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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Demo outside Eton College AGM, City of London, 6.30pm, 1 November

01-11-2011 13:50

A protest will be held outside the Eton College AGM to demonstrate our strong feelings about the privileged elite that runs this country, and its most important school. At the time of writing this, there are rumours that the College has cancelled its AGM owing to "public order concerns". This may or may not be true, but the demo will go ahead regardless. We will meet at St Paul's at 6.30pm, and have a short walk to Withers, 16 Old Bailey.

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Titnore Under Threat Again!!

01-11-2011 11:25

Titnore Woods is again under threat of disappearing under 700+ houses...

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Manchester Mule: Mass sleep out to oppose new squatting laws

01-11-2011 09:59

Around 20 people slept outside the BBC on Oxford Road, Manchester last night to oppose new legislation that would criminalise squatting. An amendment to the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill which has its first reading in the House of Commons today, Tuesday 1 November, will make it a criminal rather than civil offence to trespass in an empty residential property.

Campaigners also visited the constituency offices of Lib Dem MPs Mark Hunter (Cheadle Hulme) and Andrew Stunnel (Hazel Grove), leaving messages explaining the effects of homelessness on squatting.

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Squatting Demo Shut Down by Police

01-11-2011 06:10

Police have arrested at least a dozen people who were sleeping on the streets outside parliament in protest against the potential criminalisation of squatting. In a last minute amendment to their Legal Aid and Sentence Bill, the government will today be voting on Clause 26, which will make squatting in residential properties illegal. Hundreds of people met at different locations in London last night to express opposition to the Clause, and finally congregated at Parliament Square, where they were “kettled” and arrested en mass for trying to sleep on the streets.

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Rally on 10 Nov - Mark Serwotka/Matt Wrack speaking

31-10-2011 21:50

Sheffield Anti Cuts Alliance are hosting a ""Unite the Resistance meeting on 10 November to build for the N30 day of action for Pensions Justice

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St. Andrews Prepares for Another Occupation

31-10-2011 19:08

St. andrews leads the way in rolling occupations. We urge student activists to adopt our tatic and keep the pressure up.

Below is the email sent out to hundreds of students.

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Feeding the 99%

31-10-2011 18:26

Birmingham Food not Bombs was officially re-launched on Sunday as the group spent several hours in Victoria Square distributing free food.

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special Critical Mass rides in support of squatting

31-10-2011 15:48

Happening today and tomorrow, to coincide with the criminalisation clause's introduction in the House of Commons

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General Strike in Oakland on 2nd November

31-10-2011 09:45

Below is the proposal passed by the Occupy Oakland General Assembly on Wednesday October 26, 2011 in reclaimed Oscar Grant Plaza. 1607 people voted. 1484 voted in favor of the resolution, 77 abstained and 46 voted against it, passing the proposal at 96.9%. The General Assembly operates on a modified consensus process that passes proposals with 90% in favor and with abstaining votes removed from the final count.

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Occupy Newcastle attacked by EDL

30-10-2011 15:19

News just in from Occupy Newcastle

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Christian Activists Plan Support Over Occupy Eviction as church hides report

30-10-2011 12:28

Christian groups plan to come out in support of the Occupy protesters at St Paul’s with a ring of prayer around the protesters in the event they are forcibly removed.

The protest has become increasingly fraught, mostly on the church’s side, as the Cathedral was closed then reopened and legal steps to remove the protesters started last week. The church’s astonishingly poor handling of the affair was underlined by the resignation of canon Giles Fraser. Cathedral chaplain the Reverend Fraser Dyerhas also stepped down in protest at the decisions made by the Dean.

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Weekly blog roundup

29-10-2011 11:03

The following is drawn from a variety of local activist blogs

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First Meeting of the Traveller Solidarity Network

29-10-2011 01:19

This is to announce the first public meeting of the Traveller Solidarity Network which will attempt to formalise some of what the network might do and how it will be organised.

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Libya S.O.S!: Important Campaign

28-10-2011 22:13

Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda - SOS!
IMPORTANT CAMPAIGN CONCERNING LIBYA! ... Lizzie Phelan, an independent journalist from Britain, who was reporting from Libya during the NATO bombing and the fall of Tripoli, informed the public about Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda, the senior Libyan official, a former UN ambassador who is currently being held and tortured by NTC members, his life being in grave danger. Thus, we are urging international community, humanitarian organizations, UN and CoE to promptly demand the release and guaranties for the life of this respected man, whose human rights are grossly violated, by the 'new democratic' Libyan regime.

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Press Release from Otros Mundos AC concerning the World Summit on Adventure Tou

28-10-2011 20:16

“To keep natural paradises intact, it is best not to visit them”

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Anarchists Burn Car Show Room

28-10-2011 14:05

Recently Anarcho's in Cambridge destroyed a car sales business in furtherance of teh social war taking place around the globe. Following text taken from Cambridges News website.

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Out Of The Squats And Into The Streets

28-10-2011 13:42

Squatted sleep out
The Government wants to sneak through the criminalisation of squatting, it will be voted on in Parliament this Tuesday 1st November.

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Call Call UoB Guild of Students to complain suspension of the VP Education

28-10-2011 12:15

It is coming up to a month since Edd Bauer, the University of Birmingham Guild of Students Vice President of Education has been undemocratically suspended.

We are calling on individuals to call the Guild Today 28/10/1011, between 9-5 to complain about the undemocratic suspension of an elected representative and demand his re-instatement.

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Halloween-inspired protest greets World Bank chief in Manila

28-10-2011 08:37

Manila, Philippines – It was an early Halloween at the World Bank office here Thursday afternoon.