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Evangelists target Mancunian youth

A concerned local | 29.05.2008 21:39 | Education | Social Struggles

The 'Audacious City Church' launches an advertising offensive aimed at enticing the young people of central Manchester, after establishing headquarters near the MEN arena.

Recently established in the heart of Manchester, near the MEN arena, the 'Audacious city church' launched a self-promotional offensive this week, with the youth of Manchester in mind.

In an attempt to seduce and entice potential recruits, they targeted the gardens by URBIS, a popular location for teenagers. Having handed out leaflets listing events featuring 'free live bands, open mic nights, football tournaments, and 'eden buses rammed with games consoles, movies on deck, - a place to chill'' they craftily attempted to assume an innocent façade.

Upon closer inspection of their accompanying booklet and flyer, which were graphically and visually impeccable, clearly very carefully considered, it turns out that the instigators of such a professional PR effort were Evangelical christians, and that their friendly, approachable looking team of 'charity workers' are in fact pastors of the North American tradition, renowned for their media-friendly delivery style.

Further events proposed included a talk by Richard Taylor, 'a gifted communicator with an amazing story to tell'. The story of 'a man whose life was radically transformed by god' after a spell in prison.

This is a highly sophisticated and well funded attempt to initiate the youth of Manchester into what could be called a Christian cult. As the name suggests, it will audaciously and undoubtedly look to extend its influence locally, in the manner of all modern evangelical efforts.

Evangelists are a threat to liberty and democracy, and have recently pushed for reform of the abortion limit, in an attack on womens' rights, manifested last week by the votes of Christian MPs in the Commons and by a strong and vocal presence outside Westminster.

People like these, who seek to indoctrinate and impose their religious beliefs upon the vulnerable, are vultures and must be exposed and resisted.

A concerned local


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