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Northern Conference Against Racism 21st June 2008 Newcastle

30-05-2008 23:01

On Saturday 21st June TCAR will be hosting a Northern Conference Against Racism in Newcastle. All anti-racists are urged to attend. See attached flier for details. Entry is free to asylum seekers and unwaged. For those on a wage tickets are £3, and can be purchased in advance from Please buy your tickets in advance if you can, as this will help to meet the costs of childcare, which can be booked for free.

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Genoa 2001 films and discussion

30-05-2008 20:17

Tuesday 3rd June 8pm.
The Common Place, Leeds

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Series of arson attacks in Greece + communiqué

30-05-2008 15:47

From the mass media coverage (30/05/2008): A slew of blasts shocked Friday's dawn six different spots of Athens, causing damages to banks, car dealerships and New Democracy (ruling party) local offices. The police estimates it was an organized plan, since all attacks were realized within 11 minutes, from 2:03 to 2:14. Incendiary devices were set against a Geniki Bank subsidiary, an Agrotiki Bank, a post office vehicle, 6 cars of a Ford car dealership, and a local office of New democracy. On 3:28 another arson was realized against a PPC (public power company), that damaged also a nearby car. Incendiary attacks happened also in Thessaloniki, against a Millennium bank subsidiary and a Eurobank, causing damages to their facades.

A translation of the claim sent to

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Home Office plans full spectrum electronic surveillance of all citizens

30-05-2008 10:39

The Home Office is considering plans to develop a centralized surveillance system to track in real time every kind of electronic activity undertaken by all citizens. The project is being driven by the intelligence services and has not yet been discussed by ministers. The surveillance would include a database recording a profile of web activity, emails, and phone taps for every citizen in the UK.

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Escalation of state violence against Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico

30-05-2008 06:21

Police and military aggression, harrassment and direct attacks have increased, people have been injured, displaced and terrorised. Political prisoners are being beaten and isolated.

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Pharaoh Bush - Let My People Go

30-05-2008 00:21

Where is Congress?
Executive Signing Statements

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Hicham Yezza Interview

29-05-2008 22:53

In this short interview with Riseup! Radio, Hicham Yezza, the detained Nottingham University employee, calls for students to resist government clampdowns on the right to protest and personal freedoms.

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ALBA (Bolivarian Alternative) Has Brought Nicaragua out of Darkness

29-05-2008 22:21

Nicaraguan foreign minister Samuel Santos explains how twice as many children are in school one year after the new Sandinista government assumed power. Nicaragua exports beans to El Salvador, Costa Rica and the US and no longer imports beans. The South is helpting itself.

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Evangelists target Mancunian youth

29-05-2008 21:39

The 'Audacious City Church' launches an advertising offensive aimed at enticing the young people of central Manchester, after establishing headquarters near the MEN arena.

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Gentrification and resistance, from NY to London

29-05-2008 13:37

A report about a London meeting featuring Juan Haro, an activist from the Movement for Justice in El Barrio, a movement fighting displacement of poor residents by housing corporations in East Harlem, New York

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Unite injunction against Belfast sacked shop stewards

29-05-2008 12:10

The Unite union has served an injunction against protesting shop stewards, threatening them with fines and imprisonment.

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May 31 | 2012 Workshop & Action Reminder

29-05-2008 10:41

Come | Forward !

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Healthcare in Cuba and Britain: Newcastle Public Meeting 01/06/08

29-05-2008 02:25

Cuba is renowned for its healthcare system, but how is this possible for a small country under economic blockade?
And what can we learn from Cuba about the situation we face in Britain, with an NHS under crisis and privatisation?
Come and join the discussion. All welcome.

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The Exploding Christian Vegetarian Movement: or Thou Shalt Not Kill Animals

28-05-2008 23:46

The Christian vegetarian movement is exploding. This post includes articles
by a Vatican priest, a Jesuit priest, , Seventh Day Adventist Ellen White, John Wesley, General
Bramwell Booth of the Salvation Army (an article published many decades ago
by the London Vegetarian Society, a Baptist minister, a Pentecostal prayer warrior, etc

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Glasgow bin workers in wildcat strike

28-05-2008 20:35

170 bin workers in Glasgow took part in wildcat strike action last Friday 23rd May.

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For academic freedom and against deportation

28-05-2008 19:47

On Wednesday 28 May, hundreds of students and academics came together at the University of Nottingham to protests in defence of academic freedom and against the imminent deportation of university community member Hicham Yezza.

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Ending near for Nepal monarchy (by Latuff)

28-05-2008 12:31

Nepal prepares to dump monarchy and declare republic
To be published in "Aristera" Communist paper in Greece:

High resolution version for printing purposes here: