union on Wednesday February 16 at 7.30pm.

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Tatchell-What's wrong with the Left...

14-02-2005 16:54

Peter Tatchell questions the Left on its current behaviour.

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radical left Iraqi union leaders speaks in London

14-02-2005 15:38

Falih Alwan, leader of the radical Federation of Workers' Councils and Unions in Iraq, is speaking at a meeting organised by University of London Union and No Sweat this Wednesday February 16 at 7.30pm.

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pathfinder schemes

14-02-2005 14:28

In the name of urban renewal, creating sustainable communities, social cleansing on a vast scale is being pushed through unchallenged.

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London benefit gig for CIPO-RFM this Friday.

14-02-2005 14:24

The Samba-Punk fundraising extravaganza.
It is entirely possible that we may get more people coming to the gig than we can fit in, so show up early if you want to be sure of getting in! Drinks are at pub prices. Admission is only £4.00 NO GUEST LIST. NO BLAGGING.

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14-02-2005 14:15

Call for participation of immigrant and antiracist groups at the ESF preparatory meeting in Athens, February 25th, 26th.

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CIPO-RFM to speak in the uk. Nottingham, Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton, London.

14-02-2005 14:15

For the first time activists from Mexican social justice group CIPO-RFM will be speaking in the UK. Feel free to downlode the flyer below and distribute. State repression against CIPO has recently increased, worldwide awareness of what is happening in Oaxaca is crucial to their survival.

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14-02-2005 01:43


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March 19th - International Anti-War + Anti-Neoliberalism Protests

14-02-2005 01:40

March 19th marks the 2nd Anniversary of the "Shock and Awe" Invasion of Iraq. A Global Day of Coordinated Actions will see demonstrations in London, Glasgow and throughout the world. Elsewhere in Europe massive protests will take place against neoliberalism and for social justice, as well as anti-war.

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Method in Which Outsiders Judge African Traditions Serves Institutional Interest

14-02-2005 00:21

perpetual war is systematic at home and abroad, via a plethora of methods
In the aftermath of a provocative free film shown yesterday at Portland Community College, significant questions are brought up in a climate of semi-hysteria over traditional African girls' 'rite of passage' initiation--what is termed 'CUT' in the film, and usually known as female circumcision. What follows are notes and further thinking through of a topic that could prove strategically liberating for anyone committed to authentic critical thinking and liberation from colonizer interests in *all* their forms, not just some of their forms.

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Amnesty Interventional

13-02-2005 22:01

At the National Conference on April 8-10 2005, AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL UK will discuss 'whether to offer support to armed interventions'!

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Caminos De Resistencia film festival

13-02-2005 15:02

programme now available:

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Pensions talks between Prescott and unions stall

13-02-2005 12:36

The latest news from the New Labour spring conference at Gateshead is that talks between unions and Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott on public sector pensions have stalled.

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Make Love Not War Cancelled

12-02-2005 15:04

Due to harassment from Islington Council, the dance music event previously publicized to be held on Saturday 12th February WILL NOT BE HAPPENING AT ALL SORRY!

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Pensions pressure builds as union leaders meet with Prescott

12-02-2005 12:46

Union leaders are meeting with Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott to talk about union members' refusal to accept government plans to downgrade public sector pensions schemes. The government is under huge pressure from union members to abandon proposals to cut the pensions schemes.

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kkkanada: Native groups speak out against mine

12-02-2005 04:58

The Taku River Tlingit First Nation in British Columbia and the Douglas Indian Association in Juneau issued a joint statement against the proposed Tulsequah Chief mine on Thursday.

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Civil Liberties under threat - James Welch of Amnesty speaks in Oxford

11-02-2005 21:26

James Welch, Legal Director of Amnesty, spoke on current threats to civil liberties at a meeting in Oxford Town Hall on 10 February, called by OSTWC (Oxford Stop the War Coalition).

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Muharram the month of revolution

11-02-2005 20:44

Equity in economic distribution ought to be firmly instituted
As the month of Muharram, the month of revolution, the month of resistance to the aggressors and resistance to injustice,...We can see from the actions of the Amerikkkan Empire today that it is hell bent on acting out it's plans for global hegemony,..., to usurp such resources from the poor and destitute and re-apportion them to the fatcats that helped to create and sustain the Empire. To spread the corruption and vice that infects it's own society and that it's own people speak out against.... from those inside Occupied Amerikkka, to those in Occupied Iraq, Occupied Palestine, etc.